Time To Change Schools

May God bless and have mercy on all the SKK TODAY. And pray that the Sandy Hook Elementary on12-14-12 be the last school shooting. Even as we realize it won't be.

Maybe it's time to look at some history that has never or will be taught. Do you think that criminal 's hiding in schools or a shooting a teacher that wasn't liked is something new. No it is not and will be surprised to know how many Old School Morms kept a pistol in their desk drawer. And the majority were an expert shot. As good as any SWAT
TEAM OR SPECIAL FORCES MEMBER that we have today. Starting early in our history and including the Civil War through the early 1900's.

Maybe its time for all our school principles and one in five school teachers to be armed. And Im talking well trained in the use of a firearm. As well trained as any SWAT TEAM OR SPECIAL FORCES MEMBER. I'm talking ONE SHOT ONE KILL TRAINED. And be required to be certified and required Every year just like any police department does. And armed teachers to be known to the school principal and teachers only. And to all their city and state police departments. And sworn to secrecy. And only allowed to use that authority in their school ONLY.

NOW before all you parents come and gun control activists come Unglued. STOP! Just look and think for a minute. We all know that our fine and excellent policemen cannot be everywhere at once. And by the time The SWAT TEAM gets to a school shooting it always to late. Unarmed children and teachers have already been killed. Maybe it is time for WELL TRAINED school teachers to be able to protect our kids and grandkids at school. Don't we trust our Well Trained Police Officers that are armed to protect us 24-7-365?

And another reality we know to well is outlawing guns doesnt work! Reguardless how hard we wish it would. Just ask the Russian Mafia how easy it is to get guns ans ammunition. And Russia outlawed guns for citizens right after WWII. Look at England where gun ownership has always been very strict. They even had to allow their police departments to be armed. And ask China drug lords. In a country that citizens were never allowed owning firearms. And have the world's largest gun and ammunition Black Markets.

Our gun control laws may not be perfect. But the majority of good Americans do obtain and register their firearms. And Government and police department 's can account for the majority of our guns. And criminal's here and all over the world will always have or get the firearms they want. I am just tired and sick of these school shootings.

And yes this Old 61 year old Hardcore VIETNAM VETERAN? I ended up crying like a baby as more and more details came out about today's shooting. Maybe it is time for well trained citizen teacher to be allowed to step up and be able to protect our kids today. And I be Willing to bet. That their wouldn't be a Police Department that wouldn't be glad to train these selected teacher by law enforcement. Hell I bet the NRA AND CONGRESS would be willing to fund and pay for this training. And I bet if this policy would be enacted and passed as law and well publicized. IT WOULD BE OUR LAST SCHOOL SHOOTING!

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We were talking about this very thing last night at dinner. We think special training and arming of school personnel makes sense. While the identity of the trained personnel may be kept a secret, I think the fact that there are trained personnel should be known by all. Making the program public knowledge could serve as a deterrent. It might be impossible to come up with a perfect solution, but I think something like this is worth a try. I agree that the likelihood statistically is very low that an attack is going to happen in any particular school; but if we weren’t home schooling, I certainly would want my children to be in a school that offered them the best safety options.

I don't think it's possible to legislate against or foresee this kind of thing. Even in Britain, where hardly anyone carries guns, we had the Dunblane school massacre. Fact is, the nutcases that are liable to do this kind of thing are the kind of people who can manage by fair means or foul to get their hands on the weapons anyway

The press feeds this with their saturation coverage. The sickos out there think wow, look what this guy did, and get envious. We will be lucky if we don't get another such shooting soon by somebody who thinks this guy went out in a real blaze of glory.

It's true

That's what they want, more shootings and violence. The crap media hopes that they can stir up another shooting to drum up an audience.

Feminist schoolmarms teach anti-boy and anti-men hate every day, day after day, year after year. Among their results is a horrific suicide rate among school age boys and young men. They should not be surprised if a small percentage of the young men their hate drove to suicide will turn on the feminist haters and fight them. Perhaps its time to end the hate.

The only man employed at the bigoted Sandyhook school was the janitor.

I wasn't commenting on the shooters rights. I was commenting on the expected outcome of a long running hate war on boys and men. When the feminist haters drive boys and young men to suicide with their hate campaign, a few are going to fight them during the suicide. Those who drive men to suicide are more guilty than the man they hated and abused.