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I handed in my W2s and I had a talk with my tax accountant about the "mandatory" health insurance our president says ... to make it so... if not...the goverment is going to fine, spank you for being too poor.

Ok, i'll admit, I am a layman on poltics. Most of the time when I listen to the news.. I get even more confused at the logic of all these laws going into affect. anyways... back to health insurance...

If I can not prove I have health insurance when I file in 2016 I will be fined 700.00 dollars. OMG! I've looked into insurance and it would cost me around 200.00 a month, which... you can't get blood out of a turnip! So.... At the end of the year from now on.... Uncle Sam will steal more money from me, punish me for not making 50,000 a year. Heck, I'd be happy if I hit 15,000 a year and I work 50 hrs a week!! So, screw it, take my return income tax money and I hope you choke on it!!!!

Between the cost of gas..just getting to work, food prices going sky high, power companies wanting more.... Well... America, you are killing me!!!! Is that the plan? Who will serve the all mighty? Will slavery begin again?

The land of the free sure is costing alot!!
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However, we have to pay to keep those that break the law alive in prison we even have to pay for their sex change operations.

We have to pay for medical care for those that have no right to be here in this country just like we have to pay for their education in school, and we have to hire teachers who speak their language.

yeah buddy! there is got to be another way to feed our goverment, they are the ones who got us.. people of the USA in debt... i didn't rack up debts, I live in my means, I didn't borrow any money, I don't steal from my goverment, they do, steal from me... my Social Security demanded money each week..that I may not have in another..10yrs...blah blah blah....... Helloooo anyone out there?

I agree why do we give so much money to places in the world that hate us.

Why do we have to support those who choice not to work?

Why do we give tax breaks to corporation that take jobs over seas?

When I was a kid if a child you, and the boy supported that child now they are on welfare and get free medical.

welfare to be gone and you work in nursing home of VA
why do we pay more to keep bad guys in jail then we pay to take care of the elderly.

We need to stat telling the truth of the money and things attached to social secruirt

Why does a child get free medical if the mother used drugs and drank while carrying the child?

Why do we allow others to draw off SS, even if they are using a different name,
but they have stolen a number,
I have busted my rear sense, I was 8 years old only to learn I have been little nothing left as someone has draw what I paid in for thirty years and the goverment say it is not a crime as they did not use my name?

I try to believe we are the greatest country in the world, we should`nt but we give $$$$$$$$$$$$$ away every year to countries that don`t even like us. SO ! why can`t we take care of our own. maybe they have a relative that died for their country maybe not. I am against taking care of all the illegals though.

yes! we need to "Care" for our own! It would solve alot of money flow problems. Sure, if there is extra.. give it away but there is not!

Then we need to take care of our own first.

And why should tax payers pay all of your medical bills at the community hospital when you get sick or hurt. That's $2400 a year and that wouldn't cover one emergency room trip.

no one pays for my health care, it's cash on the spot. if i had what was needed, health care plan, insurance... I would go care for myself, i don't get sick often... i would be paying 2,400yrly..that i don't have... for nothing. so... the goverment can take my ...over-paid taxes please do!...still, if they need more money in the system... start filtering the welfare cases! i clean for one, i know many "users" of the healthcare programs. ...there is got to be a better way to ..."collect"...

Sorry but you're one in 10,000 and that's why healthcare at hospital is so high. To make up for the ones that don't pay. Our community hospital is on the verge of bankruptcy.

I think of all the single unskilled yet working parents,What is affordable insurance to them?
Feed the kids or pay insurance?Pay for housing or pay for insurance?

borrow from Peter to pay Paul, i guess.
as you can see I am far from well informed about poltics, I just know... everyone is telling me... more money..I want more money.... So... we all work harder, longer... till the day we die! Such BS! I see a related group aside of this story.... "I wonder if America cares about us"..... My reply... NOPE.