**** The Free World???

i have seen more than a few things that basically said **** the free world. really??? how can anyone say this? i am an American solider and love this country and all it stands for, some say the government is corrupt, sometimes i don't dought it, and most of the government is full of dumb-***** and ill >agree with that for the most part, but the free world is not about the government, its about all those who have served past present and future in war and in peace in any branch of theĀ armed forces, this country is free because of these men, not because of the government, and to anyone who thinks war is a pointless waste of life well i can agree with that but if it wasn't for these wars we are fighting on foreign soil then we would be fighting on American soil, so **** anyone who is againstĀ  the free world, those who protect it, and what they stand for. USA!!!
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Thank you for honoring all that came before you, and giving of yourself to the cause.<br />
I pray your service will be honored and remembered by all. And I pray for safety. <br />
Now go out and drink a few and have a safe memorial day.

First of all thank you for serving! I'm new to the site. The people who are against "war" have no real idea of the true reason usually! They are the people who will be further giving the United States to the socialists! We are being sold out as we sit here! <br />
I will probably get blocked from using it for saying this!<br />
In the stimulus there was 1.1 Billion dollars hidden inside the bill, for a committee of 26. These were all picked by the president to determine who lives and dies if the socialist health plan goes into effect. The Dr's will evaluate the medical situation, relay that info. to them. Say he suggestes a treatment (plan A). If the panel determines that is a poor choice ( no matter the reason) and direct him to treat with plan C. Say he were to treat with plan A any way, the first time he will be fined $100,000.00. The second time he goes to jail. We have a shortage of medical people as it is! Many doctors are saying they will leave the profession, if it goes into effect.. <br />
<br />
Government "Whistleblower" Says Obama IS Planning to Declare Martial Law -- Click below to DEMAND Congress STOP Obama's "Emergency Powers" Executive Order: What does he need this for???<br />
https://secure.conservativedonations.com/rm_martial-law/?a=7698 <br />
<br />
http://visiontoamerica.org/9851/obama-slaughter-of-christians-a-misunderstanding/<br />
<br />
A marine is being court martialed for voicing his opinion of the president! What is happening to All of our constitution? We have no more 4th, it's gone. <br />
<br />
http://visiontoamerica.org/9861/teacher-tells-student-its-a-crime-to-criticize-president-obama/<br />
<br />

Thank you for your honorable service young man.