How Congress Raised Payroll Taxes

It continues to amaze me how Congress blindsided American taxpayers with misinformation and misdirection. Both the Democrats and Republicans planned for and knew the end result in the ending throes of the last Congress. By pointing fingers. one at the other, and misdirecting the accusations towards taxing the super wealthy they accused one another of tax increases on the 1%. . Neither republicans nor democrats ever mentioned the increase that the other 99% would be paying starting January. But we sure are paying it now and amazingly the 99% haven't uttered one word of complaint while once again politicians rape their paychecks to fund their fake charities and non-profit boondoggles.
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1 Response Jan 24, 2013

No they did not. You never got a tax cut. You just weren't paying the social security which didn't have the money to lose to start with. If they wanted to stop something why didn't they stop the federal tax deduction!