Faces of America

"Hello", and God Bless, I just wanted to say that God has Blessed America thru following his Holy schriptures." His Word." And all of its principles where founded by it. So my point I'm trying to make is America has many faces, and many cultures. For those who say other ethnic groups have no place hear in this great land of ours. They are truely foriegners, who don't have the true concept of freedom. Being an American is not color, nor is it any one culture or creed. But it is the concept that  all men are created equal. We are all the children of God and we should all start to act like our father in heaven. If anyone find what I said to be offences then is is your right to do so. But I will not silence my voice because of it.

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2009

I hear and agree with what you say, Gson. Being American is believing in those strange ideas like all men and women being equal -- like people being more important than government -- like making space for each person to look for life, liberty, and happiness, as best as we are able. <br />
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So many of us love America, and stand up for what we believe; this is our strength. When someone says "If you don't like it, leave it!" or "Send the {}'s back to {}-land" I hear someone who has forgotten what this is all about.

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Somehow it has become PC to not stand up for America esp. if you believe in God. I love this country, also.<br />
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