Remember Them With Joy

My wife said something this morning that made sense. The more I have thought about it today, maybe she has a point. The mourning was over 10 years ago, giving a year to mourn. The joy that those folks had in life, their accomplishments, their children. All of those things should be rejoiced. I was mad as hell that day, so mad I was back in the recruiter's office the next day it was open. My injuries from previous enlistment caused it to take 2 years, but I was back in uniform and hadn't forgotten that anger or sense of duty. That, I have realized is a soldiers point of view and a good one to have in those boots. But what about the civilians? There unrelenting support of the individual soldier is awesome, but they can't carry that hatred around or take it to work everyday. We as a country need to move on. The man that had the biggest part in my upbringing died 11 days after I was married earlier in2001. I miss him fiercely to this day, but if I wasn't moving on, he'd haunt me and kick my butt. We have moved on as a country, and rememberances are held. Now when will the blame stop? I mean...we gottem'...didn't we?
CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
41-45, M
Sep 11, 2012