I Will Never Forget Those Who Gave There Lives.......

For those of you who know me on here, you know how much 9-11 has affected my life. As the date approaches once again, all the pain I have felt returns as if it was yesterday.  Each year, I think it has gotten a little easier until I see that date fast approaching.  Than I realize...no.....I will never be the same. 
For those that don't know my story.....I was on the phone talking to him and watching it live on the news as the tower fell, trying to reassure him that it would be okay and they would all be rescued. What he did not know was there was no way to save him, he was above the blast and no way down.  Still, I hoped and prayed and kept him as calm as possible, through the smoke, the crying, the I love you's. His last audible words will never leave my brain, as I stool watching the unbelievable happening before me! 
I am an American, born and raised and always felt the comfort of knowing we lived in a country where we could be free and protected by the greatest military in the world...yet they were powerless to help us that day! How could this have happened....why?  We have haboured so many people from every country in the world....we offer a better life....we help you to live free.....we feed you....give you medical care...educate you....the list goes on...so I stood there thinking why would anyone want to hurt us? Still no answer....
Not a day goes by when I don't hurt.  He left behind four children...all under 5 yrs old.....three sons and a daughter born on 9-11 he would never see. He called me to say goodbye....I knew that......he also knew I could calm his last minutes here on earth.  He knew I would be there for him.....I was!! No one can understand what that does to those left behind.  We were powerless that day.....wishing only to make it right....we could not....
Today I sit here as numb inside as I did that day......I have not forgotten....nor should anyone.....Our lives will never be the same.....emotionally, financially, just the basic things that we take for granted.....I am an American..A New Yorker!!   I will never forget....NEVER!
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I am very for you and your families loss.
I am sure he was a great man...

He was..he was down and they told him to go back up..that the building was secured........all I could do was watch......I will never forget those images....

I will never forget the men and women that have have sacrificed so much for America.

Thank you! We are Americans.....we stay strong!


You are wonderful, helping your friend the way you did. That must have been so hard to do. I will never forget that day or what you did.

It is something that none of us should ever forget, thank you for you very touching story. I am a veteran and I love my country, God bless you and your children.

I want to thank you also for serving our country proudly!! We can not say enough about ur service men and woman who sacrifice their lives everyday to keep us free....thank you!!

you have kids?

Wow so deep and emotional, I remember that day as well, so sad how things unfolded that day. I am deeply sorry to hear about your loss and all the other people whom lost a father, son, husband and brother.

Dear Tears -- I cannot even imagine how horrible this was for you and your family. I was awakened by my son who called crying to tell me our nation was under attack. I watched in horror as thousands of people, every last one of them innocent civilians, were murdered by Islamist terrorists. <br />
<br />
I, among millions, will never forget and never forgive those who carried out those attacks. We as a nation can never allow ourselves to forget. Those who allow the memory to fade and the fear and anger to diminish, sentence our nation to even greater atrocities in the future, probably using weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological weapons. <br />
<br />
We must remain vigilant and prepared to prevent such a thing from ever occurring again. You, your family, and the families of all of those who lost or gave their lives that day will be remembered in my prayers and the prayers of many millions of Americans.

We as a nation should NEVER forget!! It changed our lives for-ever!

Pity the innocent people who died there

All but the Islamist terrorists who died that day were innocents. Never forget.

Only themselves and decided the fate, irreparable violation of the right to life of innocent others that get killed