Become One

23 yrs ago i meet my husband ( ex-husband now) he bring us here in US to have a good life, fine good job and good education for my daughter too, it's hard for me to readjust because i don't  know anybody here..... to make my story short i learn the way of how to manage life without him. as i move on along with my daughter, I said to myself and to my daughter that we've been here in US that long, it's time for me and her to become one! ( US Citizen ) I am an AMERICAN. :)
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5 Responses Aug 12, 2012

Congratulations and welcome

thats a good thing ,proud of you

You should be proud. Shound like you have endured a lot and persevered. Congratulations.

Congratulations from one American to another!

Congrat's on becoming an American,

You're most welcome. Feel free to as me as a friend.