Proud to Be An American

That's right, I am 100% born and bred in the USA, and I am proud of my country. I admit that the war in Iraq seems pointless, but, I still stand by it. Everyone is throwing a fit about it and they get mad when someone mentions the war. Not me. It may seem pointless, but our boys and girls are over there fighting for our freedom and the freedom of a caged country. Everyone else can get mad all they want, but I say, Thank you very much to all the brave men and women willing to fight to the death for our freedom. In the end, it is my own and their children that will reap the rewards of freedom. Freedom isn't cheap, someone has to be willing to stand up and care.

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Thank you for your story. I have just written one as well about how proud I am to be an American citizen.

The America I grew up in has been destroyed by the socialists and their Obama mouthpiece. Its really no longer a free America any more.

Ya ob-a** hole is up there smiling wile we r suffering

Politicians run great risks when they send kids to fight and possibly die.
Given that, are you so convinced they make such a decision because they're so dedicated to giving freedom to a people they know little about, and who are of such little value to them that they accept the inevitability of innocent civilian casualties in pursuit of their goals.
Do you not think that the freedom cover story might not be the real reason US troops are spread around the world?

Not an American but I think you should be proud of being an American unless you voted for George W Bush the secound time round.<br />
And the war in Iraq was entrely justified the alternative was to let a dangerously unstable and warlike regime gain accsess to nuclear energy and even if Hussain used it peacefully (yeah right) its extremely dangerous to let a country almost constantly in turmoil to have nuclear power.

Intresting, this country stands for more than just freedom and when we fight for another country that ends up hating us, we stand up for a principal of loving your fellow man, wait, that is in the bible. Yes, we stand for something much bigger than freedom and if you look at it, America has been doing for for many years, It is sad that people like our current leader would tell other countries that we are sorry that our young men and women died fighting for something much bigger than just freedom and we as a nation have more soldiers buried in different parts of the world than anyother nation. Maybe that bigger than freedom is ba<x>sed on the bible as well since our leaders of the past seeked the wisdom of the Bible and looked up for directions when they had to make tuff decisions that could affect the world. Maybe us, Americans gave the world a greatness because the foundation of this country is ba<x>sed on the bible. Maybe we need to get back to basics so the world can be a safer place. Yes, freedom isn't free, but freedom and free will of looking back to what made this country the power it has been for the world and the power that has been fading, maybe it is that free will of not looking up and seeking. Maybe this country needs to remember what our forefathers did when they got involved and kept the Bible as a guiding source.<br />
<br />
Maybe, America can show the world what it is to be great when it decides to get old, old ,old school and let the Lord know that our free will and experience casues us to seek his way.

Come on over, baby, whole lotta Kool-aid drinkin' goin' on! The troops are fighting for freedom, all right--Halliburton's FINANCIAL freedom. We will never win in Iraq NOR Afghanistan because SUPERPOWERS CANNOT WIN GUERRILLA WARS. They never could and they never will. Afghanistan, by the way, is the graveyard of empires. I STILL can't see why almost 60 thousand guys and gals got THE WALL in DC (McNamara got the World Bank) due to 40 years ago in Vietnam. I suppose that the Viet Cong had junks and sampans that travelled @ warp speed over the Pacific to invade and conquer us. It's 40 years later and America (the gov't) STILL hasn't learned. We in America STILL don't get it. I can't see how invading another country is for OUR freedom. But I see so many similarities to 1936 Germany that it isn't funny. I don't know if even Obama can turn that mindset completely around. Here we are, a debtor nation, up to our *** in debt to China, but yet we're halfway around the world wasting troops in wars for empire and corporate greed (in my opinion, we have wasted all types of money in stupid wars since Korea). It seems that we have forgotten that famous guerrilla insurgency that began on 7/4/1776. Now WE are the Redcoats. Oh well, we have to fight 'em over here or we'll have to fight 'em over there!

wading in here! I especially appreciate trknfld91 and captainwinky's comments. So let me say that the civilian political system is separate from the military. <br />
I support the troops... and I'm against the war. Ask any soldier that's been in battle, if he/she liked it. but they go back anyway. that's because the troops are their family, so they go back to not leave their brethren behind. As an active military person, it is not your decision to decide whther to go into combat or not...that's the civilian leadership's job. <br />
Who ever said that one cannot support the troops because they are against a war is f***ed in the head. <br />
I'm a vet and I am totally against this war. <br />
everything about it was a lie. further more, as the captain pointed out, this rogue administration has used this war as a cover to do their dastardly deeds. namely the politicizing of 911 to further their own agenda...namely of further demoralizing the american public and creating fear for security so that the powers of the central government can be expanded even further beyond their current unnacceptable levels. <br />
As a vet, like all others that have worn the military uniform, as well as polititians and judges...we all took an oath to protect and defend the constitution. <br />
Well that oath was not rescinded when I took off my uniform, and I feel that oath being upheld when i am critical of this government. <br />
Patriot Act<br />
REAL ID Act 2005<br />
Military Commissions Act 2006<br />
and many more aggregious pieces of legislation have been passed and signed into law by a contemptuous congress and a despotic president. Does anyone here really think that getting chips implanted into your children and your every action and location being tracked by computers and stored in a huge database is somehow going to keep you safe? WTF? Good thing that the thought crime bill has not passed yet, because I and many others here could be arrested for just ob<x>jecting publically to the governments actions. <br />
No, soldiers will not be tried for treason when we as a country finally get our collective heads out of our collective *****., and hold these bastards accountable for the damage they have done... and hopefully that's before foriegn governments make us choose. I don't believe in the death penalty, but I make an exception for polititians that commit treason. It is the DUTY of veterans in the civilian population to stand up and speak out when they see the constitution being subjugated by unlawful interests. What of the troops?<br />
To send them into an illegal war... to commit their lives to the battlefront on false pretenses is a case of murder for each and every soldier that falls. Don't tell me I don't support our troops! These fine young men and women are OUR sons and daughters. When they were children it was our responsibility as parents to care for them and protect them from harm as much as possible. Do we say that polititians have some less responsibility than to be respectful and careful for the lives of our service members? We should not be hasty to put them in harms way. As an american citizen, I want Jose Padilla to stand trial...publicallly for his crimes. If convicted then he can be sent away for the rest of his life...however i do not want him carried away in the night to vanish, and his deeds whether foul or not to never be heard from again. This is criminal! As a citizen I (we) deserve to know those amongst us that have hurt us. there is nothing expedient about declaring anyone an unlawful enemy combatant. This is pure BS! The government had a very good record for convictions when putting other terrorists on trial...and the sentances handed down were severe to match the crimes. now Jose Padilla has been tried (and convicted?) of crimes that barely register as felonies. Isn't it funny that in Kenya where pres. mujabi (sp?) has signed a law that mirrors our own MCA 2006 (that suspends habeas corpus) is being decried as foul by nearly every world government including our own? what it's okay to murder, rape, kidnap, torture, and make dissappear anyone that disagrees with us...because we're the US, but that's not acceptable for other countries to do it? I thank our young men and women and shake their hands whenever I see them. I pray for them as a group and individually as their parents ask me to. I held a man in a long embrace as he cried for his son deployed to Iraq, when we per chance met in public. I hold their commitment and willingness to give their lives for our country in the highest place of dignity, honor and sanctity. I place the value of their lives much higher than the financial gains of Bush's cronies whether political or corporate. Our military personel trust thier lives to us as much as we trust ours to them. Bush lied! where is the honor in protecting a lie? McCain and nearly all of the other candidates speak of things they either never knew or have forgotten. Their treason shall not be washed clean by the blood our our children. After all of that heartfelt rhetoric that McCain came out in open criticism of torture both in 2006 and later in the debates with Romney, the F***in' SOB voted for the MCA anyway...He voted for torture. He is a betrayer twice over. <br />
Get mad at me...but don't accept anymore lies from this rogue government! Bush did not do this himself...Congress is to be held accountable for their treason as well. Murder for profit as not acceptable! We owe our troops nothing less than our complete support..and that means we look after their interests as they guard ours. I remind other vets that our duty is not done...but it is also the right of every american to speak out. Because someone does not agree with this war, in no way makes them less patriotic or somehow un-american. <br />
<br />
For those that feel otherwise...let me tell you how to run your life... I'll tell you what's good for you, what you can do...and more importantly what you cannot do. I'll put cameras in your bedroom and pass judgement on what goes on there behind closed doors. I'll give you a list of rules that must be followed without exception...even if it involves no one else...because i know what's good for you. If you don't like it...too bad...keep your mouth shut, or in the middle of the night there will be a loud knock on the door. You too can disappear! If you're christian I'll force you to become muslim, and if you're muslim, i'll force you to become christian...and if you're pagan... the athiests can pass judgement so the buddhist monks can stone you. Oh, that's right I did say changing religions was optional...if you don't want to switch... you can refuse, you cannot buy food then, but it's your choice.<br />
But if you're the CEO of a large multi-national corporation, well, if you contribute a large sum of money into my bank account, then I'll look the other way when you hire hitmen to get rid of those damn whistleblowers. You're not a CEO or board member yet? We have special limited contracts where you can buy your own special status or even buy your very own congressman. If the donation is large enough...we can even talk about getting the CIA to make your enemies disappear... of coarse the confession by torture or land title forfiture will cost you more. Eventually we can secretly build you a front company to launder money that you got for that slave operation you had going in that banana republic. Eventually once we take care of that goddamned piece of paper called the constitution, well, we can even make you a viceroy in the New Amerika. <br />
<br />
Let's not make our troops pay with their lives for our indifference or fear. We owe them more than that. We seem in this country too willing to tolerate a lie.

Hey I have friends that have died in war and if I could I'd go and join them it would be an honor just to fight for my freedom and my family (which is my country) that Is what I stand by

I also am born American,yes and would like to thank our young men and women , for the fight for freedom and liberty we have. All people should be given the choice to choose their leaders and express their opion, freedom of religion, to expess the way one lives, is a human right for every spiritual being of the human family.

well put.

I come from a patriotic family. My father served in the Air Force, my brother in the Army and my nephew in the Army National Guard.<br />
My brother served in Operation Desert Storm 16 years ago and it was a very trying time. Back then, military personel were not allowed to disclose their location.....very different from today's "media" coverage....and we went through the entire year not knowing where he was. Talk about trying times!!!<br />
There were many comments and media coverage that said that that Desert Storm war was for nothing as well. However, as with my brother, most of them were not fighting for oil rights or possession, as so many claimed, but to try to stop the atrocities that were being played out in Kuwait and surrounding regions. <br />
How encouraging is that for the men and women who love this country and are willing to die to protect our freedoms.....such as hear?<br />
Is war ever good? How many of us really want to send our only loved ones to possibly die for a cause that they may or may not believe in?<br />
However, when I see pictures of individuals who have been helped by our NATO troops and the sacrifices they make for people who they don't even know....I have to stand and applaud.<br />
BRAVO American soldiers....BRAVO!

I was american

It's absurd to support this war. I'm not angry, I guess, but I do feel strongly. The chain of events was really quite silly. Bush gets elected, he sends a bunch of checks out to American citizens, then Osama and is henchmen attack the WTC. So, the economy crashes, and Bush promises to get Osama. When he fails at that, he pulls a serious non sequitur and goes to Iraq. Er? What's in Iraq? Weapon of Mass Destruction? Oops, not there. They are in North Korea, though, and Bush hasn't attacked them, despite their open admission to refining plutonium. Was it because Saddam was a dictator? Those exist all over the world. What's so special about Iraq, then? I'll give you a hint: we use it in our cars.<br />
<br />
If ever there was a war about money, this is it. So, thousands of people are dying over money. That's murder. Do you realize that with all the money that has been spent on this war, we could have built an infrastructure of renewable energy within the U.S. and been independent of oil? Not only that, but we could send thousands of people to college, helped a few small countries in need, and probably sent a nice fat check back to every citizen in the U.S.<br />
<br />
This is absurd, and it's embarrassing that Bush was elected twice. We are signing away our freedom because we are afraid (Patriot Act), and we are letting this buffoon continue his campaign of government sanctioned, massive scale terrorism.<br />
<br />
It's hard to be proud of your country when the rest of the world thinks you are an idiot for thinking so.

If the government told you you hatched out of an egg I'm sure you would believe them.

haha yeah met my wife over in Okinawa. She is my personal doc. (she is a navy corpsman and I am a former Marine) its ok you didn't know cupcake already gotton plenty of love being former was just teasing Silvertears a little. Besides your hubbie is doing the Hard work. I was in Okinawa getting my wife with child. Kinda feel guilty (only word I can think of that comes close) for it

actualy don't worry about myself silvertears everyone I started talking with even if they disagreed with me became a friend here. What about me though I am a husband in the military besides being former that means I get another piece of love right?

I believe that I started a war on here. Lots of good input though. Tinkerbell and CupCake, it is an honor to meet two loved ones of the proud and the brave. <br />
I am only to happy to thank each and every one that is standing up for us and I will gladly thank you as well, for the sacrifice that you are having to make as well. <br />
To all of the men and women fighting and all of their loved ones, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.


I must concur with that. To many people only see one side of the fence and don't even care whats on the toher side. I like not only knowing whats on the other side but seeing it to. Even if my side does have pertier paint your side looks I guess ok ;)

I like hearing other sides so I see no purpose in becoming nasty. I believe a debate could be good as long as it does not turn into a heated argument.

Habeus Corpus was not suspended for us it was suspended for detainees not American Citizens in fact one guy just won a case over that. Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri.<br />
<br />
The current law for it states that any alien declared an enemy combatant they (the american goverment) can refuse the right to Habeus Corpus. Which though in itself is not right it is also not the suspension of Habeus Corpus within the United States (or at least not what I thought you meant when you said it.)<br />
<br />
Now I do agree we should treat everyone like how we ourselves would want to be treated. I do not think enemy combatants should be in our legal system though. Nor do I think a non citizen of the US should be able to hide behind our constituion. We should strive to treat everyone with the same freedom that is granted by our consitution but only in the stories is that possible.<br />
<br />
I do appreciate what you said though CaptainWinky I hadn't known anything about any suspension besides the one during the Civil war until I started looking into it because I was talking to you. So thank you for helping educate me. I also thank you for being calm, respectful, and coherent during what could of been nasty (although I wouldn't of participated if it was nasty.)

Habeas Corpus has been suspended here since last year. About a week ago the Senate voted against reinstating it by I believe it was four votes. <br />
<br />
I do see where you are coming from with your scenario, but I do not believe pulling people's rights away from them like that is alright. I do not see any purpose in doing so in this point in time. <br />
<br />
Where is the threat? It seems to be coming directly from our own government.

To give a very easy answer that is not Jaded in American politics but is instead a situation that as far as we know has never happened.<br />
<br />
Habeas Corpus is the writ given to one who is being unlawfuly prisoned and forces the accuser to prove his authority or set him free.<br />
<br />
Now imagine I am the President and you are a reporter. Incomes my Secratary of Defense says that there is a nuke planted in L.A. Unfortunatley he said it loud enough for you to hear it.<br />
<br />
Now technicaly I can detain you for national security reasons (but we won't go into all of that as I am trying to make an outside statement), but in all truth my secratary of defense would be just as guilty. What is more likley is I am going to detain you without telling you why until the situation is defused.<br />
<br />
If I were to let you exercise your freedom and walk away for you are truley guilty of nothing as a journalist the first thing you will probaly do is tell the story. Could you imagine the panic widespread unrest and how much harder it would be to defuse the situation if the general public knew about it.<br />
<br />
Now yes I know that situation sounds familiar it was from Season 2 of 24, but it is a clear demonstration of when suspending it is a good thing.<br />
<br />
As for widespread suspension of Habeus Corpus that in itself is impossible in a free society that will fight it. Habeus Corpus does not count torward the republic but instead the individuals within it. We have the second ammendmant to fight that type of suspension which is realy a communistic or socialistic party being founded.<br />
<br />
Which brings me to the second ammendmant. Ther ight to bear arms has nothing to do with feeding or protection from gangs. The right to bear arms is so that if the need ever arises the people have the power to overthrow the installation.<br />
<br />
Now I know about the suspension of Habeus Corpus for individuals caught within a foriegn country and will not go into my feelings about that, but how is habeus Corpus being suspended here? Sorry if the question sounds snide that is not my intention I just want to know your thoughts about it.

How would suspending Habeas Corpus ever be necessary?

well we did not supply Japanese with pilots. If you think America was truley neutral during ww2 before pearl harbor you are sadly mistaken. I implore you to read the Royal Airforces casualty list look at where some of those people came from.<br />
<br />
America was in a place of Isolationism and was scared of a second great war. FDR did a lot of things behind the scenes to ensure that we did enter the war.<br />
<br />
As far as Habeus Corpus wouldn't be the first time it was suspended int his country. Lincoln did it during the civil war. Although I do think in this day and age the way it is being suspended though it might be nessecary makes it to easy for things to go the next step.

error in the last post habeus corpus was established in the 1640's not the 160's

Karalas, i find huge discrepencys in your first argument. the United States was comppletely neutral at the beginning of the Second World War. Yes, we were selling weapons to the Allies but we were also supporting Japan with oil and gasolene. Also, the French joined the American Revolution because they hated the English and had seen that the americans had what it took to win. We are not an outside party in this war. We attacked Iraq first and we were not defending Kuwait. I beleive you have this war confused with Gulf Storm. If this war is to protect human freedoms then why are we suspending basic freedoms (habeus corpus, a very old human freedom established by the English in the 160's) in our own country? I agree that the media is corrupt and that they spoon feed the American people tragedy. But, there is always a hint of truth in every lie.<br />
<br />
ps how does it ruin the clinton's credibility?

I do not watch television as it is literally the best brainwashing device ever to be invented. I read everything I can get my hands on. The media is biased and all are owned by a couple people. <br />
<br><br />
This was said in 1880 by John Swinton, managing editor of the New York Times: <br />
<br><br />
<B>"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. <br />
<br><br />
"There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. <br />
<br><br />
"The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? <br />
<br><br />
"We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes." <br />
<br><br />
</B>I look at as many sides as possible. Go on youtube and search for FEMA camps. See what you find.

I agree, they never show anything good anymore, only the bad, it is as if they want the whole world to be depressed and angry all the time.

The war was never declared by Congress making it illegal. If this is a legit war then was why Habeas Corpus uninstilled? And why did the Senate refuse to reinstate it just a few days ago? Why are there over eight hundred FEMA detention camps within the US alone? Anyone see a parallel between WWII and now?

why not germany didn't have anything to do with pearl harbor. Yet we were supplying plains to and pilots and weapons to our allies lone before pearl harbor happened. American revolution had nothing to do with France but if the French wouldn't of put up a blockade to stop British trade ship we probaly would of lost.<br />
<br />
In every war in history there are outside parties. I highlighted two that everyone hear I believe is familiar with. Part of what we do is defend our allies. Kuwait is one of them. A few facts did get fudged and I am very upset about that. <br />
<br />
The main one not being WMD's or apparent lack thereof. But what you actualy just commented on. We are over there for the right reason and a good reason. We meaning the non military public should of been told the truth from the get go. That does not invalidate the war. It just ruins certain peoples credibility. i.e. Colen Powell, Donald Rumsfield, President Bush, The Clintons.

Oddly enough, I support our troops being out there. Our country should be PROUD of what we've accomplished. I think Bush has done a decent job. Sure HIS family is getting richer, but in ALL wars, someone reeps the benefits..........

medicwarior, thre has been no connection between Iraq or Saddam Hussein and the terrorist attacks on 9/11. I agree that taking the fight to our enemies that attacked us (aka afganistan), but i do not support attacking someone who has no link to any attack on the US people (iraq). As someone who has not been to Iraq I do not know the strife of the people there and must take what i see in the media and from first hand accounts. I beleive that most Iraquis like us being there and that we have given them a better life, but are we starting a trend? Does this mean that we have to go into every country that the government is as we say "undemocratic, not free, or in strife"? Is that America's new role on the world stage, to free people in "undesireable places"?

trck what you just said happened to my friend once shortly after coming back from his first tour. All the troops I have met and its quite a few don't feel the war is moraly unsound. Infact if it was the troops would be just as guilty as the adminstration. Tell a local ground pounder who isn't messed up in the head to kill baby, rape a woman, torture prisoners. You know what he is going to do no matter what the person telling him to do it has on his collar. say Sir with all do respect **** you. At least that is what a Marine would say. I know from expierence and that was in a peace time situation.

The soldiers in Iraq are not fighting for our freedom. They are fighting for their supperiors. So that some general can get a pat on the back from the President. If our soldiers were fighting for our freedom don't you think that they'd be tightening security in the United States. The war has only created more terrorists and make this country a more dangerous place.

I support our troops 100% but i do not support this war. This war was one to get a dictator our of power, but what has taken his place? A regeime of violence, terrorism, and corruption. The main goal of this war was not to free people, but it was to gain oil and a handhold in the middle east. The troops in Iraq are only following orders. They are doing their best to carry out a moraly unsound mission. If you support them so much then why do you support the administration who sends them out to slaughter? I am proud to be an American. But not of because of America today. I am proud to be an American because of what we were yesterday, and hopefuly what we will be again in the future.

I totally agree 100%!!! I am a proud american myself and nothing is ever going to change that!! I too want to thank those brave men and women over there fighting for our country!!!

I am 100% American too!. I cry when I sing the national anthem and don't believe that anything we do is in vain, even if I don't agree with how it's being done. Our soldiers are our saviors and have always been, and they should be given all of our support. We as a country should give them the utmost respect and anything else they need. These are the brave that have saved us time and time again, even if we weren't part of the beginning history.

Thank you so much. People tell me how much they hate the war, and we shouldn't be over there. They are entitled to their own opinions, but we have to support our troops. Freedom isn't free, and some of them have to pay for it with their lives. They are men and women dying for people to complain about this war, and there are families at home grieving for the sacrafice that was made and people don't care. My husband left 2 weeks ago for Iraq, and it is nice to hear someone say thank you.

Ty Ty very much, Irishchick. There are too many people dying over this war to assume that it is for nothing. It is for everything.

Yay! You are really the first person who, although they don't really agree with the war, don't give stupid hating talk over it either. *Hands you a blow-pop* This is for your sensibility.