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I know I should be proud to be an American. We have all of this freedom. We have the freedom of speech, unless someone doesn't like what you say and they shoot you. We have the freedom to worship the way we want to, unless you belong to a religion from a country we are fighting, then you are piointed out and ridiculed. We have the freedom to carry guns, unless you have too many of them and the FBI comes and gets them. We have the freedom to vote for anyone we want to, unless no one is running against that person, then we are stuck with them. And as voters we think we matter and we don't because a selected group gets to make the ultimate decision. How about marrying whomever we want to? Isn't that a laugh? Unless you conform to what has been done for so many years, you can't do it legally. I think I could fine more of this kind of stuff if I tried a little harder. But, as free as we want to be and think we are, we really aren't. And that is something I get upset about once in a while. Although I am not one who tries to change anything, so I figure I need to keep my mouth shut.

Then the other day, Iwas speaking with someone in a different country. He said I am in a great counrtry and he would love to live here. I told him it wasn't all that great. We had hungry people we had problems. He said, your country isn't getting bombed. Yeah, we should be happy with how we live even if it seems, sometimes, nothing is as it should be. Right now, our courntry is filled with foreign armies and bombs. We have places to live, mostly, we do have places to eat, including soup kitchens. And although we have so many homeless, poor, poverty stricken, sick people, we have the right to pray to whatever god we want to, carry a gun, vote, and be in love with whomever we want to be. We are in a great country.
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<p>punnish what a civil comment you made here wow ... >>>>>i gusse ur looking for new prey?? if u go against his views, he resorts to being vulgar writing on ur white/b then blocking you... i have copied pasted this to e.p here is what he wrote just mins ago ...></p><p>
That does it you two bit ***** **** I don't give a **** what you think about my Vietnam service I got spit on called a baby killing bastard like your dad did so many times it ain't funny</p>

How does this have anything to do with me? Seems you have a problem with someone and that is the person you need to deal with.

he may be setting you up to be nasty with you.... he comes across as being kind, but he isnt...

okay thank you for your concern.