The Bar Association is Law By the Corrupt Crown Of London ... Obama Was Illegally signed in to day and Is not working one Iota for the poeple .... he continues to work for the Corporations ... he has not been signed in by any one lawful.

TOPPT on the otherhand Get my vote They are working for the people and I will not recognise Obama as any ones President.

Obama was sworn in yesterday in a private ceremony. The public ceremony takes place today; but is he really the president? Certainly he is NOT president of the Republic, the nation created by the forefathers as a public trust guaranteed by the Constitution and the honored Bill of Rights. In fact, under that Constitution, he is not even qualified to be president. For that matter, under the early 13th Amendment, most of those holding public office in the Federal government are not qualified to hold public office for one very important reason: they are BAR certified attorneys.

Attorneys hold a sworn allegiance to a foreign power: the BAR, or British Accredited Registry. Their allegiance is to the Crown (City of London), which is an international banking cabal aligned with the Vatican Bank; and the District of Columbia is the third city state that operates the international conspiracy they call "The New World Order." It's all a scam to either awaken or enslave the people of the world, depending on your perspective.

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I can't wait until school starts teaching how to think and form opinions on our own and invent something like an internet or something so we can easily verify things and such and such!!!!

First off, I'm no fan of obama. He's the worst thing to happen to the US since Jimmy Carter. In my opinion, the only good thing Obama has done is allow Jimmy Carter to die knowing he was no longer the worst POTUS in US history.

1. The BAR association has nothing to do with any kind of allegience to a foreign power. It is a professional organization like the AMA. It is not a foreign body, and lawyers do not swear allegience to any foreign power to join. It is completely voluntary. (source: ask any lawyer)
2. No he wasnt "signed" in. He was SWORN in. By the Chief Justice of the USSC. Who according the the US Constitution does indeed have the authority to swear him in.
3. There is nothing in the US Constitution that prevents members of the Bar from holding elected office.
4. TOPPT? Define please.

And just a personal observation (opinion, whatever) but if you want to be taken a bit more seriously, learn some basic grammar, punctuation and proper capitalization. And occasional typo or spelling mistake is no big deal, but if you want people to pay attention, you have to at least sound intelligent and/or educated.


The beauty of this country is even the insane have a right to an opinion. Just because he's paranoid does not mean they are not out to get him. What he dosen't know is it's not the government , But his own mental demons. PLUS , I enjoy a good conspiracy theory now and then... And he is right about one thing. All our leaders - Dems & GOP - Are bought and paid for by Corperations.

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