All American Girl(:

I am born and raised American. I love my country and our military. Our country isnt perfect but what country is.

I will state that I dislike that fact our President wanta rid of our rights to bare arms. All i will say is that they government can come take them but they better be sure they themselves are armed. It wont be easy...

Also i will also state that I am not a democrat, I am not a republican, I am an American who wants her country back... I personally think i Forefathers/founding fathers would turn over in their graves at how our government is now.

That is All!! God Bless <3
DixieBabe92 DixieBabe92 18-21, F 6 Responses Nov 8, 2012

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i admit america isnt all bad its just you lot keep voting in war warmongering egotists

LOL. ...Cool!

God bless us all button the hatches and prepare

Godbless amreica:)

great and informative stories hun. would ya add me please

Sadly more and more rights will be fading away soon.

I know, its very sad.