Two Generations And A Quater One

The WWII generation the GREATEST GENERATION. They were called upon tofight a war. And did so coming home with great pride. Nothing was going to hold them down. Returning to work hard and cleaning up the mess their parents left behind. Having to finish paying of the debt of WWI. The war to end all wars. And now adding their own war debt to it. They also lived with their extended families. With both parents living in the house along with their own Wife and children. They love their parents and didn't mind helping them in their old age and proud they did it. And never complained. And did a fine job raising there children.

These children grew up known as the quiet generation. They to were called up. To fight their own Korea War. Returning home never talking about it. Saying awe it was nothing. It was a job that had to be done. Also returning to their factory jobs to clean up the mess their parents left behind. Finishing paying off the WWII debt and adding their own war debt to it. They to raising their own families. With Social Security now in full swing coming out of every one of their paychecks. They to took care of their parents. Knowing that their social security money was going to support their parents. They didn't mind and never complained about it. This allowed their parents to live comfortable in their own home. Take trips and never worry about food or meds. Their parents becoming the first empty nest generation. And Sid it out of the love they had for their parents. And doing a fair job of raising their children.

Now enter stage left the me me me.
The ALMIGHTY BABY BOOMER generation. The why does it have to be done that way? I'm not doing that if I don't want to **** you generation. With their own full blown Vietnam War going strong. With the longhair saying Hell no we won't go **** you. You go I'll go to college. And organize war protest and spit on you after you come home from killing babies and raping those young village girls. Well I did come home from Vietnam. The longhairs keeping their word. To busy to do their time in Vietnam. Instead smoking grass and shooting **** in their arm. To busy rolling around in the mud making their love
child. Then hiding in college. And when they got kicked out from using all that dope ****. They packed their bags running to Canada with their tail tucked between their legs with their chicken **** ***.

With the Vietnam war over they come out of hiding and return from Canada. Time to start their own business. Some going to work as a big shot CEO. Making $100,000 plus a year or millions with their own business. Getting more greedy as time goes on. Getting their Washington buddies to give them their fancy tax breaks. With their rich man attitude. **** YOU I'm not paying a decent salary. I'm going to move my factory to Mexico. I can get Mexican workers for $3-4 an hour. **** you your all laid -off. Then the *** kissing CEO'S tell their rich man boss that they can move to
Hong Cong and get labor for $8.00 a day. So once again **** you. We won't pay union wages and benefits so you're laid off. Another factory closed and more workers unemployed.

They think everything is perfect. Raising their spoiled kids in their million dollar homes. Teaching them
that everyone gets a trophy. There are no losers or winners. No one is better than you. Then coming home from their hard day at the office. The latch key kids tell them that Grandpaw and grandma are sick. Oh we don't have time for them. We will take care of them.

Sorry Mom and Dad but we are just
to busy to take care of you. But there is a nice Nursing Home we found for you. And not to worry Medi -Care will pay for it. And sorry about your social security. But the government had to borrow that to pay for ours and our kids student loans. And the government had to build supper highways. Because after all we are the largest generation and our wives and each one of the kids have to have their own car. Well there's nothing more to take our kids are on their own. I think it's time to retire.

What's this we are hearing? What you mean Social Security is running out of money! So now they hear from their Washington buddies. Sorry social security system is broken. We had to borrow from social security to pay for all those student loans. You know the ones that you or your kids NEVER PAID BACK. And now your spoiled grandkids want student loans and even more highways built. And we had to pay for those fancy Nursing Homes that you put your parents into.

We regret to tell you but not only did you force us to spend all your parents social security paying for everything your generation wanted before you started working. And started funding social security but you also spent your own. And your kids aren't paying into it. Because of the high unemployment with all the factories that closed and moving overseas. And the ones that are working we had to stop taking social security out. Because they don't want to pay into it. The ones you raised saying that's OK HONEY you don't have to do anything you don't want to. EVERYBODY GETS A TROPHY! I hate being apart of this Stingy sorry *** generation.

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