True American

They came at anytime they pleased. Kicking on doors and no warning given. No warrant in hand. Seized everything you own. And if you weren't shot in the spot you were hauled off. Sent to a concentration camp to work. And when you became to old or sick or any age they could not use. You were what they called special processed. This could be done with no formal charges or some drummed up charge that you were against the government or the system. Never even allowed to the right of a trial. No jury no legal representative for you. Just hauled off and never seen again. This my friends is what HITLER 's Nazism was. And yet this is the same principal that W Bush's patriot plan is designed after. These people don't even know what it means to be a true PATRIOT IS. For the true American Patriot's of our early America took a sworn oath. An oath that states to be a TRUE PATRIOT YOU MUST BE WILLING TO DEFEND THIS NATION AGAINST ALL ENEMY'S AND FOES INCLUDING YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT. That is what a true American is.

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