I worked in nyc and was there 9-11. We lost so many. So hurt. So many lives turned upside-down. God bless those who lost a father,mother,son,daughter,family,friends,coworkers. May we that are still here see how blessed we are. Live life and Love life with all you have. Today you are here. Tomorrow is not promised. May the gift of many tomorrows be yours. God bless. May all who passed Rest in Peace. May there Loved ones find Peace through God.
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I was not there in person on 9/11. But my sister lived so close she had to leave her home. I was working in Valhalla. Someone in the break room had the TV on and were talking about what was on and I thought "what a horrible story..." I turned around and saw the TV. I found out that it was not a story but truth, fact, and all too real. I watched, along with so many others, in horror that day. We were all shaken, in shock and incapable of working. Finally my boss let us go home. When I got home to the Bronx, I heard jets flying overhead, way too loud, and felt their vibrations deep in my bones.

I still don't like going all the way downtown.

9-11 :( so many beautiful people taken from there loved ones. God bless those who lost. May those lost rest in peace. God bless you.

That was very nice. My sister was in the trade center disaster. She made it out but has been seriously traumatized. We all were highly affected by that horrible day and it and all the people affected will never be forgotten in this household. God bless you and to anyone who was impacted by this horrible event.

I lost someone very dear to me on 9-11. I was on the phone with him talking as the tower fell, watching it live on Channel 7! It was and still is the most horrific day of my existance! Thank you for your kind word...I greatly appreciate the time you took to write this....

May God bless you and take away you're pain. This Loved one is watching over you Angel. With you always.

Thank you!!

Every day of my life, something reminds me of that horrible day, which ripped my heart out. All of the images shown on the television, just made me want to reach out and hold whomever I could get my hands on. I'm sure a lot of people started to lose their faith. "Why would God let something like this happen?" I found, that my faith was even stronger. I thank God and His Son Jesus, for sending people like you to help those in need on that day that will live in infamy. I don't know you, but I also thank God for creating you. I hope You find peace if you should need it. I have you in my prayers. GOD BLESS YOU!!!


thank you for posting, I want so badly to pay my respects to those that lost on that dark day

Life is precious Thank You for sharing

Please we must Never Forget. In there Honor Please Remember 9-11. Rest in Peace. God Bless

Thank you for sharing you thoughts with us. I was at work here in NH and will never forget the terrier I felt and the sadness I felt at seeing how much innocent lives were being loss .

Thank-you Angel. That day is something I still see. I know I am Blessed.

I know I'm Bless also . It is one day I will never forget.