Yeah yeah yeah America is great. Blah blah blah. I'm an American who is tired of people automatically assuming uneducated about the world and simple geography like some of my fellow citizens are. Every time someone foreign messages me they dumb stuff down and question if I even know where their country is. I always thought the idea of Americans being stupid was just a stereotype but I've been proven wrong. It's the truth for most of us. Maybe it's just my generation but seriously this is unacceptable, especially from a country that is supposed to be the greatest in the world. We sure like to think we are the best. My question is how are we supposed to be the best country in the world when most of our citizens don't know where all 50 states are and where other countries are. It is important to know the histories and geographic relations of other countries. I'm really disappointed in the American people. We have the opportunities to be educated and some just choose to stay ignorant. My generation for the most part doesn't even care and they waste their education away. It's really sad and I hope I see that change during my lifetime.
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I have been to several foreign countries, and have heard the "ugly and stupid American " story many times. I have traveled to England, Norway, Spain, Mexico, Iceland, Panama, Trinidad and France along with a few others. I always try to observe the local culture where I go. What I have found is that most of the other countries are similar to us in that they all believe they have the best game in town. In reality though, everyone wants to come to the USA, they don't build rafts and float to France or Germany, they all want to come here. When foreign dignitaries need medical care, they don't go to Russia or China, Even Fidel Castro came to America for medical care. As far as the dumbing down of America in general, The public school system places more emphasis on indoctrination of students in progressive politics than becoming educated. For this, you don't have to look any further than the voters who put the politicians who have done this to us in office.

It's up to people like you to change the education system. That doesn't mean throwing good money after bad into the system.

School systems are so full of liberal academia and their revisionist history, that until that changes it will only get worse.

Please don't misunderstand me.
I agree with you on corporate welfare and illegal immigrants, and I agree with you that most people do not want their taxes increased.

However, we need to "improve" the education system.

There is so much money being "thrown at" the education system, going to all the wrong places. Such as 3-4 hundred thousand dollar contract given to school superintendents and upper management. Unions that demand poor teachers get paid just as much as good teachers. (Does that make sense to you?) The school system is not putting money where it needs to go. That is what I mean by..."Good money after bad"

At current levels, Each and every student could be picked up by their own personal limo and every student could be severed 3 full course meals everyday and so much more.

Last and certainly not least, We need teachers that are willing to teach the facts, not revisionist information that so many liberal teachers are teaching our children today.

Baby bop sees it first hand. It's not because we are not giving enough money to education...It's because we are spending it in the wrong places.

Raising Phoenix,

Democrats direct education money through their unions. Since all teachers are forced to join the union, and there are so few really good teachers anymore, having teachers direct the money is flawed. The bureaucracy has simply ballooned out of control.

We waste too much money on everything. Republicans want to cut wasted spending but all the democrats do is scream, that the republican want to take the kids lunch away and don't want good teachers, blah, blah blah

Good teachers are underpaid, poor teacher are overpaid. We can't get rid of poor teachers because the unions won't allow it. What are we to do?

Yes, conservatives and liberals have their extreme factions and Christian right wants religion taught. and liberals want revised text books that do not teach factual history, but more about how bad America is.

School nurses are not allowed to give a student an aspirin, yet they can give them a condom. School nurses are not obligated to inform parents if their daughter is getting an abortion. Something is wrong here

No one wants to remove sex education, it's just the teaching is not about abstinence, but more about promiscuity and safe sex.

My Dad (A Political junky) told me all about Ronald Reagan and what he accomplished. I have read everything I can get my hands on to learn about Ronald Reagan, he is my hero. If you google Ronald Reagan you will find all this negative information about him, my Dad said is simply not true. My Dad lived through the Ronald reagan years and I think he knows a lot more about Reagan than some of these liberal bloggers
Some of the negative things that were said are: "Reagan ignored the Aids virus. Reagan profited from illegal drugs coming into the country" on and on and on. REALLY??? C'mon,

"Christopher Columbus was a thief, a murderer and a plunderer."
"The United States is not the greatest country in the world"

Revisionist history!!

Hmm, let me see...Jimmy Carter: Failed Iranian rescue attempt after cutting military funding. 21% inflation, Interest rates in the teens, gas lines and malaise.

Reagan promised 3 things:
1) Cut taxes
2) Build the military and make our country strong again
3)) Defeat communism

Reagan accomplished all three.

Cut taxes.... and revenue to the treasury exploded!!! and continued exploding through the terrible Bush and Clinton years. New business started cropping up all over America. Entrepreneurs hired new employees, they paid taxes and spent more money which stimulated the economy and on and on.

That's called "capitalism" I know, liberals would rather have socialism because capitalism isn't "Fair"

Democrats controlled congress (And the purse) threw money at every useless government program. Didn't matter if the program was a failure, the democrats have never seen a government program they didn't like. The democrats built a generation of welfare recipients that continues today and wasted tax payers dollars by making the government bigger and bigger.

obama is the one who has stagnated the economy and made it impossible for some to earn a decent wage. NOTHING to do with Reagan. obama's welfare for everyone has every sane person afraid to invest because of the government regulation and healthcare. We are scared to death at what the current administration is doing to prevent terrorism

Unions once had a purpose, but they have overstayed their welcome. It's unions, liberal democrats and big government that are destroying this country.

You said: "Teaching about safe sex and reproduction IS what sex is suppose to be about and how the process works"

Don't be so naive, no one wants to stop that. It's the manner in which it's taught. You know exactly what I am talking about. (Then again, maybe you don't)

Deregulation makes it possible for you to fly anywhere in the world without a second mortgage on your home. Sparks competition throughout the economy. But for you it's no good because it doesn't make the government bigger.

My Gawd!!! Liberals don't want the facts. They just want to feel good. And if that means dumbing down America and revising history then so be it.

Oh and I forgot...Republicans made it possible to sue the school for giving out aspirin, but they can't make it possible to sue the school for giving out condoms and allowing young girls to get abortions without parental permission. And sex education cannot include abstinence only condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancies

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Well said dear!

America's greatness lies in the opportunities it affords its citizens, and indeed foreigners. That's why immigrants are willing to risk their very lives just to get here.
As far as ignorance goes, is it any more prevalent than in previous generations, or indeed centuries? People are generally more concerned with their immediate surroundings than with what's "out there".

You practically state that countries should aspire to be the best via their IQ. You & I have a different opinion on what is best. I don't care if my country is the best, you see an ocean whilst I see millions of drops. Focus on the few that matter, not the ignorant masses.

I have no interest in being best. To me, as long as those around me are happy then that is the best.

I think there are still some very smart people in the US. You just have to want to learn. Todays generation is so consumed with technology and getting quick results etc that they are not as aggressive in learning etc. Technology changes everything, some for the better, some for the worse. Our government system is really screwed up and Im not going to even get started on the horrible president we have right now.

The US population has been ignorant for years. It has nothing to do with new technology making people stupid. In fact, ime the most US-centered people are the middle aged ones raised to believe that America was perfect.

This generation wants everything hand fed to them,and nobody wants to work.It doesn't take school to educate a man,it takes reading and understanding.The more you read,the more you'll know and understand. If america was a MERITOCRACY instead of a BUREAUCRACY things would be a lot better.The media is slowly dumbing us down...The U.S government is seeking a one world order,the New World Order! When Bush messed up the financial system it wasn't an accident,but in order for them to follow through with their evil plans,they had to make it look that way.There's so much truth to be found but not everyone wants to dig deep enough.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

Very wise response...Thank you


When you get older your generation like mine did will seem smarter.

America is the king of the world.

Nah. "Superpower-ness" fluctuates wildly over time. A quick look at history will tell you that.

England had the title for 300 years then ww2 ducked them up. America could keep it for 200 plus years. Years can be very long.

England kept it because of three things.
1. It controlled a very large empire, giving it all the advantages that empire brings.
2. It dominated the seas, which not only allowed to it explore for new colonies very easily (well, back when that sort of thing was still going on), but allowed it to exert itself almost anywhere on the planet. This naval power also made Britain itself virtually invincible.
3. Britain was a key player in the Industrial Revolution, and possessed the world's best industry behind the US.

The US' "big thing" was its MASSIVE industrial capabilities. And those are gone. We're essentially coasting. China is becoming the largest power due to its industry growth.

The chinese arent fast thinking as the pack of rapid dogs that western europeans are. If china becomes to big england, us, etc will slap them down like what happened to the Japs in the mid 80s

We are the kings of the Earth.

This has nothing to do with economic's about industrial capabilities. Japan never had industrial capabilities capable of launching it onto the world stage as an actual superpower - it's just too small. China, on the other hand, does have those industrial capabilities. It also has a HUGe military, and numbers tend to decide wars.

Read on Japans economic power and collapse in the mid 80s. I wasn't talking about japan in ww2

Nor was I. Japan is just too small to ever become a superpower.

Japan has 120 million people, 1980s 80 million ww2 I dont know. It has the population density to be a super power

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Best country in the world with no health insurance. LOL.

Best medicine and more available Insurance that any other country in the world go out and get a job!

It's not the fault of the uneducated masses. It's the fault of the failing education system in the U.S. and by extension, the fault of the government that has seemingly given up on the idea of serving the people and instead serves banks and corporate interests.

Well said

Its also the fault of society as a whole. So many Americans buy into the myth of US supremacy and it feeds their ignorance and indifference to other countries.

That is one way of looking at it, yes. But it would be unfair to not also realize that they are being pumped full of these ideas by the media. Which largely is controlled by big business.

It's a two way street. People already have that idea implanted in their head; the media merely reinforces it.

But logically, wouldn't the view of the people change as the country spirals downward until it is quite possibly the crappiest developed nation? Wouldn't a rational mind realize things aren't so great anymore? That change needs to occur?
But then the problem is that a brainwashed mind isn't a rational mind. It's a controlled mind that believes whatever it is told. And it's really good for business to believe you are a citizen of the greatest nation on earth.

Umm...not sure what point you are trying to make. What you're saying here doesn't contradict fact I agree with you.

lol. Yeah, I wasn't trying to disagree. More like adding on. Sorry for the confusion. :P People already had the idea that they were living in the best country. But they shouldn't still feel that way and the only reason they do is because they were told to believe it... basically.

This guy knows his stuff,anyone taking notes?

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You speak the truth.

Aww I actually love Americans, but I have known for a long time that there are basically two different kinds of Americans... the dumb ones and the ones who are super on-the-ball bright and aware of the rest of the world and the issues facing their country.. Needless to say I get on much better with the latter kind and I am always glad to know that there are quite a few of them around :)

Good thoughts. The US leads the world in tech and business etc... But Americans are considered a joke to most of the worst and hated by about half the world. I'm a Canadian living in the US and I used to bet my friends that I could name more US states and their capitals then they could. I always won, because in Canada we had To learn about North America and not just our own country.

Yep my point exactly. I'm always a little ashamed to say I'm American for this reason. I know other nations think we are the biggest joke around

Do you know what is strange to me? That most Americans, well the dumb ones, truly don't know that America has a bad rep out there in the world... they mostly think the rest of the world adores them and is in awe of them...

I know that is what kills me the most. They are completely oblivios

Worse still you can't tell them.. that is sad.. I've tried but there is a certain breed of American who firmly stick their head in the sand.. its a shame. I think you are right that they are in danger of losing their position in the world, certainly the respect they once held.. not that we Brits are perfect by any means but at least we accept it

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All of what you said is true .. but look at it this way - US is still the super power of the world.

Yes but can we remain a superpower with citizens who insist on being ignorant.

US has always let the smart people in the world to come and live in, and become a technological know how -house.
From Einstein to rocket scientists to the current new age revolutionaries from different countries who are still welcome and who come and make/utilize the resources, and innovate in the silicon valley - the US has still maintained their lead in the world. It is going to be that ways for a long time.
I only fear that the poor will get poorer in the US and one day eventually emigrate to lower cost countries.
While the educated class will emigrate to the US.
The reverse immigration of poor or illiterates will have to be moved out - because they will sit and idle the money out !

So now we still have an excuse to be generally less informed than the rest of the world? When people become complacent they forget that things can just as easily change. Just because we are in too it doesn't give us an excuse to slack.

I am not convinced that America is THE super power of the world any more.. it Is A superpower but honestly I don't think it is the anymore.. just a

Not fir long. We were a superpower in the past because of our manufacturing capability. China is rapidly overtaking us both because of this and because the military-industrial complex prevents us from equipping our forces with the best technologies.

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Some of that has been influenced by many variables. Some theories are: different teaching methods in schools, parenting, lack of reading skills, how kids spend their free time, nutrition. There is no simple answer here, but you can change things as an individual by learning and sharing that learning with others.
I too have noticed geographically challenged ppl even old than you and me, so it might not be a "generational" thing. Peace :)

Yep I have considered these various factors. There is a lot of thing to consider. But I feel it is worth it to this nation to properly educate our youth. I'm going to college to be a high school teacher for this reason

Good for you! Don't give up :)

We have several generations of Americans raised in a "school" system that is designed to dumb down American youth and turn them into obedient brain dead zombies who know almost nothing and believe whatever the leftist media tells them.

No surprise that most Ameican youth know almost nothing.

Not true.

Let me guess, Lew. You've spent your entire life in state run youth indoctrination prisons and have been told that you know something. Got it.

Wow. No, actually. Private school.. And I know for a fact that I know a lot and a lot of people my age do as well. You shouldn't make such extreme assumptions about entire generations

I do believe the schools have dumbed down but I'm not so sure about the leftist part. Left vs. right. How about a happy medium. Compromise always works

The teacher union is run by communists. They don't hide it at their annual conventions. They have had you for years of indoctrination. It will take you decades before you can have an original thought.

Oh ha ha @Dozer Dan we non-Americans love all that American conspiracy theory stuff.. soooo funny we have a good chuckle at that... I thought "reds under the bed" died out a couple of generations ago..

Communists in the teachers unions? Ha. This guy (DozerDan) is really dating himself. Sounds like he was raised during the heyday of McCarthyism.

I agree with you babybop12. Finding a way to work things out is a good solution and shows intelligence.

Or any media….

What? Seriously? The leftist media. That's rich considering that the largest cable news network (by a mile) is the decidedly RIGHT wing FOX News. Not to mention the WSJ is one of the biggest newspapers in the world.

Even CNN is incredibly moderate. Actually, by European standards it's incredibly conservative.

And how does any of that relate to our education system?

Funny to hear the older generations talk about how stupid the youth are nowadays when most of them get confused about how to open their email or use their iPhones.

The above in response to DozerDan

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