I Am An Outraged American Female

Hello, I am Jill, age 44, mom, and have five kids; 3 boys and 2 girls. I was born, raised, and I am a proud and patriotic American citizen.  I have served my country well in our armed forces for a number of years.  I display the American flag at my country ranch.

To say the least, Mr. President I am not stupid and I completely understand your worthless health care program and all others as well. We are not ignorant at all because you are the bold face, pathological, and habitual liar and cover-up artist in America today. The American people are waking up and standing up against you and your policies. Your popularity is now 42% and the lowest level of your Presidency. This is just the tip of the iceberg and soon your popularity will be lower than Congress. 

Obama, it is time now that the House start the impeachment process against you and other Secretaries in your Cabinet. I like many other Americans will be writing our leaders in Congress to encourage the House of Representatives to start this political process.

Obama you are a total disgrace to your office and to America. I am seriously outraged and deeply offended that you were ever elected to the Senate and the President. Just so you know my outrage is not about your race at all. It is because of your lies and cover-ups as President is why I am calling upon the House to take political and legal action against you.

Good riddance and do not let the door hit your back side as you leave office with your pathetic record of no accomplishments but failures, being a total disgrace to your office responsibilities, and to the American people.
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Lotta Fox viewers here, apparenlty.

It's true that he can't be impeached for he can be for his actions in Iraq. He released Iraqi detainees and informants to the Iraqi government. Under the Geneva convention we are not allowed to release an informant or any detainee to a hostile government that we know uses torture practices. By definition President Obama has committed numerous war crimes. That we can Impeach him for. Secondly how can you believe that this health care is a good thing? Forgive me but what's good for the goose is good for the gander. He actually had the balls to try and tell us Obamacare is a good thing but not only did he opt him and his entire family out but the entire Legislative and Judicial branches, plus 1500 corporate entities. So have fun thinking a tax that's $695 a person per month or 2.5% of the families income is a good thing. The man that wrote the Obamacare bill wants nothing to do with it and said it was garbage! Obamacare is so good the entire government and every rich person are buying themselves out of it. That leaves only the poor and middle class to feel the brunt of it. Forgive me but if it's so good I have to have it but Obsma and his crooks don't then I want the option to opt out too.

I fully and wholeheartedly concur with your perfect assessment girl. Obama is a total disgrace by lying to the American people and refuses to take responsibility of his lies and cover ups he has provided to the American people and the world. Also, he refuses to fire those criminal staff members clearly in the wrong. For example, Former Secretary Clinton, IRS, NSA, and HHS Secretaries. this woman many of you have taken to task is not a racist. You are because she had never mentioned the term race. Just because she is white and disagrees with Obama does not make her a racist. I am black and I am clearly not a racist even though I disagree with Obama. He has never shown any leadership as President. I do not care how he leaves but sooner is better than later.

Thanks for your perspective and agreeing.

and i dont know why all america dont rise up against the goverment since they say we the people i think their talking about us , the true blooded back bones americans why cant we impeach who we want when we want, love your speach, wish that president could here it, , im still not convinced hes a american or a citizen

Thanks for your very nice compliment. I am not sure but we all will find out one day for sure.

All over the world people are awakening

yes they are and the world hates America. Much of it is because of Obama.

Who cares if the world hates us or you or me, I do not care.

Good job. Could not have said it better myself. Blessings Snigglefluffy

Thank you so much and love to write.

Well someone's mad.

You damn right I am and it is about time for our country to come together and get Obama out of office.

And the next presidents are going to have to clean up an even bigger mess that Obama has made!

Uh dude c'mon. It's obvious that's part of the reason people wanna screw him over. People can't stand being anyone who isn't white in positions power.

I don't care what color the president is.. What I care about is if they are screwing the American people over.

Like Bush did not lie to us about WMD, he is a coward, a murderer and a liar.

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But if Odumbo stops selling arms to the Mexican drug gangs, how will they defend themselves against the Mexican government and the US border patrol? It would also cut into the income of his Chicago mafia backers.

I totally agree.

Wow, I'm glad you are openminded:)

I am not only open minded but able to make the correct decision when needed too.

don't know if they have enough on him to impeach him. after the whole shut down the government and threaten default stuff...believe there is little political will to start impeachment proceedings

Oh really, you need to study the U.S. Constitution. It says the House can impeach on things as described as a minor misdemeanor. This president is not only a liar but a person who has committed fraud. He knew without a doubt this health care was bogus but still signed it into law and force the American people pay more taxes and get this worthless insurance. Obama along with Clinton killed 4 Americans in Libya and then lies about the video tape. Go figure.

Wow, awesome, ballsy, and well said. Obama is NOT my president, and it disgusts me how he continues to allow the American people to further fall into debt and poverty. I think he should have been gone a long time ago!

yes you are so correct.


Thank you, well done!

vote out the current govt if enough of you can bother to vote.otherwise ,suffer in silence for your appathy.

If a person does not vote, they have nothing to say about our government.

Glad to know that the Repubs wont be elected for at least two more elections with the way they do politics. I fully support Obama, and the reason lots of his ideas and policies haven't being effective or come into effect is because of the idiot republicans. Obama 2016!!!

you are an idiot, Obama cannot run again. He is a lame duct president.

Wow seriously ok if a president has already had 2 terms he or she can not be president again!! So no more Obama after 2016!!

You go girl. I agree

Thank you very much.

I have an idea, maybe when you read something you don't agree with you could just ignore it!! This woman has an opinion, if you agree with it fine. If you don't IGNORE it. I don't think it's right to have sex with animals, but I have seen stories on here about doing just that. I don't tell them they are stupid or wrong, I just ignore them! At least this woman has the courage to say what she feels. E.P. is a place where you should be able to speak your mind without fear of judgment. So if you do not agree with this, or any other story just shut the **** up!!!!

really that is a good policy. but with some people you cannot really converse with because they are so adamant concerning their position that they are dismissive in their comments even defending asinine positions. think you right ignore it because it just prompts them to write more stuff.

you can have the best leader in the world however if the people under him are not doing their jobs properly, not much change is going to happen..... anywho he's not my president : )

Mine either. He is a dictator.

I agree darling!! It has nothing to do with race, he's not a good leader.

Correct, I never mentioned race at all.

No human can save this country or the world. There isn't a President that will ever be elected to fix all this. Only God can save us. Wake up ppl!


Unfortunately, he's the tip of the iceberg himself. We have a congress that has folded to many of his policies and a supreme court which has gone out of its' way to support him and overturn congress when they do deny his will. Our next chance to turn things around won't come until elections roll around.

That is the law of the land about the Supreme Court forcing not to enforce some laws by Congress and the President. Marbury V. Madison. It is called judicial review.

I believe they'll work thru the health care gremlins .. and putting my needs to one side .. i dearly want the 60M or so people (including the elderly, single parents, terminal patients, vets, the poor, those with pre-existing, and all the rest that differ), to get healthcare access by way of right and not charity on a now and again basis!

Obama care is dead.

Oh you wish ... its statute law - live with it ... as distasteful as it is for many ... the roll-out will be repaired and the poor, the pre-existing, the young, our veterans, the elderly and those for one reason or another lost their way will have access to health care by way of right .. instead of humiliating occasional charity .. so i ask that for a moment .. people stop what they're doing .. this includes those cleaning their carbines and think about others for a change!
Further, people who think one man can be everything to everyone .. the answer to all their prayers are naive ...

i agree that obama is a bad leader-but bush sold us out to sell wepons that his family profits from ,he drained our coffers who can we put in they are all fed to us by bias medea so how do we get better canidets to vote for

wow. I really don't know how to comment to this. I like America, I like living in America. But I also like the world too. I have love for international travel. Dear, don't you think you're being a little too harsh on our Leader? Because of him, I feel the world is a little more peaceful.

You must be kidding this is tame compared to what I personally wrote the President in a 33 page document file.

Well said.

I agree wholeheartedly. Obama care will kill all of us middle class working people. Everything will cost more, office visits, premiums, co-pays, prescriptions. It's unbelievable how he is trying to push this down our throats. The people on Capitol Hill must think we're all stupid. Of course, they don't have to worry about it, because they all have everything handed to them on a silver platter. We need to take our country back. We need to put our people back to work. Stop the importing, unless we put such huge taxes on it, that's it's not practical. The middle class people are taxed to death, but come voting time, we're expected to vote yes, to take more money out of our pocket. Has anyone heard that the lawmakers want to raise milk prices to $8.00 a gallon? I don't understand what's going on here. It's beyond greed. Also, it doesn't really matter who we vote for, they're all crooks, look out for their friends, who they owe favors to, and who helped them in office. I don't trust any of them. Again, we need to take our country back. The big question is, how? We're quick to complain, I'm at the head of the line. We need solutions now. Wish I knew a couple, but they'd fall on deaf ears, if I wrote my Congressman.

Calling for an impeachment is a waste of time. I'm not sure you could get enough Republicans in the House to pass articles of impeachment, but, even if you could, you would need 67 Senators to vote "Guilty". And with only 45 Republicans in the Senate, you would be hard pressed to find 12 Democrats willing to toss their careers away to vote against the leader of their party.

Your efforts would be better spent trying to get decent men and women to run for Congress. Regardless of party, we need people who have financial sanity and can balance the needs of the people with resources available.

wellsaid we need better choces to vote on thats the key-medea feeds us thease ******** we need an independant to think of our nation not a party

I do not see a 3rd party become president.

Did ANYBODY notice Obama Carelessness was NEVER brought to a vote OF THE PEOPLE?
Might be because they knew damn well it would have been killed from the get go!

Good point!
He barely made it if I remember right.
He had not done enough yo raise enough attention to his intent before that election that that the Masses noticed.....YET!

I know what it takes. I teach political science courses.

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i love what i just read! True American Right there!<3

Thank you so much.

Couldn't agree more

thanks for your appreciation.

Of course! Add me

I regret to inform you that a President cannot be impeached simply because he is unpopular. President George W. Bush's approval ratings fell bellow 30% during his term, but he was still allowed to stay in office. In order for a president to be impeached, he must have committed an impeachable offense, namely violating his presidential oath. Of course, they can call a hearing to impeach him whenever they want, but with no evidence of him having committed any major crimes (at least, none that I am aware of) it would amount to nothing more than a waste of time, something this congress seems quite fond of.

Also, I have heard Obama referred to as a pathological liar, but I Don't know of any specific examples. If you have any you can share, please do, I am by no means his biggest fan.

You know nothing about the House and the impeachment process. Federal employees can be impeached by the House for anything they say is illegal including minor misdemeanors. This includes Congress, President, and Judiciary branch personnel.

How stupid are you? Impeachment is long over due. Obama killed 4 Americans in Libya. He is stonewalling because he knows he is wrong.

Obama is either a habitual liar or totally incompetent or both. I opt for both. For example the NSA, IRS, and other scandals that happened and Obama says they are unfounded as scandals. He is in fantasyland.

I understand Bush and his problems. However, he never lied about the invasion of Iraq. His advisors facts, and statistics revealed that Iraq had WMDs there. Also, he never covered-up anything either.

President Obama a 'federal employee'? Oh Sugar... , a teeny weeny bit of research might exhibit he's elected ... not employed ...

impeachment is political, trial before the senate is to determine if a crime has been committed

Impeachment comes from the House. The trial is in the Senate. Impeachment refers to a charge. A suspect is charged before they go to trial.

"If you like your health care you can keep it"! "Benghazi" "NSA is not spying" "this will be a transparent administration"!!

Most of what comes out of his mouth is lies... But then again all politicians on both sides are like that

She isn't talking about him being impeached for being unpopular. She is talking about him being impeached for his lies and hatred of this nation. These are also the reasons for his low popularity.

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okay.On what grounds are you calling for impeachment?
Do you think that Romney fellow would have done any sort of better job?

Lets see, Obama, killed 4 Americans, he knew about the IRS, NSA, and other real life scandals in this worthless administration. Also, he has lied to the Americans for years.

Romney is everything Obama is not. Romney is not a liar, he know how the economy works, is a true patriot, he is a leader, and so much more positive to say about Romney.[


That's what Obama stands for

yes, I concur with you totally.

Lol so true

well said

Thanks I really love to hear that.

Amen to this post -huge thumbs up-

Thanks, I am only one person. Write your Congressmen and get this impeachment started now.

Lol good luck with that

WoW finally a stand uP girl. That's great and your terrific.

Thanks I am just tired of the BS President screwing other Americans who are hard working and now have lost our health care insurance because of this liar.

I'll sign that petition!

Thanks. Write Congress and tell them to start this process.

Great post!

Thank you so much.