Obama And Martin Luther King Jr.

So Ozbamas special day happens To fall on MLK day.Please be careful when comparing these two men.MLK was a great Man who wanted a freer America!A brave leader who knew His life was always on the line and paid the ultimate price for his vision.
Our president on the other hand would rather take more of Our freedoms away
and hide behind blame of others for his failures.
The1960texan The1960texan
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Amen! If we do not fight for our rights and freedoms they will be slowly and painfully confiscated from us 1 by 1. Look @ the TSA. Now look @ all this gun control crap.

Thank You!

Himneland?Mmmm I don't think Himeland said it was ok to send a droid after Any one the president wants too!

What would YOU have done after 9/11? Got out a ruler and slapped a hand?

Yes and would not be happy with how his
Civil rights plan is being used.