I have been seeing all day that thousands are signing petitions for their state to ununite with the US and form their own government... 19 states, Texas being in lead with over 28,000 signatures...

What are your views on this??

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These people have no common sense and don't realize what they are asking. Lets say they seceded. They are no longer part of the U.S. First all goverment money would cease. No social security checks-no medicare-no welfare- no federal money for police,fire,hospitals. No U.S. protection from military. You would have to apply for a visa to enter the U.S. to visit family in other states. No one could leave or enter your state until treaties and gov relations set up between. And the U.S. military could invade and throw everyone out and take the state back. Leaving you with no rights and no country since your not an american anymore. No food -cars- tv's- parts- supplies- meds- water-electric could come from the U.S. to your state until trade agreements arranged. If ever arranged at all. Your money and banks would not be insured by the U.S. goverment. I COULD GO ON AND ON !! So , Sorry for having to say so. But people who talk of secession are ingnorant morons. ALL US MILITARY AND NATIONAL GAURD WOULD PACK UP AND LEAVE THE STATE. You would be defenceless.. Think about it !!

Sounds like secession all over again!

it will never happen,,,but washington will know there are many unhappy people in this country,,

go for it time to stop supporttexa and other that have no right to be here thing all people not legal here need to be putin jail

Legally, there is no way to dissolve the US. The Constitution does not provide for departure of a state. Beyond that, there would be messy issues of the seceding state compensating the US for federal property and, possibly federally-funded property, within the state. There wold also be issues regarding the citizenship of persons in the seceding state as the states have no power to revoke US citizenship and there would likely be many in the seceding state who would prefer to retain US citizenship. Would those people have to move out of the seceding state and who would compensate them for their proprty left behind? Finally, there would be the issue of customs duties for items moving across the new international boundary and the fact that, absent a treaty, the US would have no obligation to defend the seceding state from attack. In short, it is a dumb and totally unworkable idea.

You are correct, "The constitution" does not provide for a dissolution. But the document that gained political support from France, and political and military support from around the world, "The Declaration of Independence" is a preparatory document to giving the strength to ever get independence and the constitution to begin with. That document talks about the reason's needed for independence. The New World Order group and its supporters have been eroding the Constitutions power along with the Bill of rights power for years, Add to the condition that the Government has consistently taken steps to make the Corporate Government of The United States of America, financially insolvent. Mostly because of the government subsidies to the group that have become the financial dependent's of the Government, and we are at the point where that is unsustainable. When George W. Bush added the expense of the wars it was bad. It was the greatest debt of any known country in the history of the world. When Obama passed the Health Care he piled on more debt than all of the previous president's combining George Washington all the way through and inclusive of George W. Bush. Now the Obama government is talking and complaining about, the "financial cliff january 2013", yet he is the biggest contributor to this debt. Amazing. Secession by definition means that state or group of states would not have the Corporate United States of America available to defend it, but it would also mean that they would not be contributing to a financially insolvent corporate government that over spent, way beyond it's means to both support it's people, and it's businesses. The only way to get rid of the debt we have is to bankrupt the country, and secede, to begin again. Otherwise we are going to be slaves to the debt that we have with the Chinese and the world. So how smart is Obama-economics now?

That assumes that any state or group of states would be viable on their own. There is simply no reason to think that is the case, and good reason to believe that it is not. I also reject the notion that the government's debt is something imposed on the people from above. A majority of people did not want a 1930s-style Depression and expected the government to do what was necessary to avoid that. Finally, the Declaration of Independence, read rationally, provides absolutely no support for secession. It is a completely self-destructive idea.

I think it's rediculous and a waste of our political freedom. I understand that some people do not like the results of the election, but if they would have gotten out to vote, maybe the outcome would have been different. Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Federal Govt said, fine, you're free to go. Good luck defending yourself. lol.

I agree with the first two statements, agree 100% actually. It's the "good luck defending yourself" that's a bit ridiculous. Do they say that to mexico, or canada?

Neither Canada or Mexico were part of the US.

Texas wouldn't be either, that's the point. It would be treat the same as any other bordering country and be protected. It's in the United State's Interests to do so.

leave it to the wise. the sheeple are too busy living in a pipe dream, while theyre on their way to being slaughtered. i see why in brazil the ignorant are not allowed to vote. i thought wow that is really unfair...but then i said...wait...the ignorant and voting do NOT mix. they need to do a test before allowing people to vote to see if they have enough knowledge about politics. anyways... The more power to those who want their own country, I am not mad at them, united states is already gone.

It's simple, the Democrats have been systematically eroding the nature of the constitution and the Bill of Rights. The principles that this country was formed on, and agreed to in the original signing of the Constitution and our countries origin. The Democrats have in the last 70 years adopted many of the Communist party's 1936 party platform that they ran on, and lost in those elections back then. Now we have many invisible party fractions that are so hungry for their superiority, that they have failed to recall the principles that made American's free. Try looking up on Google the communist party 1936 party platform and look at the ideas that they put forth, and when they were adopted in the U.S. and by what political parties. Note that Socialism is just a watered down Communism, until a dictator arises, and once the rules are in place they almost always emerge.

It's not fare to just blame just the Democrats. In truth the Republicans take a lot of responsibility in eroding the constitution. Remember the Patriot act was during Bush's term as president. That bill was directly in violation of many of our constitutional rights. There also was a lot of signs of voter fraud with the current elections, but there was a lot of evidence for voter fraud during the Bush presidency. They even got Bush on a recording pretty much admitting that the elections were rigged. So, really we should stop playing the blame game and see it as a whole.

Generally accepted.
Specifically, the aggragate selling down the river of the bill of rights, on a percentage basis, typically comes from the group of people who have no money, and are trying to do anything to get it, and selling out large groups that are generally left in the dark about what is going on, say like the American people as a whole, the number's of times we have adopted policies under the Democrats that followed the socialist / communistic agenda is disproportionately high in comparison. Yes Republicans deserve a few knocks as well, George W. Bush I voted for, both times and now I feel that he needs to be investigated on 911, and the Patriot act is a clear violation of our rights as Citizens. However.
Socialist Party Platform Agenda of 1936,
Social Security - implemented by Franklin Delenor Roosevelt, Democrat, in the 1930's until the end of WW2 and beyond.
6-hour day and the 5-day week without a reduction of wages - the beginning of the Union Power again in the 1930's through the 1960's, this is not a historically accurate judgement of societal understanding of work. And I have almost never knows any Republican to endorse Unions as it is destructive to the competitive edge in business.
compulsory system of unemployment compensation with adequate benefits, this flies directly in the face of business and free market, and is why Democrats have adopted John Maynard Keynes as the principle economic advisor to their policies, as he is for systematically for eroding the principles of free market toward controllable and manipulatable big business and crush the small businesses. Most Republicans are "Small Business owners and Managers" They want free Market, and easier times for reporting. By the way, this is where the majority of new job's come from, not Government, Not Big Business. Both of those serve to destroy Free Market and competition, while Small busniess is by definition the primary source of Free Market.

I can keep citing example after example.

No it started back with President Thomas Woorow Wilson, in 1913, when at the Christmas Break, his group in the congress did not leave and close congress. They passed two laws into existance, one for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, and the second for the beginning of the Internal Revenue Service. If you are going to go for only the last 20 years, you will find that it's been a pretty even mix, but if you want to see the true loss of the majority of the citizens rights lost from the "Bill of Rights" and the encroachment on the Constitution, you have to go a lot farther back in time. That is when the beginning of this stuff began, for the 3rd time in the United States. It was tried two times before, but it was defeated. You need to do a lot more reading, and cover a lot more history.

Not quite, Have you ever hear or read about the Libertarian Party? You ought to, then you would know that there are a lot more parties in this country than just the simple big 2 that most people focus on. Then you might actually start getting to the truth about politics. Not everyone who votes for Democrats is truly in the democratic camp. For example if you read the Communist party org web site, you will find many that are in the Communist party, but vote Democratic. That is because that under the Democratic Party, they have adopted when they had majority controle of the congress, and Presidency that they put into play many of the party platform planks of the 1936 Communist party ticket. Not everyone who votes Republican is one. But the general ideas of separation of church and state, freedom of religion, small government, states rights, free market are all ideas that are part of the Libertarian Party. None of these ideas are even closely represented by the Communist party, or now even the Democratic Party.

P.S. just because it is written on the net, does not guarantee it. And if one thinks beyond just the moment, and looks at long term wealth and capital, then you see patterns that fit. Also on the web is that Democratic President William "Bill" Clinton, was selected by former President George, H. Bush. So just how much credit does Bush senior deserve for the first significant attempt to put into place the Health Care package the was attempted under President Clinton. I have been reading Politics for 35 years, and know that for every detail I can recall, there are many I don't recall and multiple times that I have yet to read about.
We are back to you need to do a lot more reading, and looking at a lot more history. I can suggest a few, but I don't think you want to try and tackle them - they are pretty tough reads, since they are text books, and by the way 50 years only takes you back to the 1960's. I was born in that decade, when were you born? You are older than I am, but you have covered less history in the books. If you don't understand the way wealthy people think, then you never understand how or why family dynasties emerge. You will never understand the dynamic of why it was possible to have happened that these kinds of families become what they became.

No disagreement, we have lost several rights since JFK's assignation, ( btw I think his murder was because he was trying to restore some of those rights, to the American People ) the sad part is that was not the beginning of the loss of rights, that it was almost the beginning of the acceleration of the losses of those rights, in my humble opinion.

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Well, I am French and as an overseas observer I thought this was tried once before back in the 1860s, and it didn't work. The Federal system you have despite the constitutional rights and everything was used by the then President Lincoln and there was civil war. I've always thought Lincoln trampled over rights, but he was a Unionist and wanted to preserve the Union. Texas, came into the Union in the 1840s didn't it, after paying a high price for separation from Mexico. Are Texans proposing to go it alone, or to rejoin Mexico. Is that your state, ot are you from another southern state that wants to try the secession thing again?

Because people are sick and tired of electing these people to office (which by the way work for us the citizen) and not getting anything done. Fire them all!

Y`all are crazy and pizzaboy when you grow up and become a man lol maybe you will realize how stupid you are like yor screen name boy.

Austin Wants to secede from Texas, gee they would`nt have a capital building.

Well now there are 37 states with petitions.... for those who want to check it out
click "filter by issue" then "government reform" some states have more than one petition

All the signatures in the world will not lead them to take action it just gets the thing read thats all

what do you expect our vote is worthless our country is communest and the american dreem is just another f****** white mans lie you say our vote counts how? you have rich worthless POS buying there way into office no choice just the two with the most money buying and lieing there way brakeing every rule and requirement for office look them up thay were ritten 200 yrs ago a broke *** farmer could run this **** pot better at least he loves his land and people and knows that thay depend on him and he depends them the rich are not worth the powder to blow them to hell my wife n I live on 156.00 pre mo SSDI we lost our children or i should say the state stole them and sold them (adopeted them out for a huge adoption fee ) never proving a single thing thay used for a reasion to take them no money no lawer no money no home thay putme in jail for a religeus statement " you better make your pice with god your hurting a innocent 5 mo old baby and he will send you strate to the hell fires 80 days lockup just enough to cause me to lose mySSDI and put my wife out on the streets alone no family no friends we lived in a lean two all whinter there is no hope no true freedom no honer no loyalty no truth no america left anymore all that is for the 1% who own you there isent a way to fix it the wemon are growing the balls the men all want tampons and a boy friend there is not even a milatary to protect us thay are the pupets of the rich cowards who own them we havent faught a just war yet but the one to free the slaves you say wwII nope we prevoked that attack on PH look read learn if a white man cant control something or someone ie the true american thay kill it thay term it as eratacate **** on this country it need a good old cleansing hopefully the end is soon and we can all go to Hell where we diserve to be god realy messed up buy infecting this beautiful earth with a plage like us

I live in Canada. Maybe you've heard about this or maybe not, let me briefly describe who I am going to refer to..... we have a province here called Quebec. It's our one and only French province. I've only been there once and only very briefly but from the things I hear from others and through the new, they seem to be an odd sort. They have demanded and managed to accomplish getting the rest of Canada to become bilingual and have all of our government forms etc to be in both English and French, yet in their province they refuse to have or post any English.

Quebec has been threatening for as long as I can remember to seperate from the rest of Canada. They are location right next to Ontario which is right above NY, USA. Anytime they don't "get their way" they threaten again to seperate yet here they are, at least 20 years later, still part of Canada and still whining about everything possible. The people of Quebec do not want to seperate, it's just the political party/government/the powers that be that keep using this to help get their way.

Reading your post here about the differenet states ununiting with the US brought this to mind. And just like our Quebec, I really can't see this happening. It sounds like a bunch of people who don't like the results of the election who are trying to raise a big enough stink until someone listens and gives them "their own way".

Anyways...just thought I'd add this because it came to mind, something similar that's been threatening to happen in our country for many years.

Oh really....I've never heard of that. I truly hope they don't and that they can find a way to work things out.....or get over whatever bee is in their bonnet already! :)

It's not so much to withdraw. I think it's more to slap this government in the face and tell them to wake up. And I agree our government is a failure. Neither side does much of anything right. So maybe it'll at least get them to listen to the people for once.

In the interests of democracy it has to be a good thing. The larger the body, the more diluted becomes the individuals voice. Also, the potential for corruption increases in line with size of the organisation as the rewards are proportionally larger and accountability is lessened.
Many are opposing federation in Europe for those reasons.

How are these states going to survive without govt. help and how many people would leave these states then what do they do. There would be maybe 50,000 people in each state, who is left to tax, or maybe even work at all the empty jobs.

You do realize Texas has vast amounts of crude oil right? You think Texas can't survive...I laugh at you.

Who is going to pump all that oil you.

Maybe a few million residence would prefer to move to the U.S. and leave Texas behind, I`m not a Texan and I would`nt stay so who is left.

U really think they would let u just have the land and peacfully drop the government. Seriously, wow dont think u realize what ur bringing on urselves, the ones who signed it anyway. Did u also see the petition to ***** citezenship and exile all who signed it? Which do u really think they would side with.

Hows it go, if ur not with us ur agianst us, look what the retarded bush family did when it came down to an oil fight, make an excuse and take it from u.

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They should (We as I'm in Texas) be able to. If there is dead weight in management and certain states are successful in their own right, why should the burden of the country rest on the shoulders of a few? This is a huge statement by these states and only more states will join the party.

Actually, it is just a statement of dissatisfaction like goliathtree stated. Most educated people know that it is not likely that they would secede from the United States at this moment. Things are bad on many levels, but not bad enough for them to actually act on it in such a way.

I don't think the petitions are meaningless though. They are supposed to be reviewed by the president after so many signatures....I'm not sure the amount needed. Ideally it should be used to evaluate how the people of the United States feel about things. If you go to the site and look around at the other petitions you will see some very important issues being addressed like putting labels on GM foods.

To say that the petitions hold no importance or are meaningless is to say that writing your congressmen is meaningless and voting is meaningless. This is the voice of the people. Now whether the Federal government recognizes it or not is another thing.

By the way, I looked last night and there were actually over 50,000 signatures for Texas.

I'm thinking the same thing.

I think that anyone in office should listen to the voice of the people and consider them when making decisions. So golf is the wrong answer for Obama. Too many presidents have ignored the voice of the people.

Yes, I misunderstood :)

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I would love to see a state succeed from the us, see what happens when they get no help from the federal gov. no grant mony for roads and other projects, no disaster releif aid, no unemployment aid , no education aid, etc... etc... no use of the gov. sattalites ,so no internet, tornado? hurricane? no gov. aid, they need to pay a toll if you travel into the united states, they would have to make a trade agreement to sell there products in the us, etc. etc. the people signing these petitions are anti obama, radical nuts, but they probably receive all kinds of gov. aid and are to stupid to realize how ****** they would be without the gov.

Why so bitter? So, you'd love to see an entire state suffer? Maybe you should consider rewording this in a productive manner.

Did you type this rant on your Obamaphone creamonmywife? You don't think states like Texas could be self sufficient on their own tax revenues? You sir are clueless.

*hands Goliath a jar of Vaseline*. That should make the pill easier to swallow. Wait, did I mix metaphors?

texas could not survive on ther own revenue, thats why it is so stupid, the gov. should deport anyone who signs one of those if they dont want to be part of us

stupid people ,radical nuts, they dont realize what the gov. does for them, just because they dont like obama. i didnt like bush but i didnt get all crazy, bush sent 5,000 soldeirs to there death in iraq for no good reason

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People are fed up with the way the us goverment is being run. Instead of taking a stand and doing something about it people would ratehr their state saceed and create their own individual goverments that support the ideals that our for fathers faught so hard for. At the moment people are frustrated with the stagnation of america and our fall from grace as a world dominating power. The fault lies with our goverment and its inability to cooperate and turn this country around. Instead of actually doing something about it people seem to be content to reelect old farts who are so far out of touch with whats going on that they keep old policies going that didn't work then and are not going to work now. I don't get this, if people are so bent out of shape with whats happening in washington why don't we take a stand and fire our goverment and elect new officials. I don't know if people realize it but we do have the power to fire our goverment and hold elections to elect knew officials.

No matter who gets put into office you will never have someone who is completely honest. There are to many companies throwing money at politicians to put them in their pocket, or politicians looking out for their own well being and not the common wealth of the country. All i'm looking for is people who are capable of making decisions that benefit the country and not their own pockets. I suppose thats to much to ask for in this day and age.

I would be surprised if it actually happened but I have seen the petitions on the white house website. They are there. I think it is a great way to send a message to the federal government that we are not happy with the way things are going. Though looking at things now I think Obama is definately the better choice between him and Romney but they both sucked.

We are America, and despite who our president is, we are supposed to stick together. The states can't secede without leaving themselves vulnerable to foreign nations. The idea is ridiculous and petty.

I would like this answer a billion times- isn't there an historical precedent to this situation?

The balance of power between branches prevent's the president from having enough power to become a dictator. The most he can do is veto a law, and if it is a really good law, then congress can still override it with 2/3 majority vote.

The balance of power was damaged a long time ago, especially when we went to war without direct permission from congress.

It's silly. I am a bit of a political junkie and of the email & FB subscriptions I have for conservative political news & opinion, I have not noticed one petition request regarding secession.

I'm guessing that it is a few far right nutcases, like maybe a Michael Savage for example; and the story is being amplified by the likes of far left wing nut cases like Chris Matthews so that issues of real concern do not get the airtime they need right now.

There will not be any serious secession concerns, but all things considered; I do see a Constitutional debate coming.

btw-28,000 signatures is 0.000093% of the population. It may sound like a big number, but it's really just a few morons peeing in the ocean.

.<---------- bets Michelle Bachman signed those petitions.

The Feds have stepped on the rights of states too many times.next will come the rights of the people.Im In Texas and feel torn between my mother and father!

My views on this are that instead of wasting time and energy on leaving America and setting up a whole new country, because you didn't get your way in one or two elections, it would serve your children and theirs if you worked to fix what you seem to think is broken.
"If your not part of the solution then your part of the problem"

These petitions are not going to amount to any substantive action.

Very well said!! I would like it many more times if EP would let me.

Haven't we been down this road before and it didn't work?

Im not very goo dat history, but isnt this how the civil war started??

I think I will put on my hip waders, getting in STUPID.

It comes down to the fact that they don't like the direction the president is taking this country. That's pretty much it in a nut shell.