I Am An American.

I am 100% American. This has nothing to do with my political or spiritual beliefs. Nor is it an expression of the superiority of The USA as a nation. This is the expression of who I and my family are. Both sides of my family immigrated to the colonies before the American Revolution. Father's family first settled in the Georgia Colony and my mother's family first arrived in the Massachusetts Colony. My travels around the world have reinforced this attitude. Overseas I am an American period end of sentence. But being an American is not just a matter of birth and family, it is a matter of attitude. Americans have a positive attitude. Americans are caring. Americans are Darers. Americans are doers. Right or wrong if an American sees a problem, they will try to sove it. If an American sees something that needs to be done or built, they will get it done. My definition of being an American is daring to try, learning from failure, and trying to be a better person today than I was yesterday.
feveredtime feveredtime
51-55, M
Dec 2, 2012