I Think George Zimmerman Didn't Do Wrong (another update)

Warning Warning! This is my opinon and only my opinon and have no scientific proof to back anything up.
I posted this to I Am American because this is a story I feel should scare every person in this country of ours.
When that whole horrible shooting happened, if you recall the DA and the police department investigating the scene found no fault with George and found he acted as needed. They let him go. Well guess what, because of racial and political pressure he is now being tried as a murderer because he defended his own life. I bring this up because I feel like this like so many times in history this has happend. Going back to Christ who was brought before Pilate on charges that he was innocent of. And well the people threatend to riot and cause problems and Pilate backed down and handed them Christ. We ll guess what? Does this seem to be the same scenario? No I'm not saying Zimmerman is Christ like or anything like that. But the whole civil unrest thing. My biggest fear is that they are going to sentence him because of the racial tensions. Do you think We would have heard a bout this if is was black on white crime? black on black crime? white on white crime? Hell no.
And!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our wonderful president needs to keep his 2 cents out of this too. Him chiming in does help matters at all.
Now with that being said. He signed an agreement not to carry a gun yet he did. So he can be held in a civil lawsuit. And that I agree with should go to court.

It's just so sad to me to see so much racial dividing that still happens in our country today.

I just hope his verdict is fair and without any political or racial influence.

I am so discusted right now by peoples behavior right now i want to throw up. I feel so bad for the jury and I hope they never expose them. This is what the system was intended to do! Innocent until proved guilty! Don't you think that jury of 6 women would have thrown the book at him had they found one ounce of evidence against him??? I wouldn't be angry if they had convicted him and I am not happy he was found not guilty. It is what it is you all. Get over it. George was not a racist and you all made him out to be and again our wonderful medai has turned this into a very very ugly thing.  A man shot a child. that is what happened. The NAACP wasn't rioting when OJ was set free.............. I'm just saying...................
STOP THIS HATE AND BULLSHIT! We are ONE nation and MOST of us are sick and tired of the damned race card and just want to get on with life and love one another equally. This is another case why we will ALWAYS fail in the country to be racially equal. We do it to ourselves.
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Well if the race card was not played upon people in the first place then it couldn't be used now... now could it. People, I have noticed that when you act like a bad situation isn't happening is when the situation gets worse.
If you keep saying it is alright for this stuff to happen to everyone else... Then one day you look up and it happening to you and your kind. So do not yell or holler when it happens to you and yours. Just sit and take it just like you ask everyone else to do. And, Love usually does not happen in a hate situation. Sorry but that could take a couple of centuries. We do not have that kind of time anymore. The world is watching America closely and has been doing so for quite awhile.
Hugs, LW

Zimmerman attacked everyone. Not even a good six months after he murdered that kid he was cited for abuse of a girlfriend, ex-wife and her father with a gun... If he had been put in jail for the crime we know he did then they would never have had to fear for their lives.
A lie is usually brought out into the open when everyone involved tries to hide it, call it something else or stand in the way of truth or justice. I hope he scared all the other liars to death. They all got what they deserved. And, the American Justice system was made to look really foolish, backward, old and totally thru with truth and justice.
Hugs, LW

yep that damn race card being used!!I I had that card used on me!

last time someone tired !

I told them! i knew that was coming!!! i could see it!

bring it on! because it isn't going to work for you!

This part of the reason we will never have a true racially deversified nation. The other reason I believe is our government really doesn't want it. But that's another story for another time!!

yea iv had that race card used on memore often then most whites because Im whiter then most white people, very blonde light skin, sparkling blue eyes!

so if ur white with dark hair that card isn't used on u as often as some one who looks Nordic !

its as as if the whiter you look they automatically think ur racist ! I hate that!!

I tell you what. I have many friends that are black. And I have to tell them the shut the eff up because I get tired of hearing THEIR racist remarks against the whites. It's a two way street and most don't realize that.

May I ask some personal questions ?

Additional comment: Not sure if y'all heard in the last two weeks or so, two young black men randomly beat and killed an 80 year old war veteran? I think it was in the North West. Funny how there is no comment from the black leadership on how this should not be tolerated...and another example why people do fear young black men. I think when you are walking on a street, you get a feel for whether a group are going to cause trouble or not cause worry regardless of race.

Well said! I agree!

Okay I just got an update to a story about a "white" kid that was beaten up badly by 3 "black" kids. So........................... God ahead and chime in Jackson, Sharton, Jay Z, NAACP. Well?????? Where you guys at? Do you think if it was 3 white kids beating up a black kid, the media would have their heads on a silver platter?
Here is the Link: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/08/13/father-florida-school-bus-beating-attack-says-son-is-sorry/
I bring this up because we as a nation have such double standards. And it's being fed on by so many entities.

What a horrible beating they gave that kid! Now for that matter,where is Obama and Holder?! Nothing to say?It dont fit in with the type of hate they
want to spread? The truth is race should not be the issue here no more than it should have been in the Zimmerman case! Hate knows how to spread itself around with out the help of so called leaders!

well the point I\'m making is what\'s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Been sitting here stewing on this awhile..those 3 would have done the same thing to a black kid!They are drug dealers sending out a message about what happens to snitches! Still,it would have only made the local news had it not been a white kid!

True. Very true.

Oh I agree!

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You can easily tell that the Achilles heel for liberalism/progressivism will always be hypocrisy. I just read that some time ago, three black kids almost beat up to death a white kid on a school bus. The kid will be alright but the three black students are being charged with aggravated assault. When you hear news like this or when an African American was murdered by another African American, which unfortunately happens daily, it is always on your local news or on some internet website. But if a black man is assaulted or killed by a white man, it somehow makes the national news with Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton right in front of the cameras. But with the incidents I mentioned earlier, they are nowhere to be found.

I couldn\'t agree more. Welcome to racist media.

You are absolutely correct, no one gives two ***** about black on black crime which happens DAILY in Detriot, Chicago, South Central LA, DC, etc. They constantly kill each other and it never makes the news and is never addressed. Only potential racially motivated crime is reported.

Ya know?In my younger less wiser days id have gone fist to cuff with just about any one.These days,Im gonna try 100% to walk away.If I see I cant,that this person just wants to hurt Me no matter what. Im going to use any means I have to to not get hurt.
I dont heal up so easy these days. Still OMG! the thought of having to shoot some one...well it gives Me the Willies.Id hate to have to live with it.Lets put Our selves in Georges shoes!

Oh I agree. I have a lot of friends that are cops and the ones that have used their guns are kind of messed up about it......

Tex.. I understand your personal issue but...At our age, wouldn\'t it be wiser for folks like you and I to be at the forefront and take action rather than leave the chore to those behind us...meaning the youngsters?... We\'ve a short length of time on this planet and if my actions can negate the actions of someone a generation or two behind me, my choice will have been well made. Molon Labe!

Personal Issues Williemcd? Elaborate please.

Thank You Mistress Bushwah for correcting My use of grammar and spelling.I know You only have My best interest at heart.
Still,I am amazed that You have such hate toward Zimmerman.
Oh wait,I get it.He is not proud that He killed some one!

Yea,where is Dorthy when You need Her?

Well,I kinda want to get a few flying monkeys from Her 1st!

Texan. Your gf bushwah is back.

Keep control of your woman Texan!!!! I know she\'s hot and all.... keep her conservative attitude at bay too!!!

tex.. I was referring to you saying you\'d have the \"willy\'s\" if you had to shoot someone in defense. While agreeing wid ya, I\'d rather it be an old fart like me carrying that burden, than someone with a lot more years ahead of them than me! (Plus, what\'s up with the insertion by EP of a back slash when an apostrophe is used? i.e. ) Bushy....could you spell/grammar check my post too?

Naaa.She such a free evil spirit ,thats what I like about Her! oops I did not mean the evil part! OMG! 50 lashes now!

Got Ya williemcd!

I looked that up.My use of the term wasn\'t wrong.I will admit Im the only I know of who still uses it.

I\'ve used it too brotha

IIRC.. bushy was posting on a \"I hate EP bullies\" thread about miss-treatment she received no less! I\'m at the point where I\'m beyond pity for her as those who need help need to come to the realization that they need help..... till that realization comes, they are beyond hope or help.

there is no such word as aint,no such word as aright. Plum is a fruit or involves pipes.It aint plum over yonder! When i write i say \"cant\" when I speak I say caint. So,aright ma English is Texican,If Ah was to go plum to New York city to speak to a crowd of folks,I wouldnt change a thing about how i talk. Oh yea Ah know them there 5 dollar words,but i figure they\'re a plum waste of time and breath useing them.

tex i was raised by southerners ( i was not born in the south ) so therefore i speak with somewhat of a southern accent ,people correct me often, even my son!

Another thing Bushwah,when I was a Kid in school many of my teachers thought I was a bit slow.That is until one teacher took Me aside and talked to Me,asked Me a lot of questions and gave Me a test.You know what She figured out? This boy isn\'t slow at all! He\'s bored to death! Got moved up a grade.

You know, if you dont feed the trolls, they eventually go away.

Some are known to go for years without food!

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makes me wanna move to florida and buy a 30/30

He dident

Both did wrong
That Is all


That\'s what I keep saying! That is for saying that.

And I believe we would hear about this if it was black on white because again, it was two of the \"mainly talked about\" races (pfft media) going at each other

You got that right.

Oh no She found You again!

Yeah. I think Bushwah is officially my stalker now!

I think she's MY stalker... There is a relatively new group out there titled something like EP Bullies.... Need another one titled "Distasteful People"...Bushy would head the list!

Too Late!!!! She stalked me first!!!

Her and I go back months! I've since blocked her which makes 2 on my blocked list!

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Okay what happened to fighting your problems out!! I am from Roxbury Ma, and I was always taught that when you have a problem you fight it out!!! Statistically it is not working but as for me I will fight before is kill somebody!! Cause fighting is way Better than murder cause u see another day!! Even if your enemy has a black eye... Everyone lives another day!! Seemed like George was a bit scared of this young black man!!!

The "Stand Your Ground" law is wrong. It allows anyone to say they felt threatened therefore they had to kill someone. The law should be repealed in every state.

I agree!

The "Stand Your Ground Law" had nothing to do with the whole George Zimmerman case. Not once did the defense of the prosecution mention SYG in the trial. Zimmerman's head was being pounded to the ground by Martin and he had no choice but to shoot while he was pinned. If that's not trying to save your own life, I don't know what is.

Andie obviously hasnt got a clue what the SYG laws say.

\"Zimmerman\'s head was being pounded to the ground by Martin\"

Not. ONE. Single. News. Article. Mentioned that. AT ALL. Where the **** did you get that bullshit?

So andi?We should just lay down and take a beating?

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Folks.. we've one person on here that I and others consider dangerous to others as well as himself. Look up MC19 and his confessions... I've contacted EP support for a plea to get help for this individual. I'd encourage ya'll to do the same..

I looked at his profile williem, scary.

Ill do that!

Well i dont even know who He is and Im blocked by Him....

Should have said savings not sacings sorry about that

Amen. It was a terrible thing that kid was killed. No one can dispute this. I don 't care what color,race,sex he was a kid was cut down before he had a chance to grow up and be a productive member of his community. That the shame here people. But on the other hand if he turned out to be useless burden on us stuck in the system for life, well than thanks George for saving us all that tax money to support him for the rest of his life. So on one hand its ashame the other its a savings. Can t get any easier to understand than that.

I think we all agree it was an avoidable tragedy!

funny reading your update. wow, so true. a friend of mine got mad at me today about the Zimmerman verdict. All I said to him, was that it didn't need to happen( Treyvon getting shot), and why didn't Treyvon go inside the apartment when he had a chance. Zimmerman lost sight of him for over 10 minutes. Plenty of time to duck in the apartment. Now I am accused of being a racist? That I can't see the world through black eyes. True enough, I can't see what Treyvon was thinking, but it sure wasn't "I need to lose this dude and get my *** home"

he was returning to his truck when Treyvon steped out from behind some bushes and confronted him. But, yes, he should have gotten back in his truck sooner. Believe me, Zimmerman is not innocent. All I am saying is they both were to blame. Either one of them could have prevented this with a little common sense.

I agree abigguy4u common sense and a little less macho man could have prevented this.

Given all the media pressure regarding the Zimmerman trial, the real heroes in this situation are the juror's that stood tall in a court, under siege and beset by public pressure and letting the rule of law prevail so that the justice of evidence could be presented. Despite the intimidation by our government and the threats by the likes of the NAACP and other black leaders to incite racial actions...I believe that Dr king would applaud these six lady jurors also..
With talk of the DOJ filing Civil Rights Violation charges, The Obama/Holder disgrace team has no grounds, there was no civil rights violations as verified by a completed DOJ/FBI investigation regarding race. Their published conclusion was: "there is no evidence of racial bias nor animus in this case". However, there are grounds to disbar the DA for falsifying evidence, withholding evidence and misleading the court.
I would like to give the jury a standing ovation for their courage.

cargan can you send us a link with her actually saying this?

Good Morning America TRIED to spin it that way... with Juror b29. However, that juror did say she felt GZ got away with murder but couldn't convict based upon evidence. http://necolebitchie.com/2013/07/25/juror-b29-george-zimmerman-got-away-with-murder/

proof's in the pudding.. but. I suspect that if it came from msnbc, it was paraphrased and not an actual quote. Anyone wanna bet?

Please find the link.. msnbc posts everything if ya wanna substantiate your statement... otherwise don't make em!

MSNBC=truth!!! Yeah right.

Lol! Come on! Share it with us!

HG.. typical tactic of the left.. when found to be full of $hit, "they tuck the tails betwix the legs and scurry off into the underbrush"... (Kinda fun exposing libertards hey?)...

Willie....this is what I read also...that she felt like she needed to convict him, but there was no evidence to support her feelings. They were instructed to follow the evidence, not there feelings.
I feel so bad for everyone involved, it is a no win situation.

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Well said. I'm sorry someone had to die. I was seventeen once. And I can tell you I would have been very, very upset if you dared refer to me as a child. My point is, Martin had every opportunity to back down and flee the premises. Instead, his testosterone, or arrogance caused him to stand toe-to-toe with a stranger. We will never know who really threw the first punch. We only have Zimmerman's deposition. But when punches start flying... does even the most rational male think...

"oh.. maybe I'm hurting him...I should let him up and we'll forget the whole thing..."

I think not.

Vip.. you are clueless about what happened aren't you. The dispatcher did NOT tell him to stop following him... She did suggest that "There is no need for you to do that".... 15 minutes later, Trayvon told his G/F that he was in his father's backyard but then chose to retrace his steps 100 yards and confront Zim. Think things through before you post and folks won't think your so ignorant!

This is for HikingGuy & The1960Texan.


Click on that link.

When you get there, click on the link that says 'All Case Records Search'

Last name: Zimmerman
First name: George
Middle name: Michael

Correct spelling and make sure to add middle name.

Then where it says Case Status, select the bubble that says 'closed'.

And Walah! No Hiking, I'm sorry... MSNBC is not my news source. I thought with what you have gleaned so far off of my inputs anywhere on here, that you would know better than to make such an asinine 'suggestion' as to my source of info. But oh well, doesn't matter.

You will find in your search results:

Case Number: 2005-CF-009525-A-O
Style/Defendant Info: ZIMMERMAN, GEORGE MICHAEL 10/05/1983
Filed/Location/Judicial Officer: 07/18/2005 - Div 10 - OKane, Julie H
Type/Status: Criminal Felony - Closed

Then again as a misdemeanor from ANOTHER officer - resisting arrest without violence. ON the same day.

No like I said. I'm not going to argue this.but this **** happens in lots and lots of cases and now it's gone from racism to a witch hunt. I hope you can see where I am coming from. And you have read my writings' I never claimed he was a nice guy. I was just stating that this trial we had him guilty before the damned thing even started. The jury did their job. Done.

When I saw the up-to-date pics of both parties involved and how one of the calls had been deliberately edited on the news, I dropped out of the race hysteria. That was a long time ago. I have stayed out of all of the debate until now. As far as the 'witch hunt' well that is going on from both sides. People are trying to bring up things about Trayvon that are irrelevant to the case - like drug use. I compared that to how irrelevant Zimmerman's cousin's allegations about being molested were to the case as well. She also brought up race, but just because I mentioned that it doesn't mean I am in the race debacle. All I did was try to show that it isn't wise to try and damage someone's character. If you have your biases, explain them instead of trying to justify them. I'm not directing that at you specifically, just in general.

As far as violence - that is relevant for both sides. I find it odd that Zimmerman only used violence with the female officer, and not the male. Contrasting that with what his former fiance said about their domestic disputes, I think I am being fair in my feelings of discontent. I could also throw his cousin in this on the female aspect, but this doesn't show violence, which is moot as much as I hate it.

lynlyn, I bet you havent done the same search on Martin, and found out he was not just an innocent kid.

Yeah I have, but I find it funny that Zimmerman's gets overlooked. He is looked at as some super hero vigilante. I stand by my points that neighborhood watch training instructions should not be overlooked and dismissed, whether volunteer or not. I stand by my demonstrable assertions that everyone is biased, and even while criticizing some media, they are still partakers of confirmation bias to their own liking. I stand by my experience as a trained and licensed security under federal and state, that all bullshit aside, this needs to be cleaned up. If not for the TM vs GZ case, then for all future ones. I make no bones about it.

I also stand by my analysis that all majority diagnosis of the problem of race relations in this country are futile. This did not take us 75 years back, as someone suggested. Seriously, be practical. Look 75 years back and it is simple to see how much of a shot in the dark this is. I stand by the observable reality that most people do not want to engage our problems and mitigate them. They are more comfortable with pointing - all of them - and you and others alike are not disassociated from this.

There is a fear of education. Education is the answer.

Why ,thank You for including Me in this comment! I found it very well written and a little less disassociated.However I must inform You that by My final analysis George Zimmerman was not found guilty and after that it became a racial issue.The flames of hate being fanned by Obama,Sharpton,and Jackson.

Briang - True. One sided like this whole thing has gone.

Again Texan doesn't baffle us with BS, but speaks the truth! Thanks my Texas brother!


Lyn I looked it up.Seems it happened many years ago and the charges were dropped.

Yes I know by final analysis Zim wasn't found guilty. I won't even fallaciously compare this to OJ... I have only hit on the aspect of the neighborhood watch training manual as far as the case, and I know the case is already over. That still doesn't mean that I have to agree with the neighborhood watch training being so loosely adhered to and that being excused. I think that should change now... The other stuff I brought up as far as race relations has to do with Hiking's closing statements in the initial entry, and not so much with the case at all.

I know these incidents happened years ago, Texan. Still I saw people bringing up irrelevant stuff about Trayvon. The point is, it wouldn't matter if Trayvon had shown retribution for any of his past or had it wiped clean the way Zim did - it would still be considered against him as a judge of character. If not by the legal system, then by society. There is no escaping that. Zim likewise has a past of being hot headed and confrontational, which does leak over into his judgement of having little regard for his training. Can he be found guilty? No, and that is why I'll continue to push for such protocols to demand some responsibility, because if they had been Zim would never have done that. He would have remembered signing something that said he could be responsible for negligence and stayed put. I thought it was rather insensitive to try and bring up possible drug use in Trayvon's past and two can play that game. I can bring up Zim's ****** past as well, and as demonstrated here, people didn't like it too much did they...

Just like there are people on Trayvon's side that don't know their facts, there are also people on Zim's side that don't know jack squat... verses people for either side that actually do have some facts. I am tired of seeing idiots saying 'shoot a cracker' and likewise tired of seeing idiots say 'zimmerman party over at such and such place wear a hoodie and get shot'.. and calling Trayvon the lowest low life to exist. Nevermind child molesters, rapists, bombers, serial killers, mass shooters, drunk drivers, ... no.. Trayvon is the lowest low life. What? Bs. Just don't act like it's not on both sides is all... not you personally but I'm just saying.

Lyn I know you look down on me like I'm some sort of closed minded idiot. But I am not. I like to look at sides of issues. This is why I bring these things up. And perhaps my vocabulary isn't quiet to your standards, but you shouldn't lay judgment on me or my moral character. People don't understand who I am and where I'm from. But let's just say I understand more than you will realize. As I wrote in the story, I am neither happy OE sad George got off. It is what it is. I am also not defending him or his character. I don't know him. I guess my main beef is I wish we could all just grow IP a little and accept what the jurors said. I am deeply saddened that a young man is dead. But this should be a lesson to all of us that perhaps we need it be a little more kind to one another.

HG.. .don't laud platitudes on Lyn not deserved. Run her crap through a grammar check and you'll note she's as dumb as a box of rocks.

Williemcd, it would serve you well to mind your business. What you did is called poisoning the well. You had nothing credible to say at all. Whoever says it isn't what matters, it's what they say that does. I didn't respond to Hiking's last comment because I don't feel that way about him. I don't see where I made any moral judgements, and specifically said "in general" to avoid those assumptions. A big part of the problems between disagreements among the populace of our society is one of communication, and this can be even more difficult to accomplish on the internet. No one needed your bullshit really. I really don't care about empty words with no relevant point whatsoever to be found. It's just mute air flying out of your mouth. Blah blah blah :)

Lyn.. If YOU'D done your homework, all that needed to be stated was stated and confirmed.. by me and others. Your two bit contribution, where you assert "everyone is biased" is yet nothing but projection upon your part. Feel free to admit your bias, but please get off your freaking throne and stop judging the hearts and character of others.

When I said everyone I was talking about both sides of the 'debate'. Even later I basically reiterated this, saying there are people on both sides that don't know their facts. My comment to one specific person saying 'you and others alike' was about him specifically, and I explained WHY I brought up Zim's record. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what I am saying if they read it all. That's ALL it meant. Nice job cherry picking my comments.

Lyn,, You really ought to get your husband, the attorney, to edit your posts then.

Or try phonics.

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Good Morning !

I'd like to add an observation about our discussion here and how we are writing. .... Has anyone else noticed that when we mention "George Zimmerman" most of us are calling him "Zimmerman" however, when we mention "Trayvon Martin" we are calling him "Trayvon" ???
But have you thought about why?
Why not use "George" and "Trayvon" or "Martin" and "Zimmerman"?

I think we've fallen in to the media's trap.
"Trayvon" is more familiar, friendlier. "Zimmerman" sounds pointed and formal.
"Good ole' Trayvon the innocent boy." "Mean racist ZIMMERMAN the murderer."

Whoa!!! I think I've done that too! Yikes!

I going to add Something New to all this... After watching an after-verdict interview (with the young black girl who was on the phone with Trayvon on the night it happened) I think I heard her say something that tells what may have happened.

Trayvon told her he was being followed by a "Creepy Cracker." She told him to RUN from him. Obviously Trayvon did not, in fact he tried to hide and surprise George.
WHY? .... My wild assed guess is because Trayvon thought the "Creepy Cracker" was a GAY PERVERT!!! I'll bet that Trayvon THOUGHT he was gonna get the queer dude and beat the snot out of him. This makes for a reasonable explanation of how the face to face confrontation started and why Trayvon probably did toss the first punch.

This Is Totally speculative of course, but plausible for a young invincible feeling tough guy teen to do. White, Black, Hispanic, Vietnamese, and other GANGS just love to beat up gays... it just doesn't get reported except maybe another uninteresting episode of "gang violence".... unless some sort of "Racist Hate Crime" spin can be attached to it.

Why haven't you heard this?? Hmmm? Because the entire Liberal Left, the Race Baiters, & the Hate Mongers would have to Admit that Trayvon was a Gay Basher and that the reason he hit George is because he hated Gays! ...... THAT would be BAD! ......

Can't have one Liberal Group Hating on another Liberal Group. IT might happen all the time, but they can't get any money or attention out of it or make huge agendas by blaming one of their Own.

Feel Free to argue my point, I'm tired and I really haven't written with the clarity I was thinking about it with originally ... I enjoy a good intelligent dialog, I await your thoughts.

One liberal group fighting against another? The world would inplode!!!!

makes a lot more sense than the race card the prosecutor was throwing around. Fact is Zimmerman's best friend and business partner is black. George did not have a problem except when it came to young men walking and running when they saw him, in the middle of the night. Again, I think it is tragic, and should never have happened, but it did.

...The problem with your comment is that is IS about race, whether YOU like it or not. That's not something we're doing or the media is doing. It's a fact.

no no no. I totally agree with you and that's why I am writing this. I needs to stop. It really does.

No, you do not agree with me. If you agreed with me, you'd think Zimmerman needs to be either in prison or in an insane asylum right now.

ah. gotcha

mc19, if its about race, how come the prosecution specifically said it was not about race?
Its only about race to people who dont care about facts.

...Do you even know what a lawyer is, briang315?

I suggest you kill yourself as soon as possible.

LOL, great intelligence there.
Cant argue so "kill yourself"
Oh, and do you know what "the prosecution" is?
There is no evidence of this incident being racially motivated. At least not on Zimmermans side. On Martins side however, even his gf said it was about race when she told the world that Martin had referred to Zimmerman as a "white cracker".

...When the **** do you ever get EVIDENCE of a motive? Are you that ******* stupid?

Mc19. Not called for that remark. Stop the hate. Don't you see a pattern here? Don't you think this kind of talked what ended Trayvons life?

Cant argue the facts, so you attack.
Martins gf saying that he referred to Zimmerman as a "white cracker" is evidence that Martin was the racist.
Evidence that this whole thing may have been motivated by Martin being a racist.
Real simple.
For thinking people.

No, HikingGuy, I think IDIOCY like the kind briang is demonstrating right now ended Trayvon's life. I also think every single person with an IQ below 100 needs to die as soon as possible.

Mc19. Please be nice OE go away

This is Experience Project, not Niceness Project.

Fair enough mc19.

Hiking Guy
Like many of the mentally limited, MC attacks and insults because he cant argue the facts.
Notice he didnt even try to refute that the only evidence of racism in the entire case showed Martin to be the racist?

The refutation is in the ******* post itself. I'd be repeating what you said to refute your own ******* claim. Clearly you'd be too stupid to comprehend my refutation if you're the one who posted it in the first place.

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The sad part about this case is that it has set race relations back 75 yrs. This is not about white (Hispanic) vs black. never was. It is about a young man (17 going on 18) who got killed for no logical reason. Treyvon had his life in his hands, he could have stayed home that night instead of wondering the streets. His father should have kept his *** home. There was an epidemic of breakin's in the apartment complex. George (wrongly) felt he needed to do something about it. They suspected some teens. He sees a teen wondering the complex at night, in the rain. he followed, first by truck, then on foot. This lead to a confrontation. why? I have no idea. I would have run home as fast as I could, ?Treyvon...nope he confronted the man. End of story! or it should have been.
Now we have blacks looking for whites to kill. If zimmerman were found guilty, what do you thing would have happened.
I can tell you for a fact (remember OJ), The same people rioting today would have rioted. they are just looking for a reason to riot, and the media is giving it to them.
This whole thing makes me very sad.
Trust the system.

Thanks bro! Well written!

Yeah. Eff the law! We know he is guilty! Right?

I found out after the trail the father did not even report him missing until 8:30 the next morning. This after he was shot at 7:15 or so the night before. What is up with that? No wonder the poor kid was screwed up with parenting like that in his life.

This is what we need to look at. It all starts at home. I heard this before many times.

I going to add Something New to all this... After watching an after-verdict interview (with the young black girl who was on the phone with Trayvon on the night it happened) I think I heard her say what May Have Happened.
Trayvon told her he was being followed by a "Creepy Cracker." She told him to RUN from him. Obviously Trayvon did not.
WHY? .... My wild assed guess is because Trayvon thought the "Creepy Cracker" was a GAY PERVERT!!! I'll bet that Trayvon thought he was gonna get the queer dude and beat the snot out of him. This makes for a reasonable explanation of of how the face to face confrontation started and why Trayvon probably tossed the first punch. Totally speculative of course, but plausible for a young "invincible" teen to do.
Why haven't you heard this?? Hmmm? Because the Liberal Left & the Race Baiter Hate Mongers would have to Admit that Trayvon was a Gay Basher and that the reason he hit George is because he hated Gays!
THAT would be BAD! Can't have one Liberal Group Hating on another Liberal Group. IT might happen all the time, but they can't get any money or attention out of it or make huge agendas by blaming one of their Own.
Feel Free to argue my point, I'm tired and I really haven't written with the clarity I was thinking about it with originally ... I enjoy a good intelligent dialog, I await your thoughts.

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another link on the codeine issue.


The Judge denied several motions to bring up unnecessary speculations that only served for the sake of trying to damage Trayvon’s reputation instead of being relevant to the case. The fact that you (anyone) are trying to bring it up shows that yes you have just as much bias on the case as most everyone else on either side. I do not care if Zim was an alcoholic, a weed smoker, a codeine drinker, or any of that – as long as he wasn’t under influence at the time of it happening – because 1) he was behind the wheel, and 2) he had a gun. What IS relevant though, is Zim’s past of resisting (a physical altercation with police) OFFICERS of the LAW who were questioning his friend about his age and alcohol possession. This is notable because Zimmermann acts like he is sooo concerned about inner city youth and what have you – yet was around underage drinking and condoning it… He wasn’t disassociating himself, no. He was defending them and resisting the law. He probably got it dropped through Drug Court, a certain program one can appeal to and ask to go into to lessen charges. His former fiancé also got a restraining order on him for domestic violence. And what about his cousin? She claims he molested her as a child. That’s irrelevant to the case, just like Trayvon’s potential drug use – neither of these two things in particular can incriminate either one of them. But his cousin also said she knows he is a very confrontational person, doesn’t like black people, and begged them to get character reports from other people because what she said would show true. That’s Zim’s own relative… Now I’m not focusing on race in the issue. There’s enough people doing that already. But anyway.

Where did you find all these facts about Zimmerman?

yeah Texan. I have never ever heard this? Another MSNBC story?

I have friends all over the US who have been sending me links.

Can you send me some links?

She said she eventually told her sister about her encounters with Zimmerman. The sister then told their parents.

The alleged victim said she and her parents tried to discuss the abuse with Zimmerman at a Lake Mary, Fla., restaurant in 2005. "He said, 'I'm sorry' and just got up and walked out."


Dubbed “witness 9,” the woman is 26, lives in Central Florida, and — like most other witnesses in the case — her name was not released. She called investigators several days after the shooting of Trayvon Martin to say that Zimmerman and his family were racists who disliked blacks. The evidence released Monday shows she also called the Seminole County state attorney about three weeks later with more-serious allegations.

She told investigators Jim Post and Jim Rick that her family and Zimmerman’s lived in different states, but inappropriate incidents of a sexual nature took place during annual visits until she was 16. Two years younger than Zimmerman, she said she was scared of him because he was bigger, older and stronger.

She described him as a charmer who made everyone laugh and love him. He was different, she said, when he was alone with her behind closed doors.

When she was 6 and her family was in the process of moving from Louisiana to Orlando, she said, she and her sister were sent to stay with the Zimmermans at their home in Virginia. The children would hang out on sofas under blankets watching TV, and Zimmerman, she claims, would take the opportunity to fondle her and penetrate her with his fingers, even though there were other people in the room.

“That’s my earliest memory of him trying to do things. He would reach under the blankets,” she said. “He was bigger, and stronger and older. I was a kid. I didn’t know any better.”

Lynlyn. I'm not going to argue about this. But I question you on just one thing. Doesn't it always seem so coincidental that every time we have these cases, people seem to come out of the wood work with crazy allegations? If he is a molester then I would say it's safe she is not the only one. There are usually more. So let's not listen too closely into the truth is revealed. And why would someone who is so afraid of him refer to him as Georgie???

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just sent to me by work. powerful.

OMG. More people like this need to speak up. What a man of reason. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish we had a few more "MEN" like him in this world. I like what he had to say.


HG, one of my friends is sending me a link to some info that was not allowed at trial. did you hear that Trayvon was addicted to codeine? that he had liver damage from it? i want to be fair here and not spread rumors if they are not true.

not necessarily true. it might not have been circumstantial evidence and was not allowed.

it was true they did mention on news along with he had been kicked out of school due to drugs

akindheart - you are one smart (and beautiful) woman!

And by the way......there is no equality. There is an NAACP. When I worked, there was a Black Society of Engineers, and a Black this and Black that. What happens if we have a White Society of Engineers? I'm not advocating that...just saying maybe we should have a Society of Engineers, and a National Association for the Advancement of People? Until then, there will be racism....where Black being racist against white, or white being racist against Black.

wetnwild...your reasoning is too logical. I think your right. Why are there "Black" colleges, etc. When Obama was first elected, a black friend of mine was very excited. Then he turns to me and says "Now it is our turn" I was shocked and disappointed he felt that way.

To be fair, the NAACP is 100 years old, which is from a time when it was probably very very crucial to have. Many other 'black' central things are historic as well. They had to make black colleges because of the all white colleges that were not allowing them in. So we have already had the all white colleges and started it first. That's just pure honesty. Let's put things into perspective or we aren't going to get anywhere. They wanted an education.... They are historical black colleges and will always be known as such. Many people get that confused and think these are all black colleges today. That couldn't be further from the truth because anyone can get in, and there are white students along with others there now.

I looked up "Black Society of Engineers" and this is what I found:

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), with more than 29,900 members, is one of the largest student-governed organizations in the country. Founded in 1975, NSBE now includes more than 394 College, Pre-College, and Technical Professional/Alumni chapters in the United States and abroad. NSBE’s mission is "to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community."

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit association that is owned and managed by its members. The organization is dedicated to the academic and professional success of African-American engineering students and professionals. NSBE offers its members leadership training, professional development, mentoring opportunities, career placement services and more. NSBE is comprised of 242 collegiate, 70 professional and 82 pre-college active chapters nationwide and overseas.


So my question is: What is wrong with this?
This is what confuses me, because people keep saying things like black people should be culturally responsible and clean up their communities or their youth (as opposed to criminal activity and whatever else may or may not be over or under generalized), yet when something promotes this responsibility it's a problem. This organization runs off of donations and is pretty self reliant. :/

Hey wet. I had friends in the NSBE. They got mad when I asked to join!!!

I totally agree with you. I can't believe Obama went on TV like that and basically said he dis-agreed with the legal system. Funny how no one of color had any problem with OJ got off scott free in that case so long ago.
If the leaders of the Black community spent half as much time trying to figure out why so many black men were killing each other, maybe some of this stuff would go away, instead of just thinking everything that happened was because of race.

The problem is, OJ was found not guilty. Therefore your opinion is not relevant as to his guilt or innocence. If there had been evidence to convict OJ, he would have been convicted. Same in the Zimmerman case. No evidence = acquittal.

Thanks MasterLee. We seem to forget these things don't we????

Again Cargan............... Where do you come up with this stuff????? MSNBC? Maybe the Huffington Post?

you compared jesus to Zimmerman? jesus didn't kill anyone. just saying

Really. And that's all you got out of this. And you took it out of context as well?

did you or did you not compare jesus to Zimmerman?

The situation my friend. The situation and I clarified that while making the remark.
And here it is again (read the last line): I bring this up because I feel like this like so many times in history this has happend. Going back to Christ who was brought before Pilate on charges that he was innocent of. And well the people threatend to riot and cause problems and Pilate backed down and handed them Christ. We ll guess what? Does this seem to be the same scenario? No I'm not saying Zimmerman is Christ like or anything like that.

but you compared the two situations.. their totally different.

the people who killed Christ were too stupid to accept what was in front of them. there fore he was killed. Zimmerman shot someone "cause he claimed self defense" where does this compare to Christ at all? he was found not guilty that's the verdict get over it. we don't like oh well theres nothing we can do its over with.

Country,I think You need to read the post at LEAST once more.

no I don't need to read the post once more. the idiot compared to people. two totally different people.

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He killed a person, so put him in jail.
Racism goes in all directions just like things like sexism because we're all human.

Why is society making it harder than it is?

Us too. I'm in Texas son

"STOP THIS HATE AND BULLSHIT! We are ONE nation and MOST of us are sick and tired of the damned race card and just want to get on with life and love one another equally. This is another case why we will ALWAYS fail in the country to be racially equal. We do it to ourselves."

I wanted to touch on this because your diagnosis is incorrect. It seems that Americans are scared of history. How much black history are little kids learning in school these days? Black and white kids alike? How many people hate Howard Zinn? What has the Texas Board of Education done to their textbooks? They took a lot of notable Black and Hispanic American history out. They have omitted the Enlightenment and replaced it with Saint Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, expanded Christian revivalism, placed an emphasis of some evangelical OVER Thomas Jefferson - a PRESIDENT. They initially took Jefferson OUT and had to put him back. Conservatives HATE history, ok? Black kids from a young age feel inferior in schools because they are hardly learning anything about themselves. They get one month when there shouldn't even be a month. It should all be taught in unison the way everything happened year-round. They are being taught that they were handed freedom when truth be told, they fought their ***** off for it. They are emasculated from a young age. And you wonder where afrocentrism and supremacist ideologies and heightened prejudice comes from. You wonder why this distrust of equal representation under justice hasn't died down. You wonder a lot of things. They aren't the only ones negatively influenced by this. White kids are too. How can there be any common mutual respect when ignorance is taught? You want to see things get better? Stop hindering and suppressing education. Give people back their souls, and their confidence. It is chopped off and/or stunted from the time of being young impressionable minds. It is also why white people say insensitive things. They are stunted too. Unity requires fairness, and a teaching of mutual respect and true knowledgeable mutual empathy. It requires vanquishing ignorance. It teaches people to respect one another from BOTH sides. It also creates better youth.

I am of mexican heritage and a lot of my friends growing and now are black. Trust me. I UNDERSTAND.

Why do we always attack the conservative. And paint them as ignorant racist women and haters. We are conservatives have to keep our mouths shut because we don't agree with your liberal movement. Well damn it! I don'[t agree with your agenda and your thinking and I am aloow to say that in our country. Call me a racist. Call me back woods gun carrying and bible reading hick. Fine. But let me tell you one thing that I have personally witnessed in our PC world. I was looking at my 12 year old sons world history book and WOW! I was shocked! They call Mohammad a great prophet and a leader to the people. And Jesus as I quote " a jewish teacher". It goes on from there and it really made me sick to read this. But if I say anything I'm a bad person. Our president needs too keep his damned mouth shut too. MY friends who make a large group are black, and they too are gettting sick of white people who think they know what is good for them and they are sick of Sharpton and Jackson and Obama who think they speak for all blacks.

I’m not talking about any liberal movement. I am talking about the anti-intellectualism in this country which is against everything the founding fathers wanted. They intended for America to be a thriving haven of education. An agenda is an ideology, and I am sorry to say that history is no one’s ideology in any sense of the word. These are politicians who have NO history degree whatsoever putting bullshit into these books in a state that is one of two largest distributors of textbooks in the nation. CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN HISTORIANS were asked by secular historians (since no one would listen) to read the books by David Barton that are providing the basis for these textbook changes. They had no idea who the guy was. He isn’t a historian in any sense. They read these books and felt sick to their stomach – deeply troubled. They started speaking out against this crap. Howard Zinn’s professional expertise is no agenda in history. His book would be a nice supplement to CORRECTED textbooks so that our MULTI-CULTURAL students can read and learn about Amerindian, Hispanic, and African American heroes and attributes to the nation ALONGSIDE our European predecessors year-round. Mohammed and Jesus have nothing to do with US History and US Social Studies, so your comment on that in rebuttal to me is IRRELEVANT. You are also lying because I’m looking at my 16 year old cousin’s World History book now and it says (paraphrased): Jesus was a Jewish Teacher. Early Christians taught that Jesus was the son of God. Oh I guess you left that part out. There is nothing wrong with calling Mohammed a great prophet and leader to the people. That is what he was in that religion. Jesus however, is revered as a TEACHER in Judaism and the son of God in Christianity. That book is not supposed to teach Christianity. That is not the intent or focus of the reading material in that book in the first place. I don’t always attack ‘all conservatives’ either. I have every right to attack them in this subject because I live in Texas and it was THEIR party line votes that pushed this cacamamy crud – pseudohistory into a largely influential State Board of Education curriculum. It already needed fixing but this definitely made it much worse. Why take Frederick Douglas out? Wow! That’s just one of a loooooong list. California had to pass a bill to keep Texas curriculum out of their state. No one brought up Obama, the NAACP, Al Sharpton, or anyone else in THIS two way thread except you. “Call me a racist. Call me back woods gun carrying and bible reading hick. Fine.” When did I EVER call you any of these things? You want to get all defensive over something you projected on YOURSELF; something I never even said. This isn’t about you, your bible, your gun, or your geographic location. I am a gun owner too. I still see problems with the case, but that isn’t what I’m hitting on is it. I’m hitting on your words that I put into quotations. “Why do we always attack the conservative. And paint them as ignorant racist women and haters” – More flame rhetoric? Really? No one needs to paint a conservative when they’re holding the brush. No one is saying Conservatives with an ‘S’ are like that. Ignorance knows no party.

Let me highlight a few things from Italian Life of Education under Mussolini Fascism for you ok?

Il Manifesto Scolastico Settimanale. La Grande "Litoranea Libica" dalla Tunisia all'Egitto. Milan, 28 February 1937. One in a series of large posters illustrating aspects of Fascist activities and distributed to public schools for placement in classrooms. Printed in color with a map of the Mediterranean coast stretching from Tunisia to Egypt, it depicts the achievements of Italian colonization. - US History Textbooks teach of the ‘achievements’ of Manifest Destiny, Colonization, and Columbus.. painting it all as ‘good’ with no other American experience or primary documents (like that of Bartolome De Las Casas) of it in the least.

Angelo Zammarchi and Cesare Angelini. Il Libro della III Elementare. Rome: La Libreria dello Stato, 1939. This standard third-grade textbook for the subjects of religion, history, geography, and arithmetic opens with the morning prayer to be repeated by all students -- not surprisingly, since the authors use the titles "monsignore" and "reverendo." …hmm..

Diario della Scuola Fascista. Treviso: Longo & Zoppelli, 1939-1940. Assignment book required of every school child in the Veneto. It begins with a full-page photograph of Mussolini, and includes quotations from his speeches and such highlights of Fascist history as the March on Rome and the Concordat between Church and State. – Just go google or Wiki the March on Rome and the Concordat why don’t you…

This is what happens when politicians try to turn history into an ideological force with omissions and blatant covering up – especially into public required curriculum. How do you take the Enlightenment out and put in Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine? That isn’t US History. Bullshit!

I haven’t even touched on Ethnic History yet! Or at least hardly. Maybe you should sit down and do some thinking.

This education problem is a Conservative one, like it or not. I will not coddle anyone on that reality. Sorry. We can’t afford the crying ‘oh I’m offended’ bs… I love my country too much to care about people who aren’t on the note I am on and don’t realize.

Lynlyn I am not going to defend or justify my feelings. Again this is how I feel. You can site a lot of references and that is fine. But understand who I am, where I come from and who my friends Ade And you will understand why I feel the way I do. Also shame shame. I did not lie about the reference of Jesus and Mohammad. I will find the book again and site specific pages if you like. I read it 4 times back and forth to be sure I was understanding it. So no I did not lie. We are all entitled to our opinions. You have yours NAD I have mine. So please be respectful and not throw my own words back in my face. Not cool at all. And finally. Yes I get angry because I have been called out too many times by the left because of my beliefs.

Well I am pretty sure the distributor is the same source, which is why I said that. I'm not aware of 'multiple' distinct entities distributing World History public school textbooks all over the country. Save the specifics, they aren't necessary.

And please don't be hypocritical. You threw things at me that I never even mentioned, period. I didn't call conservatives on anything without merit, and surely didn't flame. You returned with aloooot of flaming accusations without even knowing who I do or do not support or what my personal opinions of any specific people are one way or the other. That wasn't cool. I saw victim mentality which is a little ironic in relation to the topic and what others have said about 'said mentality' in their opinions. I guess that means things are not all ideological or ethnic conditions. They are human conditions, with a few intricacies dealing with a whole complex number of factors.

I do not jump behind political banners and revere them uncritically no matter who I find to compliment my sensibilities the most. I am a pragmatist at best, and I think that is the only logical way to be for any concerned American.

Funny,I grew up in Texas.I recall being taught a lot of black history.I won an essay contest about MLK.A man I came to admire greatly because of what I was taught.

Thanks my friend.

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Defending his life ..? Seriously I know this is opinion but it's ridiculous ! Trayvon Martin was going to the store to get some skittles and something to drink! He didn't have weapon or anything, The operator on the phone told him not to shoot Trayvon! But he did cause he was black and had on a hoody? This boy had his whole life ahead of him he could've of gotten married! Had kids! A good job! But It has been taken away, Zimmerman needs to be put in jail for atleast 5 months so he can learn his damn lesson. That's my opinion !

That's one HUGE aspect of America I love Lovee, everyone gets an opinion! Yours is a good opinion. Who's right? Who's wrong was up to six souls. Like em or not. Whites (in general) see a not guilty. Blacks in totality see guilty! Period!
George's actions questionable at best.
Trayvon's who knows.
Every back killed by "whitey" sure makes a splash. There ought to be equal time though eh?
Just my opinion ... Seppe

Im watching the news right now.they say 93% of black murders are done by another black.Thats just sad.

Layla shooting was never brought up in the call to cops. cop's told him not to follow. the gun was legal. and he was in jail.thier were a lot of mistakes made that night by all involved

Exactly your right thanks for correcting me, But that still didn't give him the right to kill the young boy, It was still a murder maybe Zimmerman didn't mean to hurt him but he needs to face some time so he can learn his lesson

Funny,how over and over again,people tend to forget It was a 911 dispatcher not a cop,That Zimmerman was talking to.

Texan I keep trying to remind people of this. They always forget!!!

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The media, the Justice Dept. and the NAAALCP are not going to give up until George Zimmerman is somehow crucified in public. Yes, it was a tragedy what happened to Treyvon Martin and a family lost a son forever. People also need to realize that Zimmerman's life will be changed forever and unfortunately, he will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. I believe that the jury reached the right verdict and there was not enough evidence. But of course with the media, that doesn't matter to them. It's the seriousness of the charge is what matters to them as well as the left. Now Obama is trying to portray himself as the victim again, seeing himself as Treyvon. Ever since he became president, racial tensions have only gotten worse.

I didn't know following someone wasn't illegal. If i followed someone on foot, or while in the car the police would be called and there would be consequences. Well, unless I claim to be following them bc they looked suspicious and I felt threatened apparently.

Following someone is perfectly legal as long as it's in a public place. Trayvon Martin was trespassing on private property, walking close to unoccupied houses. Any property owner in the neighborhood would have considered that to be suspicious activity and investigated.

Trespassing? He was there with permission. You can't trespass when you have permission. The ignorance here knows no bounds

he wasn't trespassing. he lived there. he was coming back from the store.

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Local News
Friend: Dallas burglary suspect shot, killed by officer was at family home


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Posted on July 18, 2013 at 5:31 PM

Updated yesterday at 5:40 PM


See all 2 photos »

DALLAS - A 19-year-old burglary suspect was pronounced dead after he was shot and a Tased by a Dallas officer responding to a break-in call late Wednesday night at a Pleasant Grove home.

However, friends of the suspect, Gerardo Pinedo, said the residence he was accused of breaking into was his childhood home and is still owned by his father.

In a statement released by Dallas police, spokeswoman Melinda Gutierrez said Pinedo was shot after he threw an object at one of the responding officer's heads and then charged at another officer.

Jesus Vidales was one of the last people to see Pinedo, who he said went by the name "Jack." Vidales said he told his friend to go to the house in the 1600 block of Conner Dr. after a night of drinking whiskey at a nearby residence.

"He was just screaming and hollering and saying weird stuff," Vidales said of his friend, who he said was inebriated.

While the Pinedo family moved from the home, Vidales said his friend still had a key and would stay there when visiting friends in the neighborhood.

Police said officers were called to the home at about 10 p.m. Upon their arrival, Sr. Cpl. Mark Meltabarger and Officer Jamal Robinson were told by a neighbor that he heard noises coming from the home and believed an intruder was inside.

While inspecting the surroundings, Meltabarger spotted Pinedo in the back doorway of the home and ordered him to exit the house. According to police, Pinedo responded by running into the backyard and sprinting in circles before curling up in the fetal position on the ground.

Officers said Pinedo then threw an object at Meltabarger's head when the senior corporal drew his Taser and jumped up and began running towards Robinson.

"As the suspect charged him, he felt him touch him on ... his arm and Officer Robinson fired once," said Major Jeff Cotner, Dallas Police Department. "At the same time, unbeknownst to Officer Robinson, Sr. Cpl. Meltabarger was pointing his Taser and [Pinedo] was struck with the Taser in the back."

Paramedics transported the suspect to Baylor Hospital, where he underwent surgery. He was later pronounced dead.

"He doesn't have a violent bone in his body, but that's what alcohol will do to you," said Bradley McDonald, a friend who said he was waiting for a call from Pinedo to pick him up.

"Losing someone that you see like a little brother is so hard," McDonald said. "It's unimaginable."

Robinson, who graduated from the police academy about seven weeks ago, has been placed on routine administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting. His trainer, Meltabarger, has been with the department for more than 13 years.

Where is the outrage?


My reason for posting this news item? The kid was unarmed,drunk and actualy was in a house still owned by his family.His only crime until he threw some thing was being drunk.He had already been tazered by the senior officer when the rookie shot and killed him.Surely there was no need for a gun to be drawn at all! Yet,where is all the outrage over this? Is it because the kid was white that no one is yelling?Where is Your sacred opinion on this Mr Obama?

outrage for what. if he did what he was told no killing.

Yes the Prez is a moron and you are right, the Zimmerman case should never have went to trial due to lack of evidence.

Thank You Mr President! If You havent already done enough to divide this country in the past You have gone and done it now! Then again,this was just the kind of thing You were looking for.Divide and conquer.

unbelievable isn't it?? And the liberal media is eating this up like he is some sort of saint!

Mr Texan...you are right.

Thank You!

wow. I just read an article that the president had to yet once again chime in about Treyon. He said "Treyvon could have been me 35 years ago". Okay now i am really steamed. I really am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on! The man needs to keep his personal feelings quiet on this. He did make some good points though. Not many, but some. But he what I talk about in general with the whole race issue. He is one of the many reasons why we keep racial seperation going. He is one of the many reasons why we have just taken another step step back from racial unity. The worst offender of this is that Al Sharpton. Sorry I will never call him a reverend. That is a slap to the face of Christians.

To be completely honest, I do think Zim should have been charged. With that said, I will also say that the charge he was up against was not an accurate charge. So this is all bleh for me because I didn't agree with the actual charge and didn't agree that he was completely innocent of this incident. For one he agreed not to carry (but was about to head out on an errand - but still), and secondly his training said not to follow or engage suspicious individuals. 911 personnel also sounded worried on the phone and said they don't need him to do that. Even though they didn't outright say 'do not do that' his training still did... I have worked as licensed security for the state of TX and for federal property. His job was security as well, only volunteer and unlicensed. The training says the exact same thing, and I know the extreme importance of why. You have training for your safety, and the safety of others. It is also to keep you out of legal trouble and fatal situations. Look what he did... That is why I feel like something should have been stuck to him, because now anyone who is doing neighborhood watch is not going to care about this. All race crud excluded - I haven't participated in any of that.

Thank you for your response. I see where you come from. But one thing everybody still forgets. Did he break any laws? No could of. Should of. Would of. Were any laws broken. No. And that is all the courts look at. But he can be held liable in civil court because he was not allowed to carry. My vote is to let it rest. He is going to pay for the rest of his life.

Zimmerman was in the" neighborhood watch". Not the neighborhood police or the neighborhood vigilante.

Yeah okay.

Zimmerman did what 80% of america would

Three factors played this non-event into what is on the verge of becoming a seismic fracture in our national fabric:
1) Obama "adopting" Martin as his rhetorical son;
2) Holder using the hammer of the DOJ's resources to pressure what was a local non-case, into becoming a national circus; and
3) The media--especially NBC and its dowdification of the 9-1-1 tape to create a racist out of nothing.

All the blood that is about to be shed is on their hands. They have, with malice and aforethought, brought this to our nation. And their sin is unforgivable. I grew up as a teenager during the 60s and, while not personally affected by the civil rights era and the racism of that time; our nation had advanced by orders of magnitude, until Obama was elected. It wasn't that *he*, a *African-American* was elected; no: it was that he has played the race card every opportunity he could, beginning most notably with the (again) non-issue involving the Cambridge police force and Prof. Henry Lewis Gates. Obama has almost singlehandedly ripped this nation apart.

I agree and like I said. We as a nation keep racial diversity alive and we as a nation will always have this and never get to a true unity. And yes I blame both the media and the government. Thanks for the response.

Billy -- I basically agree with most of what you said. I do disagree on when things started to go wrong. I grew up in what was probably the most well integrated city in America in the 60s. My neighborhood and my schools were fully integrated as was my circle of good friends. It was unusual for there not to be black, brown, yellow, and white friends running all over my most home and yard.

At some point however, much of the progress that had been made on race relations was reversed. The problem was not Obama, even though President Obama is a problem -- not because of his race, but because of his politics.

True that, Lickety. I was referring more specifically to the deep south. Where I grew up, south New Mexico, I did not see an African American till ~6th grade--and likely because her dad was transferred to a military base nearby.

I knew, back in '04 when he gave the DNC keynote address, that Obama was going to be a force to be reckoned with. What I didn't yet know, because it had not yet been revealed, was that yes, his race would play a major role, and I think he has used race (as well as economic disparities) as one of his fundamental tenets against our republican form/capitalist government/economy. After all, it was he who weighed in regarding the Prof. Gates kerfuffle in Cambridge in the first semester of his tenure in the White House. And he absolutely should not have weighed in in any form, forum, or address re: the Zimmerman/Martin case. Leveraging his race, that he is black ("for the first time in my life I'm proud of my country"?! --Michelle), and therefore *not* racist, he has, in just five years, managed to stress our nation almost to the point of breaking.

There are those who are *NOT* by any stretch of the imagination who are in any way racist. Yet, all they hear, should they so much as raise an eyebrow over some antic or policy that is counter to our historical political philosophy, they are piled upon with the "racist!!" epithet over and over and over and over.... ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Sooner or later, they will not ever think they themselves are racist, but they will mutter under their breath, "You want racist? You've got racist. Come get it." and we'll then have a war on our hands. We'll have the 'hoods, holding their pieces sideways, talking trash and popping rounds, and on the other side will be all those descendents of the squirrel hunting 6- and 7-year-old ancestors, and there will be blood. A lot of it. And we have Obama, Holder, and to no less a degree, the MSM (with NBC leading that pack) to blame. The blood will be on their hands.

(BTW, I was very much in the minority! Most of my classmates were Mexicans (the term back in that century) and Mescalero Apache. My best buddy, Charles Shanta, and I became blood brothers in the 4th grade, taking a tumbleweed thorn, piercing each others' thumb, then pressing them together. We even designed a boat to sail down the Mississippi. How we were going to get it to the headwaters of the Father of Waters from the NM desert--well, we never got around to that little problem. ;) )

<p>Thank you for the great post. I agree with you that we need to move on and stop all the BS of trying Zimmerman for federal crimes according to the federal statutes (U.S.C. Titles 10 and 19) and all the rioting through out our nation. Both Obama and Holder are ongoing racists and are calling to crucify Zimmerman in another court of law and to continually incite blacks to come to the streets and riot. However, it will be a very long up hill battle for the federal government in their conquest of getting a conviction. Both of these morons are attorneys and have no clues or ideas what the criminal justice and military justice systems are. Jackson, Sharpton, and others who call themselves ministers, NAACP leaders, and other black leaders are nothing but racists and need to shut their mouths. All they do is incite blacks to riot by destroying property assault, abuse, and even kill people outside their own race for the purpose of taking out their anger against others from other races. This is because of their uncontrollable anger with selected criminal justice system cases and not getting the results they are looking for. Even though the defendant was given a fair trial. They call for justice, if they do not get it according to their terms, they take it to the streets when they are not happy. It is time for everyone to grow up and accept the jury verdicts regardless if they are guilty or not guilty.</p>

Wow. Thanks so much for your outlook on this!

" Thank God the press is not a true fourth branch of government. They emphasized a race factor because Trayvon Martin was black, but were blatantly dishonest in not acknowledging that George Zimmerman was Hispanic. Should they claim that he’s only half Hispanic, then they must be equally honest in saying that our President, Barack Obama is only half black and that if he had a son, he really wouldn’t look Trayvon Martin."

To read the rest of my monologue from the weekend show click here:

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I was just watching TMZ,They posted the question,If the situation had been reversed,If Martin had pulled the trigger,then found not guilty,would the same people who are out protesting in the streets,now be out dancing in them instead?

Nope. We wouldn't be out there protesting. We didn't when they let OJ go......

Good story and post. The out rage over the verdict is a good example of why we need to support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
We are a country that is for the constitutional rights of the individual over the influence of mobs.
I did not agree with the OJ verdict, but I have and will support due process that protects the rights of the individual--even when I disagree with the verdict from the jury.
Our system may not be prefect, but is still better than tyranny and mob rule.


Smen and thank you Jones.

Amen I meant!

I do believe you started a war my friend.... LOL

Yeah...... pretty much........ But I get tired of keeping my mouth shut and having to go along with the liberal agenda. I have been called a racist way too many times lately and forget the fact our best friends are people of color! Crazy.

I hear ya... It really doesn't matter what we say, type or do... somehow someone will find a racial fault there...

But isn't that what EP is for... to let your self be you..... Crudos for bravery

Awesome!!! You are right and seriously thanks for being a descent person!

Welcome.... :-) I look forward to reading your next great debate...LOL

Oh it's going to break the EP servers! I'm just waiting for this one to cool off some!

hahaha Too funny :-)

I know just what You mean,if anyone on EP ever met Me and my crowd out here in the world,They would never call me a racist.Here on EP ,expressing
my feelings about Obama gets Me tagged as racist.The funniest thing about that,is not one black person on here ever has.Its almost always a white person under 35.

You know Texan you are right. It's the white liberals screaming racism. Maybe deep in there own hearts..... I'm just saying.........

We have been silent for too long.Its time to make some noise.

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I'm with you. I've had it with all the racialists stirring things up. We will never completely know why Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, but the law in Florida is what it is: You have the right to defend yourself. And facts are facts: Zimmerman was getting violently beaten up, he probably would have died had he not used his gun. Total case of self-defense. Too bad people are wrapped up in their own radical agendas to recognize this.

Gets old quick. Let's just move on now!

Man,What a shame,that Obama and,Holder weren't running the show in the OJ days.

Yeah. They would have gone after him hard! I'm sick of the liberal and NAACP agenda. They are keeping this racial crap going.

Wait, wait, wasn't OJ Black and his wife White? Can you believe he wasn't lynched or something by all of the nasty conservative creepy *** crackers, uh, sorry, white people?

Now I'm absolutely POSITIVE that Barack Obama spoke out against his acquittal! What do you mean, no?

Okay, so at least the Reverend Al Sharpton spoke out against the injustice of OJ's acquittal! What the hell do you mean, no?

Well I just happen to have absolutely NO DOUBT that the Rev Jesse Jackson raised hell about OJ being found not guilty; besides that fact that OJ's lawyers must have stolen that "If the Glove don't fit, you must acquit" line -- I mean we all know that Jesse speaks like that ever time he gets in front of a microphone or church pulpit.

(Deep Southern accent) Watchoo Talkin about Cracka? Who you callin' a racist?

I feel your pain and anger. I sit here not far from where this happened and wonder if I am going to a target as a result...it is that bad. On the front page of my paper, were rioters...carrying "NO VIOLENCE" signs...but the hatred was written all over their faces because they did not get the verdict they wanted.

So sorry.

It's the hate I have a hard time dealing with!

Slavery ended a long time ago. It is time for "them" to march on...take up another battle cry.

I agree. And this **** makes it's it weird between me and some of my friends!

It is not weird between you and me.. we are as tight as ever...((hugs))

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Found not guilty.

And why are people so pissed off? The system worked as it was intended! The racists are so mad right now!

i know its crazy!

As an African American male who has had his share of unnecessary encounters due to the prejudices of others I can understand all of the anger and hostility. However I have to look at it from another stand point. Remove race from the situation. Would you find it acceptable to be harassed, followed, detained, subdued by a self appointed individual? Is this not a violation of your civil liberty? Then take that same situation and attempt to defend yourself from the violation of your civil liberty; are you now the aggressor? Looking at it through the heart of an American.

Granted, I'm from the privileged point of view in that I was never discriminated against because I'm white, but if we were to have a real discussion instead of all the BS surrounding the whole tragedy, I would say that the way kids dress like thugs because they think it's cool is a real problem. If you look like a thug, people will assume you're a thug. It's obvious this kid was minding his own business. Problem is that older people who look at him in his droopy pants and hoody associate this type dress with the gang culture. Guilt by association. It may not be fair, but that's keeping it real.

Magnabyte, there is no evidence of Martin being harassed, detained, or subdued or any civil right violation. And there is law against following someone.

Magnabyte, there is no evidence of Martin being harassed, detained, or subdued or any civil right violation. And there is law against following someone.

Everything is portrayed through media and who is paying them.... Illinois is back to allowing the conceil and carry law when Chicago has one of the highest murder rates to begin with. But the Governor gets paid and doesn't carry about his people. Media will always force people to think certain ways because they are paid to do so

Why does Barney Fife pop into my mind when I think of Zimmerman?


Everyone wants to call Zimmerman a racist because he made a comment about how "they always get away" when he made that comment when he was watching Travon. No one has proven to me that he is. Zimmerman is a cop wannabe! I know people like him and they jump at the opportunity to try and prevent a crime. This don't make him a racist.

Here is a point; No one knows what really happened that lead to the shooting! Zimmerman failed to be a neighborhood watchman when he decided to leave his truck and try to follow Travon. In my opinion Zimmerman is guilty of Manslaughter from what I have heard from the trial and even from a lot of the news I've seen.

Call me whatever you want but that's my opinion.

The Sanford Police Department failed at it's job in this investigation and to the Martin family.

What gets me is that there are shootings similar to this in larger cities and no one talk about them! If it's a small city in the south it seems to me that people like Jesse Jackson come out and point racism. Could there have been outside of what was presented? Maybe. But why don't these leaders try and help society in general by trying to end racism and the interracial crimes of the larger cities? My thought is there is no media time or profit for them in general to do so. I don't know about you but Racism is everywhere and not primarily in the south.

Another point: Racism is a LEARNED behavior!

My Opinions on this whole thing

Did Travon need to die that night in Sanford? No
Did Travon do anything that made him a suspect? Nothing I had heard or seen
Did Zimmerman get over zealous? Yes
Should have Zimmerman got out of his truck? No
Did Zimmerman start the fight? I don't know
Did Travon start the fight? I don't know
Is Zimmerman a Racist? I don't know and no one has proved it
Is Travon a Racist? I don't know and the "cracker" comment doesn't prove it
Is it murder or manslaughter? Manslaughter, it's the only thing the state proved to me and I've been saying that since I heard about this
Is my opinion more important than yours? Our opinions are just that, opinions.
Am I a racist? No.
Did the Martin Family deserve more from the Sanford Police Department? From what I had seen when the case came out, YES.
Does Travon deserve justice? Yes

Whatever the verdict is will be what it is.

We all would be in a better place if we treated everyone with some respect. There will always be those out there who will looking for something to focus their anger or pettiness on. Hatred and racism are learned behaviors showing how narrow minded some people are! Grow, expand your mind. Move on and treat everyone like you want to be treated or else hatred will always be around.


Awesome comment! Thanks for looking at it from different angles!!

Trans75me, I disagree that Zimmerman was a cop wannabe, he had been offered a security car, uniform, and badge by the Homeowners Association and he turned them name; not the actions I would call of an cop wannabe.

That's your opinion and you are welcome to it.

Zimmerman killed Martin. Whether manslaughter or murder he should be in jail right now. Florida's system has been known for being corrupt, racial matters being part of it. If Zimmerman was black and Martin was white then the aftermath would be world's different. They would either be in the local news for a 2 weeks or not even mentioned at all. But the former and the latter would have him in jail in less than a month. You can't ignore the truth. For a majority, conscious or not, white is seen as innocent and black as sinful. That is why this case is taking so long. The media is sucking out the juices until it turns into a rasin.

First, Zimmerman is Hispanic. By most measures used by the media and the US Government, that is not "White." So this incident was between a Hispanic and a Black -- no whites involved. Second, the evidence does not support your conclusion. I live nearby, I have watched the trial. The evidence simply is not there. If Zimmerman is convicted of anything, it will be based on a "Compromise Verdict" reached by jurors to avoid a hung jury or mistrial.

Second, even if Zimmerman was white, it is the outsiders who have made this a racial issue, not Zimmerman. Are you aware that Zimmerman has dated Black women and that he regularly tutored and mentored black school kids? What, you say that is irrelevant? BS. Your position itself is racist.

I have heard this. But all of us and the media paint people to be bed before we really know them. He was guilty before going to court because we are all smarter than the legal system......

Thank You! lickity!

If the mass of America sees him as white, he's white. Zimmerman shot the gun,whether on accident or not, and Martin died. He should have been put in jail for manslaughter at LEAST. My entire family is interracial. We span from the Philippines to Israel to Brazil and back. I grew up in Germany. I am in no way racist. My comment had no anger backing it. I just wrote what I believed. Your truths and mine do not need to be the same.

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Thank you for sharing this debate. :-)

My opinion is that George Zimmerman is at least guilty of manslaughter. He was told three separate times to not follow Travon Martin. He disregarded this order, and continued to follow him. Then, he got out of his vehicle....which we now know, ended in the death of Travon.

Travon was doing nothing but walking home from the store, armed with ice tea and skittles.

I say guilty of manslaughter.

No Sir. He was not "told three separate times to not follow Travon Martin." He was told by a 911 operator, who is not a police officer, does not have police powers or authority, and cannot lawfully order anyone to do or not to do anything, that "it is not necessary for you to follow. The police are on their way" or words to that effect.

And how do you KNOW what Trayvon was or was not doing, did or did not do? I don't know, but neither do you. I can only go by the evidence and the evidence does not support that statement.

I agree that this is a tragic situation because a minor's life was lost. Could this incident happened differently? I believe it could. I'm not saying that Trayvon was an innocent kid at all, but if someone that I didn't know were following me, I'm going to defend myself and we all know that kids talk like they're hardcore & whatnot. Zimmerman could've stayed in his vehicle and just waited on the cops to arrive since he was a "self-appointed" neighborhood watcher. So yeah I think things could've been handled differently.

I wished that the focus from the public (us) wasn't "its racially motivated." I think it became that way because it was a Hispanic man killed a black boy rather than it been "a man killed a 17 y/o boy in Florida." Was it racially motivated? We don't know. Only God, Trayvon, and George knows. Whatever the outcome may be, I pray for peace for the Martin family because no parent want to bury a child. And if George walks, I pray that he does some soul searching.

Great wisdom and thank you for that.

well said.

I think that it is a horrible thing that happened. I think that both could have prevented the outcome if they had acted differently. Zimmerman misjudged Martin. I think Martin ,not knowing Zimmerman had a gun attacked him.

very true

I haven't followed this case closely enough to have a strong opinion one way or another. The one thing I do have is sadness..... so much senseless and preventable death everyday. It's sad :(

Wait.... you compared an over-zealous neighborhood watch guy with a gun to Jesus?


Yes, you should read that just as it's typed... as one run-on word... yelling.

Zimmerman? Idiot.
Martin? Punk.

Bad combination.

Was this avoidable? Yes.
Could either man have prevented this tragedy? Likely.

Zimmerman was wrong. Guilty? Not for me to decide.

Anyone who claims to know what actually happened is a liar. Only George and Trayvon know. And Trayvon is dead

Perhaps you should go back to school to learn how to read. I made a clarification to that because people like you would take things out of context.

I already read it. It's a comparison that holds no water. This is you trying to be deep and philosophical.

Do us a favor, stop trying to act like a preacher and leave that to those who are educated.

Thank you joey. You are a nice person. God bless you.

I am a nice person... usually. I am, however, extraordinarily intolerant of ignorance and bigotry, especially when religion is used as a shield.

You attempted to draw a parallel between a scared little man with a gun and the media circus around him to one of the planet's great minds and the resulting movement he created which spawned the birth of one of the most popular religions.

Saying this is apples and oranges just doesn't do it justice.

I know you call yourself a Christian, but what you did in your story was to effectively quibble your own faith.

I am so glad you know me so well. You are the coolest guy I know. Thank you.

Yes Your a nice person,to all who think Your way. You rule Joey.

Um Joey,I think the compared statement was more about the times of great
unrest.Then and now.When fear of rioting and such can influence decisions.Now I may not have the education You have but to Me HikngGuy made that pretty clear.Then again,I wasn't looking for a hidden message between the line.

The Biblical account of what happened to Jesus isn't really all that accurate. While Jesus had a following, most people of the day really had no idea who he was. Pilate served him up as a sacrificial lamb, knowing that the choice between Jesus and Barabbas, a man who killed a Roman soldier and was a local hero, would be an obvious one.

Pilate wanted him gone because he didn't want a Jewish revolution.

Again... this is NOT anywhere close to what's happening in Florida. I'm not looking for hidden meanings.

Zimmerman isn't being served up. Based on the most recent proceedings, at worst he'll be convicted of manslaughter. He was carrying a gun when he shouldn't have. And, if this was a black guy shooting a white kid? There never would have been this kind of coverage. He would have been arrested on the spot and he'd already be in jail.

Race relations in the US are unnecessarily hostile because leaders in both the white and non-white communities are pretty much, across the board, ignorant.

Also, anyone who believes that Obama has a racial agenda isn't really paying attention. Obama has a social agenda that goes far beyond race... and the more race is discussed, the easier it is for him to hide.

What's happening in Florida is just gross... and, as I've said many times... it's about ignorance.... on all fronts.

Really Texan?!?!?!?!? Are you and I the only ones on the same page!?!?!?!?! Thank you understanding my writings! Seriously man. Thanks!

Its because he is from Texas. :-)

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Trayvon was a thug no doubt about that, BUT George Zimmerman was wrong in what he did trying to defend aganist what? something he shouldnt of been doing in the first place, dont go saying this kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time, no he was smoking marijuana, so he was already doing something illegal when spotted and hes prob no doubt a gangster, yes Casey Anthony case came out VERY wrong but that was not a racial issue that was a stupidity issue, this will no doubt not have the ending we all want it to have but then again not everyone will be happy no matter the outcome! I know what i think the outcome should be and it doesnt invlove zimmerman being free, and will end up costing us millions of tax money and NO will have nothing to do with Obama at all! Zimmerman shot an unarmed kid who had no reason to be shot despite his previous/present problems!

Nobody wins in a case like this.

Self defense, plus aggressive racist attack by Obama regime and racist anti-white media trying to stir up racist violence against whites equals hanging a white victim.

Did you know that the DOJ (Obama's Attorney General, Holder) has been sending neighborhood workers to ferment racist violence when the verdict is announced?

yes I did and both Obama and Holder should be impeached for trying to incite riot acts in this case.

I agree. he needs to keep his nose to our economy instead of going to Africa..

i love you for that akindheart! You're still awesome!

Yeah ok..... Where do you get this stuff

B,b.but Our economy is getting better! isn't it?

I wish water would run off my back like it seems to for this administration.

@Dozer - Can you expand on the racist attack by Obama in this situation? I am not in the US...

You don't think that was a was of pulling on the ole heart strings at all?

Ah Sapphire... what would I do without you ;-)

As per your link: "As The Orlando Sentinel's Rene Stutzman reports, the video was actually "two homeless men fighting over a bicycle," which Martin did film"

THANK YOU for clarifying that. Jesus..... yeah, just a little misrepresenting, Defence Team....

A terrible circus this has turned into. The poor families.

Hahahaha!!!!! You funny guy Texan!

I agree! Those "bum fight" videos are awful... I've only seen one because I thought it was so degrading. It really says something about our society when any of us would film that and think it is funny.

That's the problem, I don't think if was racially motivated. But we made it that way.

I've heard the rumors of them hitting the streets against this. I hope to god Obama isn't really doing something like this....

Yes if You think it was a race thing,and I don't.Sadly We will never rely know.

I don't think it was racial at all. But it turned into that really really fast.

Yes it did.I think the media likes it that way.keep it rolling and they wont have to think to hard.

Do you have proof of what you are saying? Or is it just your opinion or have you been watching Faux Entertainment again...

just my opinions Amantcul.

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Self defense, plus aggresive racist attack by Obama regime and racist anti-white media trying to stir up racist violence against whites equals hanging a white victim.