Pretty Ordinary

I guess I'm pretty much the average American male in the year 2012. I'm not brave. I'm not very physical. I'm probably pussifted. I'm not very aggressive. I'm a product of my time.

Most young(-ish) men, now, don't feel very important or empowered. We live in a woman/queer dominated society. I solute those who have avoided the feminization of men, and continue to act as true men, particularly those who serve our country as honest, non-queer warriors in our military.

I am humbled in your presence.
oliverwinslet oliverwinslet
31-35, M
1 Response May 20, 2012 are funny! But I kind of understand where you are coming from! I hate chauvinism but I do like guys with a little backbone.

Your comment is mostly not politically correct. I'm proud of you.

Political correctness is for wimps. lol

Amen, sweetheart. Amen!!!