A New Language!

I was born and raised in the Midwest. I have lived in SoCal since 1980. It seems like a foriegn country sometimes. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

I was at the 7/11 yesterday and over heard a conversation between two young men (surfers I assume).

"Hey dude hows it hanging!"

Response. "Was hanging ten this AM and it was gnarly"

"I was thinking bro.....I would take my stick to the beach and cruise for some betty action"

Response..."The Betties were epic dude!"

Now I am pretty sure I understand, but it seems the Surf crowd has it's own language going!. LoL
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Every generation has their own sayings. I am sure yours had some. Think back about Elvis's pelvic gestures being banned on TV.

Hey dude, wassup? "Hanging ten" and "gnarly" are like soooooo 20 years ago. C'mon man, get wit da times. lmao.

i know! Right.

I think Hang ten is to catch a wave. A Stick is a surfboard, and Betties are Females.<br />
Thats my interpretation! lol

hmmm...i'm an east coast girl, I can tolerate california's accent more than the midwest. someone please explain to me what ''flapjacks'' are and why when I say ''on'' people think I'm saying ''one''? and what's with the ''O'' being pronounced as ''A'' ''top''-''tap'' ''cop''-cap'' what's with that?

Sounds like a Chicago thing. Last I heard flapjacks were Pancakes!

Hmm ionlyflyaway, I would think that different accents are due to people being born, or living, in other regions and/or parts of the world. I'm an east coast girl, from south Florida, and people from the south ALWAYS ask me what part of NY I'm from. If one is surrounded by a particular accent, or way of speaking, I believe our ears become trained to hearing and speaking that way.

I know when we visited the mountains of NC, my son who was about four or five at the time, heard some locals speaking with a very strong southern accent, and within a half hour he was speaking the same way, unintentionally. It's all what our ears hear and our brains interpret. No need to be disparaging about it, though. I'm sure if you're from the east coast, and you go south, people are going to think YOU speak with a weird accent. Tolerance will get you far in life!

I have no real problem with accents, gotta love em its what makes the united states unique. its kind of a conversation peice, when you hear someone with an accent, most people from the midwest cant tolerate mine, they would always correct me, but i learned how to adapt.

oh my! you wouldn't want to correct someone with an accent...it is what makes us who we are. I love it! Sometimes I have to sit and laughm, but not at them, just about the different ways to pronounce the same word!

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