Like so many of us I am American born and raised. Although most of us are not Native Americans we are Native because we were born here. My family was here for hundreds of years my father and uncles have all fought for the USA in World War 2 and Korea and I have other family members who continue to serve.

 I would at this time like to say to all of our fallen and those who served, I as an American am grateful for all your sacrifices both foreign and domestic. That being said I can assure you That you WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. 

May God Bless America and help us to restore our faith in our leaders and continue to fight for what is right. We must overcome.
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I MySelf Am 1116ths Native. I am Native American I come from The Mik'Maq Tribe

I just finished a post on my facebbook page in response to a political ’like’ I love keeping up with of how we are being wronged in our own Country! How they are trying to make us the criminals etc..even our very own local Gov/po-po courts w/their bogus speed camera traps, dog license tickets & any dam thing else they can swing it to! Cops make $75.00 an hour for just sitting there & we work for less, we already are paying their salaries w/our taxes, now they come for more!? I hate them they are not Americans to me they are in Hitler’s régime! WE get turned down for loans but if your from other Countrys, say the middle east, there are banks who give them $$$so they can build up more hotels & whatever on our soil & by out all our MOM & POP SHOPS! I often ask but recieave no answers on who are the ******* sell out Americans who sell us out by allowing this awful ppl to buy their liqueur stores, grocery stores & gas stations? Wth’s wrong w/them? Are they dam greedy as to screw their own people this way? To hell w/them! The left winged owned media got our stupid ppl in our Country to be so stupid as to believe we are bad to say we love us & our Country! I will set them straight, don’t you dare tell me anything when I tell you I LOVE MY COUNTRY & THOSE WHO SERVE! Also, they did 9/11 the enemy that’s here now, not our own people! Get that straight! Barry kept his 1st campaign promise let my people go! In Q-bay, he did just that, how is it that people ar so dam blind & still they see barry as their change guy (he stole off Teddy Roosevelt)…’s laughable, he is the enemy & it was apparent & clear since the day he came out of nowhere?