What Would I Do If I Wanted America To Fail? Has It Already Been Accomplished?

Let's say someone wanted to continue the institution of slavery, what would they do?

They would convince countless people in my own nation that poverty is the lack of other people's money, rather than lack of knowing how to create and keep ones own wealth. The progressives from the Right and from the Left have and still are destroying America from within.



Daniel Paul King wrote on Facebook some great historical black and white facts :

"Progressives promotes the "Radical Center" vs the Classic Liberal/Classical Republican Center they are a party of their own but they choose to infiltrate rather than stand alone as their own party.

Some of the most harmful legislation has been when the Progressive Right and Progressive Left compromise. Both have radical views and their compromises are exploitative.

Progressive Economics supports "Third Way" Economics of pseudo socialism and pseudo capitalism. A system based on Taxes/Debt/Usury growth that is in fact Corporatism and not Capitalism. Though some call it Right Wing Capitalism...but since it is based on growing DEBT and favors finance it is not Free Market.

They gave us FIAT and Fractional Reserve Banking...."In a free market, fractional reserve banking (FRB) would be illegal because of its fraudulent nature." This is the opinion of Classic Economic Theories - Classical LIBERAL market theories....amazing now that modern "liberals" reject the consumer driven free market.

Because of Progressives we no longer have a system of Free Market Capitalism - we now have a Tax/Debt / Usury system. These systems are not new in civilization and were called "Tyranny". The European Banking system our forefathers fled from to come to America was such a system.

Classical Liberalism and Classic Republicanism created NEW economic theories at the time based on the Liberalism (Classic) and Republicanism center....Free Market Capitalism. Capital Money- Tax and Debt Free Money. Not a Usury System.

Progressives uses DECEPTIONS - they claim "Free Market" but it violates the core principles and values of the theory; and they also pander to pseudo Marxist ideas....it is a deceptive mix.

Progressives came about in the 1850's and has been a force in our political system ever since.


"Liberal corporatism was an influential component of the Progressivism in the United States that has been referred to as "interest group liberalism".[29]

The support by U.S. labor representatives of liberal corporatism of the U.S. progressives is believed to have been influenced by the syndicalism and particularly the anarcho-syndicalism at the time in Europe.[29]

In the United States, economic corporatism involving capital-labor cooperation was influential in the New Deal economic program of the United States in the 1930s as well as in Keynesian-ism and even Fordism."

If I wanted to totally destroy the American dream I would call all my critics racists if they pointed out the falsehood of that reasoning. Name calling is the oldest trick in the book to distract from the real issues at hand, it is the trick used by COWARDS AND THE WEAKER to get away with whatever their doing.

If I wanted to expand this to the entire planet, I would invent Global Warming, Cap & Trade, and carbon credits to reward developing nations for remaining dependent and unproductive at the expense of the successful productive.

If I wanted America to Fail I'd get Americans to believe that the Government that fails at everything it does could take care of me and my family.

I'd tell America over and over again that they are ENTITLED to get when they give NOTHING BACK. I'd make every American feel guilty for using what they need every day to survive so that in the end they will comply and bow the knee!

These are what Progressives are like when they speak their minds at rallies, this is our future America unless we cut out this political cancer by its roots once and for all.......THEY HATE AMERICA! THEY HATE ISRAEL! THEY HATE CAPITALISM all of which they themselves have benefited from to get where they are today.

Don't ever forget PROGRESSIVES have MILLIONAIRES SUPPORTING THEIR SIDE AS WELL, who for some reason are exempt from the new laws affecting the rich.....HOW COME? Those who understand how the rich got rich in the first place understand that when economies are not supportive of their riches because of high taxes they simply MOVE those riches to places or banks that will make them money. This is what Liberal and Right Wing rich will do and I do not blame them, do you?

But the issue is not what the super rich do to stay rich, its what the small businesses who are trapped within the states where their business exist CAN'T DO.....MOVE TO AVOID THE TAXES COMING! They cannot move their money elsewhere to escape the Obama-careless hidden taxes that will devastate them and our country. They earn 250,000 a year, sounds like a lot right? But MOST of that is going BACK INTO AMERICA not to personal profit so how do you think those higher taxes will affect America's small businesses?

The liberal progressives are the biggest of Hypocrites because, while they speak of the poor they enjoy BILLIONS in taxpayer funding to turn the poor into a voting block (The Capitalism they say they hate, they waste and squander it for no reason other than to bring down the system.) They use Voter intimidation, Voter Fraud, and Dead people's names to get what they want, can't win fairly after all.

They have dirtied Americas name in the World and caused us all to forget our foundations by passing lame, and bogus Laws that prevent us from teaching our true history to our children. They have taken prayer, bible reading and the moral core of America from us so we've raised a new generation ignorant of our past glory

These are the very things that Progressives from BOTH parties have been doing to America since the 1850's. While we VOTE them into power they take away our power of the people by shredding our Constitutional God given rights right from under our Nations feet.

Worst of all,We have enabled these monsters to slowly eat away our underpinnings as a Nation, listening to their half-baked lies and Propaganda just as the German people listened to Hitlers lies. How long will we as a people prepare our own coffins and dig our own graves because that's exactly what we're doing?

In the America I love and know the People are in charge, do you feel that right now? I don't.....so let's take back our Country for the sake of our children and their children!!!

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I'm not sure I would have said it that way, but Odumbo's goal to destroy America is the "change" he promised to accomplish. Even Pravda has criticized him for being too communist.