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 I was born in Chicago a long time ago, I graduated high school and several months later joined the navy. I spent 4 years in the navy and 14 months off the coast of Vietnam and I have a really great memory that likes to bring up bad memories. After getting out of the navy I decided that I would rather drive around this beautiful and wonderful country of ours and I LOVE THE BEAUTY OF OUR COUNTRY. Even though I am almost 68 now I would gladly defend and die for my country for my children and all of their children and grandchildren and YOURS. We have some problems here but we are still the greatest country in the world.
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I was onboard the Kitty Hawk and spent 2 cruises off the coast of Nam and saw people die fly off and never come back, go ver the side and I came close to buying the farm several times. The flight deck of a carrier is the most dangerous 4 acres in the world to work on.

I, like you, was in the Navy straight out of HS. However, I joined in 72 because I was about to get drafted and figured the Navy was the safest place to go. Then I ended spending 12 months off the coast of Vietnam on a carrier, watching young men get shot up or shot down on a regular basis. Too many bad memories of pilots lost on politically ba<x>sed missions...<br />
BUT, with the GI Bill, it paid for my college and I got to travel to some very interesting places along the way. PAX

Check out my profile now, I changed a few things that I did not even know about, now I feel like a dumbass having a jarhead telling me how dumb I am lol.

Did`nt know I had restrictions, have to check that out. Pete

I owe my life to a Corpsman, he pulled me out of a hot LZ after I was hit so bad I could not even crawl, never did know his name or have a chance to thank him for risking his life for me and keeping me alive, I may joke and make fun of the Navy, but they hold my greatest respect. And I will galdly stand and fight for them even if it would result in my death. <br />
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I wish you the very best along your adventure of life and a very rewarding memorial day.<br />
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I can not return any of your messages due to some kind of restrictions you have on your profile. But, this old Marine that served 67-69 in Nam appreciates all the air support you helped delivery to us.