Nra Your Wrong

NRA you got your nerve. Waving the flag and claiming to support our constitution. Oh your so American aren't you! Putting on a big show and lie in front of the American people. While you go behind the people's back! Crying and putting pressure on your gun loving Washington Republican buddies. And demanding your state government to do something. Well the constitution is a hell a lot more than your one sentence. THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! Take all of it or none of it. You've got your damn nerve NRA. You don't use one part of the constitution to use it against the part you don't like. To get some flunky state attorney that wants to become a big shot to get your way is bullshit! Going to file a lawsuit against a newspaper because they printed the names of gun owners. Sorry but everyone knows that is public record. And public records ARE OPEN RECORDS! And to try to silence the freedom of speech is bullshit. Just who in the hell do you think you are? If your not going to defend all of the constitution then don't defend none of it. But you CAN'T PICK AND CHOOSE ONLY THE PART YOU LIKE.! Take all off it or just shut the **** up.

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GENTLEMEN, GENTLEMEN, WHOA lets slow down just a bit. Correct me if I`m wrong. I believe that Obama wants to restrict or ban the sale of automatic weapons and if I am right about that , GOOD. We have the right to own guns why do I need an AK47 or M4 or an Uzi or a .50cal. sniper rifle. I do not hunt but if I did want to buy a weapon I think I would choose a shotgun, maybe a .30/.30, a.45, a couple of Kbars, a baseball bat and my trusted dog Bear. What do you or any civilian need an automatic weapon for.

Photo your right. I have several shotguns and rifles 22s - 30.6 scope rifle. And a couple of handguns. Including one the only way to drop a person is shoot him the balls.

If you shoot anyone in the nuts or a kneecap they are going down. Mr. Seeker again correct me if I`m wrong, I can go to any sporting goods store or even Wall World and buy an AK47 or other automatic weapns. Now maybe these are semi-automatic weapons now to me there is not alot of difference.

Seek you can still get the Tommy gun legal.

People dont realize that its criminals that dont follow the laws set forth. For example I cant legally drive doesnt mean that I cant drive a car. I still drive a car from time to time. Saying people cant buy this gun or that gun isnt going to stop gun violence. Why shouldnt people be able to buy Simi automatic weapons? I mean people can buy different types of cars.

Seek he didn't say automatic he said semi and I have seen semi automatic aka and 14s and 16s. At my local gunshops. And you can get the parts all day long to convert them.

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Your ≠ you're

I didn't ask to be corrected smart *** . That's rude this is not a classroom. Foxx

You undermine your own argument if you can't even use the proper words. Besides, I have the freedom of speech.

Your your your your your RUDE *******

Look it up in public records seek if you can get up off your lazy *** to do it. Print the names!

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Sounds like you approve of the printing the names of a women that have purchased a firearm to protect themselves from the repeated physically abusive husband, boyfriend, or a stalker. Letting these abusive individuals know they now have a firearm sure is going to make the women safer the way you see it I guess.
Printing the address of elderly individuals that have had numerous home invasions and even some that have been beaten in their own homes purchase of a fire arm puts these individual at a higher risk of death--but I guess you believe they should just accept home invasions and beatings.
Printing the address and names of gun owners that purchased a firearm after repeated incidences of being raped by the same rapist or rapers is OK with you I guess.
Printing the names and addresses of individuals that own firearms that are law enforcement officers, judges, security professionals seems to be OK with you.
Not everything that is a public record comes under the open records act; consider juvy criminal records, public school records, college records, medical records of individuals that use public clinics or hospitals, welfare receivers, price individuals pay for their cars, tax returns, where people attend public school, and etc.

In says the lawsuit is wrong. I'm a Vietnam veteran that fought for all of the constitution not just a few words that NRA wants to use to fight and die for. And go to war over what they don't like. And I'm a gun owner.

Guess we just have to agree it is OK to disagree on this one. This old Viet Nam combat vet never connected the war with a fight for the constitution, just saw the fight as a means to halt the commies.

If you took the oath you swore to uphold the constitution. Not just fight commies and if you belong to any veterans group you do as well.

<p>&nbsp;<p><p>Well they published the names and address of retired police officers and active Police Officers. All the name and address' they published did they all for sure own guns? or did they just file for a permits. Would you allow your name to be published and address how about the kind of guns you own? It is a neon sign to a thef to come break in and steal. I am certainly glad someone stuck up for the maybe gun owners since we know they all didn't have a choice.Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are two different things and still must be used with common sense and prudence.</p><p></p>

And so must gun owners. And I wouldn't mind if some of my ******* neighbors know what I have then they wouldn't **** with me and as far as being stolen I have no fear of that they are kept in a safe that they can't get in. And as far as home invasion I keep my pump shotgun handy AT ALL TIMES.

Snake you want to try and take it? You don't need a carry permit for shotgun.

I did not say anything about giving up firearms. I wouldn't and won't give mine up. But I don't have a problem with who knows I have them. I'm man enough to show mine and not be a chicken **** that
Wants to hide it like a back shooter

why do we have to give up weapons when the system refuses to use the laws alreay on the block about use a weapon go to jain for a given number of years

sense when shpoould the bad guys have more rights then those that work to support the upkeep and in many case there family are living off welfare

why should you be allowe to claim a child care credit if youare locked up

Well first of all, you still have the first amendment right because of the second amendment. Secondly, the first amendment does not protect all speech, you can not go into a theater and scream fire and cause a panic. By releasing the names of gun permit holders, even if it is publically available, has a similar effect. It creates a better opportunity that the weapons are stolen by telling criminals where they are.