A Moment....................

I am putting this here because of the way I feel about it, I was traveling yesterday on US Air on my way home.  When we left I saw a Marine in full dress board the plane, I had also saw him walking around a plane, I didn't think much of it at the time other than maybe this Marine was on his way and they had a military aircraft drop him off and he was getting on the plane.

When we landed at our layover spot one of the stewardess asked everybody to remain seated so that one person who needed to be off the plane could do so first.  The others and I did what was asked, and everybody saw this Marine get up and walk out the right front door, which is the opposite side that you normally go out of.  Some were wondering why he went that way and were looking out the windows, they saw this Marine standing next to a casket.

He was taking a fellow Marine home.

The news of the view spread through out the plane, and the tone went from "getting off and making the connection" to "sober reverence".

People on the plane that may or may not support  the efforts of our men in the wars were all touched in their own way about it, I myself was mournful for the price that he had paid for me to be able to fly and travel. 

I have always supported the troops and when I come across a soldier either in camos or dress, I thank them if the opportunity arises for what they do.

I told my wife and friends about this experience and how it made us stop and think for a minute and pay a moment of silence to that fallen man, for how can we re-pay that debt for freedom.

It is something that is taken for granted all to often, and is abused by some and ignored by others.

I will always be proud to be an American, not for the polices or what person did what in the white house, but to honor those who have paid for my freedom with their lives and to them and their families I say "Thank You."

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41-45, M
Feb 21, 2009