Divided States Of America

I am American, and i have to say i disagree with many decision our country makes. Our educational system sucks, we are in massive debt, and our political parties never seem to agree on anything no matter how important. our country is by no means perfect; in fact, i find myself pissed off at our countries past and present devious acts, the sides it takes on global politics and inability of America to run an up to date educational system which in return is starving America of the technological and scientific innovation America needs to stay on top, or get back to the top i should say. Yet this country with all its problems is my home, its where i was raised and educated therefore making me who i am today. No matter what kind of problems this country has i will always love this Country and would never move out of its borders permanently. America a land of disillusion and paradoxes is a wonderful place and nothing can change my mind about that.

Politicalhilbilly Politicalhilbilly
18-21, M
Dec 7, 2012