All American Girl(:

I am born and raised American. I love my country and our military. Our country isnt perfect but what country is.

I will state that I dislike that fact our President wanta rid of our rights to bare arms. All i will say is that they government can come take them but they better be sure they themselves are armed. It wont be easy...

Also i will also state that I am not a democrat, I am not a republican, I am an American who wants her country back... I personally think i Forefathers/founding fathers would turn over in their graves at how our government is now.

That is All!! God Bless <3
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Since when did the President say that he wanted to take away our right to bear arms? He just said he wanted tighter regulations for the sale of firearms which is perfectly understandable.

The constant call of the GOP and the Tea Party remains, 'We want our country back.' However, the question remain to what point in time do they desire to return this country too? Do they long to return us to the genocidal tirade America's military caused because our nation went to war based on a lie? Do they yearn for a return of the Enron times when wealthy executives and corporate raiders plundered the pocketbooks of the average American workers by buying, dismantling, and relocating industry after industry overseas. Do they desire to see the return of the mass disenfranchisement and enslavement of an entire race of people or even revisit the annihilation of the Native America culture and nation? I am sorry but whatever trip the GOP and Tea Party Patriots sponsors for the United States of America this election cycle is not a journey I will be voting for.

LOL. ...Cool!

God bless us all button the hatches and prepare

Sadly more and more rights will be fading away soon.

I know, its very sad.