Wake Up Seniors Damn It

It's time to stand up and be heard SENIORS! First we need to tell Mitch McConnell and Bonehead Booner and all their buddies to go to hell. Social Security is not their money. They do not have the power to hold it up or cut amount we get. That money is based on HOW MUCH YOU MAKE FOR A WEEKS PAY and is deduction is based on that! That is your money and mine not the government. Those bastards in Washington WORK FOR US and time we told them so has come due!

Second we can and need to file a class action LAWSUIT. If they ever fail to pay our SOCIAL SECURITY ON TIME we demand 10% interest per day for each day it's not paid! JUST AS THE IRS does if you tax money to them. SAME way with Medi Care that came from our paycheck as well.

Third we are the largest group right now. And time we started acting like it. Stop hiding like a chicken **** mouse. Get up off your *** and write and call these damn congressman and senators. We are the spending power in this country. Act like it. If we don't spend watch this economy drop. Wall street ain't ****. Stock certificate can't buy food.
Or anything else. It's not the right kind of paper.

Third it's time to let these business men know we're not taking their crap any longer either. If we can't get through their overstocked store with the **** in the way with our walker's and wheelchairs we will shop and eat where we can get through without knocking their crap on the floor. Now damn it SENIORS STAND UP AND BE HEARD! Stop being pushed aside like your nothing.

Written by snowlover13 sjs copyright claimed.

snowlover13 snowlover13
61-65, M
Jan 16, 2013