The Place I Call Home.

I gotta say I very much love my country. It is by no means perfect, but it is mine. However,the term American does not justify the the diversity in here. Often people associate an American as being white. I live in a border city where almost all of us here are Hispanic. Mexico is literally only a river crossing away. Basically if you are not of Mexican descent here you are part of the minority. As a result I live in a culmination of both United States and Mexican Culture. It is pretty sweet since its like the best of both worlds. I have a great variety of music and food to choose from which is cool. Its not the typical America you would expect where I live. You might have trouble ordering food at a restaurant here if you do not know Spanish haha. On the few times I've visited another state I feel like a foreigner in my own country. And I don't mind it. Its the different strokes of the country that make it so fascinating.
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Dec 4, 2012