Obama's Insensitivity To The Unemployed U S Citizens

If Obama cared about the unemployed US citizens, why did he impose the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico when it was only BP that had a demonstrated safety problem? Why did he cancel the Keystone pipeline? Why is he granting work permits to illegal aliens, an unconstitutional usurpation of congressional authority? And why did he take the CEOs' word for it that the US needs to import foreign engineers when 1.8 million American engineers are unemployed or having to work outside their field? Aren't the CEOs the bad guys according to Obama and his crowd? Of course people like Bill Gates are always going to be demanding more visas for foreign workers--because they want cheaper labor. The fact that Obama listens to them on this shows his lack of concern for his own country's citizens.


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Hopefully this November he joins the ranks of the unemployed.

On The Gulf of Mexico point: basically the big oil companies/US Govt were caught "with their respective pants down" on this issue. Something had to be done to alleviate the public`s fears, and show that they had a grip on the spill {weak at best} <br />
A better onus , to me, would be to mandate rigorous testing of the equipment, and well defined procedures to follow in the advent of any future environmental catastrophes...<br />
On the Keystone pipeline: Too many problems inherent with a undertaking of a project of this magnitude...restrictions, tax regulations is my best guesstimate on this...and then problems with "who gets how much money"slice of the pie thingy...<br />
On work permits to illegal aliens:Obama is again "caught betwixt a rock and a hard place" with the aliens residing in America for years up in till this point... Obama has a fixation with the usurpation of congressional authority...period.<br />
If Obama can keep the educational loans at their current rate, that is a feather in his cap...the bad things during his administration greatly outweigh the positive...<br />
Once Obama's healthcare plan is shot down by the Supreme Court the "Unelected Group" [twist/spin] the gall of this "President"!!...his cookie empire will begin to crumble.... I can not write anymore....I`m tired of wasting my time!!

what I heard was over 95% of the safety violations were by just one company, BP. There was no need for the moratorium. It and the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline were just sops to his environmentalist fanatic contributors in Hollywood. I saw maps that showeed there were already lots of pipelines going through the area of the Keystone pipeline. You are right that Obama has a "fixation with the usurpation of congressional authority."

Well I enjoyed your writing, and for some reason replied...most of the time I just read...keep writing I want to read more, but tonight it is late and I can not write anything substantial.....

Isn't the BP situation sort of like when there's a mechanical malfunction on a particular type of aircraft? The problem may have happened with just one airlines, but you have to ground all models of that A/C on all airlines until the safety issues are resolved. Remember, there were deaths on that oil rig--as well as billions of dollars in recovery costs.
It should also be noted that better inspections and enforcement of oil rig safety would have helped--but the Republiscams in Congress have continued to actively fight better inspections and tightened enforcement policies and procedures. Money is the bottom line for their campaign contributors, and the Republiscams are quite willing to "dance with the one that brung 'em."
Regarding the Keystone pipeline, even if the project were started tomorrow, the oil wouldn't begin flowing for several years, in addition to which the oil companies are not obligated to sell it to Americans. It will go to the highest bidders (including China and Japan).
Regarding the 1.8 million American "engineers," who are unemployed or "working outside their fields," exactly WHAT is the source of that information?
Quite frankly, many American companies are now able to farm out engineering jobs to engineers in India through overnight internet tie-ins, etc. Let's say an American company has the choice of paying a US engineer $75,000 a year or an Indian (located in India) engineer $25,000 a year--with no obligation to re-employ the following year. Do the math. You can't blame President Obama for that problem. It started during previous administrations (driven by the Republiscams and their corporate puppet masters).
Regarding Bill Gates importing workers: Let's face it, science and math are not Americans' strongest areas. There are several reasons for that. First of all, both fields need good teachers. People with science and math degrees can make MUCH more money in the private sector and not have to put up with people b*tching about how overpaid they are while also having to put up with overcrowded classrooms filled with kids who expect the teachers to do everything.
When it comes to science, who wants to teach science these days (and be paid less than others) when school boards are packed with people who see real science as some sort of left-wing plot to destroy their children's faith?

saturnian. well,you blokes ought to br the experts in flouting safety regs. only recently a coal company involved ibn a disaster had innuberal violations again them.......... and the gulf of mexico rig was american operated

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