Disgraced Martin Luther King

For 47 years the NAACP and Washington disgraced the dream of Martin Luther King. When his civil rights dream was used as a race or sex card. To get a better education or getting into college or a better job. These being based solely on color or sex. And not on merit. He did not intend it to be used as a free pass. He wanted whites black's women men to be judged on hard work in school and all that had the same grades to be considered equally.

Sadly this was not done. And I know this as fact. I worked hard all 12 years of my school life. I maintained high C's and high B's all 12 years. I scored high on my SAT test with more hard study. I got accepted to a college. My student aid got approved. I had my classes dorm even went through orientation. I had my bus ticket and was packed and ready to leave. Then with three short days to go I get a western union. Telling me I had lost my student aid. Because of the 1964 civil rights act. They had failed to meet the quantity of having enough black's or girls registered. And grade
Average and SAT score WOULD NOT BE USED OR CONSIDERED FOR ENTRY For fall 1969.

So instead of college I get drafted at 18 and shipped of to Vietnam. Only to serve 11 months only to be wounded and shipped home. This after I had already had 2 cousins and a brother killed in Vietnam.

So NAACP do you think Martin Luther King would be pleased. DO you think this was his dream. NO it
Was not. So you and Washington from 1964-2011 Martin Luther Kings
Dream and civil rights plan was disgraced.

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