Some Gave All

My dad was in the air force. We lived in France and Germany and traveled all over Europe.
When you see american cemeteries, all the white crosses in neat rows and think that each one of those was an american soldier that gave his life for us. It is something you will never forget.
We visited Rome and we all thought that was awesome,but Anzio beach and the white crosses as far as you could see. It touched my soul. There is a reason they were called "the greatest generation".
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So true, they were indeed the greatest generation. Makes me sick to see this administration walking in the footsteps of the people we gave so much to defeat.

Agreed. I've seen Arlington & the huge national cemetery in Manila, P.I. plus many other smaller & less famous ones, but the effect is the same. Reverence, Respect and Admiration.

They sure gave it all

All the veterans that died for their country are the true heros, I served 4 years in the navy and when I went to The Wall in DC as much as I wanted to I could not cry so next May I hope to go again for Memorial day and see if it helps me.

If I remember right,my draft number was 345 and i was in college. Some of my highschool friends died over there. Most came home. I have seen the wall that was sent around the country but not the one in DC. It had the same effect on me as the gravestones did.

I went to church one Sunday with my wife and there was a poster with 3 white crosses and a split second later I was standing in a veteran cemetary surrounded by thousands of crosses. I have`nt been back to church since.

Yes you are right.