A Red Neck's Home Security System

1. Go to goodwill and buy some size 16 to 18 men's work boots, place them on your front step.

2. Buy 4 Dog leashes, the extra thick and large ones, and place them next to the boot's.

3. Post a note to the front door.
The note should say something like.

Dear Bubba,
We are at the Hospital, seems the Pit bulls got the mailman again. We locked them in the House. I don't think it was Killer this time, but it is hard to tell with all the blood. I took Bobby Joe, Earl Rae, and Billy Bob with me, we should be back very soon.
Please feed the Dogs, and see if you can clean up the blood.

Big Earl
dumbnugly dumbnugly
56-60, M
5 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I have a big Black German Shepard Mutt that we trained to let people up un the front porch but won't let you off the porch unless my wife or I or there to tell him it's OK the really bad thing is if you break in and run through the house there will be a huge Pit Bull waiting out back and the Shepard will join him shortly, We have only had one break in, in thirty five years and he called 911 from inside the house LOL

Yup....This might just do the trick!! :D

Roflmao!!!!! This is hysterical thanks!!

Love it!!

I thought you might! lol

Oh yeah don't forget to throw in soup Ham bone before entering the house.

Yes! that is a good one!