This story is about a young boy Dream, to have the America dream. “I will somewhat assume that every one, has thought about it one time or other. The wife, girl, boy, car, cat, dog and house with Wight picket fence. Back in the day, this was what people meant by saying “talk like you got some since”. So specking real was acting normal; by social senesces. That faded slowly, became known at the end of World War II.
I started school in the 60s, when new age insight meant facing a backlash of too much conservative means. I hung out with gangs when it was cool. We were just groups of kids, who playing, baseball, football, basketball and visiting movies shows.
I had seen some strange thing as kid like the dead was alive, but not like you or I. I think I knew that saying too much, about what I think I saw could make others think ill will of me. I knew about people going crazy or something like that.
Now fast-forwarding to the 80’s, I lived with my girlfriend in a one-room apartment. Get this; the street name was cheery HA! Somehow, I take it to mean first-timers. We were the young love others, just sing about. We were walking home from shopping, about four-block form the apartment. Well we were so happy together that we might have been sing as we walked along carrying your bags. Then from out of the blue sky became dark and the clouds open reveling deep space right over our heads. It was breath taking. The kind of happening, she or I had not seen before, we began to walk faster in to a run. Then at the same time, we looked in to each other’s eyes. There was no since in running. Water poured from the sky like standing in a waterfall. We laughed because we could hardly see each other, as it had started it stopped. We just walked together laughing about how wet we strange it all was. I thing it turned use on so much so, that we made love into the night.
As I sleep, I thought I heard some strange noises, I opened my eyes to see a bright light blue forum of a person coming throw the sealing of the room over your bed. What is that? I thought, am I dreaming as I blinked my eyes. I look back towards it, to see now more of it. What is? let me check, I could see my friend sleeping beside me like a baby? I sat up and looked out of the window beside your bed to see if someone was there. It was all so clear to me, as I stud up, I heard something noise. I walked around the room looking, walking out in to the hall towards the back door. I wanted to check to see if I was awake. On my way back, I stopped and so a light blue glow in the forum of a young man floating down out of the sealing towards my sleeping friend lying on her back. Call me stupid, it look like a young boy who was heading to lie down. Just as he came closer to her, she put one hand on her stomach raising knees in the air. He seems to get smaller descending coming to rest in to her stomach between her legs. She then moaned peacefully turning over on her side. As I stud in the doorway, I just return to bed and fell asleep.
When we awaken, I told her about what I had seen. So she went out to buy a test, which was positive, she give birth to a boy and when my son was 17 years, I recognized him as the one I had seen that night. This was the third time in my life that I had an encounter like this. Tell me about your encounters.
leumasb leumasb
51-55, M
Jun 4, 2012