The Algerian Hostage Taking

As this story broke I was confused why such a large and important industrial complex had no security.  Here it is located in the middle of a desert you would think armed guards would be important.
     And now the story of how the islamists were able to take over that gas facility. There were armed guards ! When the terrorists came they fired some shots. The facility guards on hearing the shots, lay down their arms and locked themselves into the guard houses until everything was over.
   Now that is a dedicated mind set. Collect your pay weekly and the minute something happens that could result in you doing your job. Give Up!
   And why not we all watched the ongoing events. The terrorists didn't bother the local inhabitants; the attackers were only interested in foreigners.
   Obviously hiring local people as guards wasn't and isn't the answer.  All these hire-es want is a weekly paycheck with no responsibilities or work required.
   Lay down their arms and locked themselves in the guard rooms until it was over....
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Some times I feel that all these attacks are a part of one big movement.