Forgotten Pride

I am an American citizen. I was taught in the public system, until rejected in my sophomore year for sleeping in class. While managing to earn a real diploma, I was never accepted as part of the community that failed to raise me.
I remember my grandparents at 4th of July's past. The fireworks, food, music, and stars and stripes waving on every home. Today, though there are a few, it is far less than it has ever been.
Jobless with unemployment. Unable to purchase food. No dream of affording fireworks, and useless to dream of them due to my apartment not allowing fireworks. We are not permitted to hang flags either.
Conversations do not reflect the freedom that was won for us, only the damnation of illegal immigrants, the drugs, the government being at fault, and so on.

I was once a proud American child. I do miss it, but feel that pride is lost forever in a sea of fools. Home of the brave turned lazy junkies. Land of the free turned scraping poppers.
RoseSparrows RoseSparrows
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sorry you are not alone<br />
<br />
our contry want to bring people from other countrsy in to ti and we think the bad people have all the right s to medical care and every thing elses sad when we will pay over 100 k to keep a person in jail a year<br />
<br />
we pay about 20 k for an older couple and even less then that for those that have given there lifs and body parts for this country and the rich get better off the ones that do not have a right to be here get better off and the working class pay the bills

Not really sure what you were trying to say here. I wish I were a bad person just to get medical care. I'm a citizen of the US and I can barely afford to eat. Prison is my retirement plan, but how to get there? that's the question.

well unless you are rich you will not get one of the federal ones with golf course

guessi was tying to say we spend more money caring for those thatbreak the laws then we do for the ones that build and severed this country by fighting the wars in the past

True, but even the criminals don't have easy street. Very few actually have a free ride, and they are - without doubt - those who have used and abused a system that functioned only until 1950.

free ride no work for food, free cable tv, free medical care,
the prison i have worked in corperations bring in trailers fo gifts for them to choice from to send home

the federal system is still just as bad

we have one place that as 125 prisoner the goverment pays 200 million a year to keep them safe

rapes and child rapes need to be gerneral popualation

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