Just Me

I'm an American.

I live in America.

To more precise, I live in Pennsylvania.

In a very woody area. To some people it could be called the sticks. I actually prefer it this way. I love wide open spaces and woodland areas compared to large, busy cities. But I do like to visit once in a while but my home is better. ;-)

While I may be an American I don't just others from where they come from. I have my American pride and such because I like the way we live even if it is sometimes in error.

When I say we, I mean it lightly...more specific the people in my life. Some people in America disgust me. I'm human and judgmental just like any other person.

Do we have useless, confused, and sometimes stupid people here? Yes, like you can't say the same about any different state, country, or other part of the world. There always has to be some idiot.

Back to being an American. I pledge to the allegiance to the flag with God in there...the fact that that was only added to the pledge in 1954 means that it not necessary for Americans to think that it's an important piece of information. You can be an American and not believe in one certain God. That's what makes us so unique, we can and should be able to believe or disbelieve in what we want to because that is what we, as Americans are made up as.

Moving on, I'll gladly stand with my fellow Americans and defend this nation fiercely even against those both outside and inside this nation. I'll oppose anyone who takes my rights away. Even though sometimes I don't use my rights, I'd still like to have them on my side to use when they come in handy.

Hmm, that's all for now. I might add more later.
Neja88 Neja88
22-25, F
Dec 10, 2012