SANDY HOOK BUSTED WIDE OPEN ... CHARITY PUBLISHED on Dec 11th to collect money for the 'children' in the shooting ... Sandy Hook didn't happen until Dec 14

Just exactly how do you talk to your child about the Sandy Hook tragedy on December 10 when the event was not staged until December 14th? Easy, you just ignore dates and facts!

And why would you set up donations pages for a tragedy that hadn't happened yet?

Please Note:

(1)  United Way of Connecticut is the "charity" published on Dec 11th to collect money for the 'children' in the shooting.......

Sandy Hook didn't happen until Dec 14.

"United Way" is a 'cabal' sponsored National charity organization run through the collect funds,

(2) Emily Parker...she is not found in any of the school class pictures by researchers....but it appears some "photo-shopping' along with "mistakes' made for photos were done.


We all know this video deeply suggests/proves that the Sandy Hook shooting was pre-planned.



"A nation...cannot survive treason from within...the traitor ...wears the face of his victims,...and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation—he works secretly...he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared......." Cicero, 42 B.C.E.

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TattooDino, But why do you expect us to take your word for it when it fly's totally in the face of the clear video evidance of pre-knowlege and finacial theft that Hatter presented in his story. You even look like a govt agent and have the very interests in your profile that one would have. Sorry mate, cant believe anything you say.

wow ... so true ... another psycho government pervy paid nutjob

Its now cast and set in the american publics phsycee that it did actually happen just the way they saw it on mainstream media news. Cuz the news medias wouldnt lie or misinform the public on such matters, they think they couldnt get away with it. Just like the twin towers were demolished cuz a couple of terrorist hyjacked airplanes flew into them and caused a heap of oxygen starved fire smoke.
Great post Mr Hatter. Keep waking people up.

I'll keep swinging :)


Unfortunately I (or %99.9999999 of the world) can't verify whether it happened or didn't happen. Because of the gov't approved media clips out there Anyone who doesn't have first hand knowledge of the entire event has got to be a blithering, incompetent, sheep headed, moron to conclude that it did happen the way the federal gov't describes it!!!. Morons have got to do whatever it takes to learn how THINK and FORM OPINIONS on their own. Then they can conclude about a whole lot of things!!!!!

Great Video!!!
$ICK, $ICK, BA$TARD$!!!!!!

Inhuman ! ! !

Well said wolfmankay1... people do need to wake up

This is important, so many of these tragedies are staged, though usually at the loss of much human life. We are being lead into what will be far worse than Nazi Germany. Everyone needs to get a better sense of real history and break the programming they were given by the public school and the media.

wolf we already do 25 things everyday that came right out of the HITLER handbook.

I don't know how many but there is no doubt we are moving into hardcore fascism. A lot of these mouthy kids will soon be soldiers serving it and they don't like people that have their eyes open, even part way.

Check out the age of these kids here on EP in I am a Communist group on EP and take a look at CPUSA on the web.wolf that will really open your eyes it did mine

My eyes are wide open, I go a lot of places on the web, some places the kids frequent I am routinely called a "christfag" nd told that I and my whole family ought to be shot because I am a Christian. Try, they are babies and they have the most vile mouths and hearts of anyone and they have been totally brainwashed by the public fool system to be completely stuck in that socialist atheist homo mindset, they have been taught a totally false history and they hate basically everything that is good and they want blood, these are just punks today but they will be armed young soldiers tomorrow, on patrol in America for gun confiscation and more.

The US gov't school system is modeled after old Prussian, Germany's system to mold and control an entire populace. It doesn't get much more nazi than that!!!!

nazi's reported that they learned about the craft of eugenics from the U.S.

Yes, America taught eugenics and more to the Nazis, this is a global operation and it always has been. It will be worse here than it was in Nazi Germany, we already have cops arbitrarily sticking their fingers in peoples butts "to look for marijuana" when people get pulled over "for tossing a cigarette butt out the window". Germany wouldn't even do that kind of thing out in the open. Those "searches" are not only TOTALLY illegal but even if they really were looking for pot, you dont find drugs by poking your finger a couple centimeter in someones booty or vag, if you really wanted to find drugs you would have to go to proctology level, this was all about the control of the system over us and setting the precedent for what is coming and simultaneously giving perks "that should fetch just the kind of lords/cops" the system wants to build a domination cadre over the public.

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Sorry sapphiresun but your comment was degrading to your species me and EP ... bye bye ... don't come back soon

What else do you expect from a feminist like that one.

Thank you for your responses ... much appreciated :)

I still think this will be the major push to
Disarm America. The best way for this to happen is to scare enough people over the safety of their kids at the sacrifice of a few.