Nra Your Wrong Pt. 2

NRA your leaders are making an *** out of themselves. What's the matter the kitchen getting to hot for you. Or is it the tide is ready to swamp your ***. Determined to keep those automatic and oversized clips. Which have nothing to do with hunting. Which is your main claim to even be around.

Now let's look at who you're blaming. First registered weapons laws aren't strict enough. But you have fought every state or city that has tried to get tougher gun laws.
Then you claim the government hasn't helped keep track of the mentally ill strict enough. Now you're trying to blame video games are you ******* kidding me. And don't leave out Hollywood movies which you say are at fault also. But I know one thing for a fact. I can't shoot anything or anyone with a game controller. And another fact is you fought every time someone even tried for stricter gun laws. So take your bullshit lies and hit the road. The American people's eyes are open. And also on to your bullshit tricks.

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ok first of all, they aren't going after automatic weapons... those have been banned since 1936 without a class 3 FFL. second, they aren't going after oversized clips. they are going after standard sized magazines. the magazines are in fact used for hunting coyote in many states across this country. What you as well as most of the uninformed public are missing, is that the 2nd ammendment has nothing to do with hunting. it was put in place to keep the government from disarming the public, and thus ensuring that the public will be able to defend ourselves from a tyranical government, which is what our government has become in the past 20 years. They are less and less about taking care of the needs of the citizens, and more and more about controlling the citizens. There will come a time when we, the people need to defend ourselves from our government, and I can guarantee you, there's no way we'll stand a chance against m-16's and m-4's with muskets and bolt action rifles. With AR-15's, which by the way are semi-automatic, meaning they fire one round per trigger pull, we have half a chance, at best.

Im very informed and you can get the Tommy gun today. Another school shooting today in St. LOUIS. how many more do you need.?

Thats true and we'll always have them. But NRA needs to face reality their big stuffing congressman pocket with cash days and buying VOTES IS OVER! Look at what NY. PASSED yesterday. The strictest gun laws in the history of our country. And the NRA cry babies can go to Congress all they want. States have control over local gun laws. Dire that should make them happy trying to fight that.

Dire don't kid yourself. Any government can ban firearms at anytime. And states hold more control over banned weapons.
Several States still don't have concealed carry yet.