Does anyone else notice how teens these days have no respect? I'm only 25 but atleast I have manners. Ugh, I feel for Americas future.
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Isn't it funny how 20 somethings think they're superior to today's teenagers...and in thinking so they use the broad generalization fallacy?

I am with you 100% here

#DamnMillenials #GetOffMyLawn :-D

I agree

Maybe, not everyone.. But a lot, anyway. Idk..

le wrong generation

i feel for the future in general.

i agree

Don't blame the kids. Parents today allow it. I'm sure if my parents would have allowed me to be rude to them and other adults when I was growing up I would have. We as a society are raising kids that will later become adults that we wouldn't want to be around because of their manners.

They sure don't. It's sad because there out future:-/

Try the over 60's they are very ill mannered.

Got slapped around eh?


I know!!!!Today children can easily insult someone without considering their feelings and use foul/slang words easily!!I am like 15 but my mind is like an old wise adult and i know it may sound like boasting but I feel like a mature guy since I know how to treat people well and speak and think well! I sometimes feel that this generation has got no hopeful future!I hope some charisma happens or The Friend's Movement do some miracle!

Nice hi i am 13 and i love america ( hehehe but the way authoress said was a little bit funny right?)

No I don't think so!We all think that today's generation think only of fun and hence don't think abt other's feelings!!

yeah that's totally right we should think before saying anything!

U know today a random girl called me a psycho!I was like WTH!Does she even know its meaning!Frankly speaking I don't even think about it for those people who belong to that so called category!

Ugh! A girl called me pshyco too they dont even think what they are sayin!

I swear!!!

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Yes I have noticed it as well. I can imagine it can be difficult to "find yourself". Sooner or later, they must learn that respect is a requirement.

Not just America, It seems to be the general direction of the world with growing population, media, and technology. Media and technology is giving more power to youth, and with power often comes that dis-respective behavior.

It's all about them eh lol

Yes, I have noticed many, not all, have hardly any respect.

Hahaha I thought that when I was yr age, omg what will the next generation think of the teens, lol

no one appreciated me and my daughter for first be'ing nice people to communicate with, so hey it's nice to hear some possative word's come out the enemy's mouth!

like the world revolves around them only
Its just pathetic
some will grow out of it and the reality of life will wake them up
but sadly some will remain this way
and further deteriorate
and hurt themselves in the long run

its like they run after the short easy immediate gratification

rather than the long tough but permanent rewarding goal

they choose ignorance over wisdom
just because they are too lazy to stick it out for the lesson

I don't think it is be'ing too lazy at all! I think it is the health condition of anxiety, and depression! NO one ever consider's that possability! so my daughter and I changed the way we communicate with most other's! I will add that I waited until the woman that had the attitude did something to deserve it! after 20 year's of tollarating her bulling, she decided to place a spell on me for nothing! that resulted in 3 nervous break down's! then she decided to get drunk off of taquila and bite a small hole in my left arm! after all that, I said the heck with it! I won't be nice to people anymore! now I get an attitude with her, and she say's nice thing's to make me feel better!

I think your circumstance is definately unique and with trial and error and further trial you have found what works for you when dealing with that individual. I don't think it was right that person took advantage of your tolerance as a weakness and you had to show her that you have courage and you will stick up for yourself but that one persons behavior is only what some people do to other humans because of a lack of self control. Other people like you said put on a front of depression and anxiety or fear being mean to them will only further their fear and anxiety or depression.
In truth there is so many factors to why people behave the way they do but I was just talking in general to the common factor of some teens, not all, are dealing with their disrespectful choices and attitudes.
Its a heavy thing to deal with the disrespect but diving deeper into the meaning takes even more depth and personal experiences to further elaborate.
I was just being general in my comment to save time.
I'm glad you stood up for yourself and you are getting the respect and I'm sorry it took you to not be nice anymore just to get it from that lady.
not all cases are that way
good luck

yea I realize it's not every one! I think an individual's astrology sign has so much to do with the way they treat people! I have studied sign's for many of year's, and our thought's come from the energy of other plannet's in space! each plannet has a different kind of energy, and as the plannet's move in outer space, they circle other plannet's! that mixes up energy, like mixing seasoning up in a pot while cooking! and if the person recieves negative energy? they will think negative thought's! it's called telepathic energy! I won't continue with the sience info. because most people find it very confusing! but, I enjoy learning how our brain's think as human's! and where the thought's come from! very interesting to me! anyway my previous enemy is a sagitariuos! her energy come's from the plannet Neptune! and I have a hard time trusting sagittarious women now! but strangely, sagitarious men speak much nicer! and it make's me wonder, are they just trying to be on their very best behavior to get my attention? or does men's neptune energy mix with a different plannet's energy, than the women, when they are recieving energy for thinking purpases? sagittarious women could just be recieveing neptune energy alone, when they speak so rude! and sagittarious men could be recieving neptune, and venus energy for an example, for the men to have much sweeter thought's! I don't know that answer for sure? but I sure am wondering? just for the education reason's of it! I already have my arie's man, and am happy forever! but, I would like to understand the difference! brinkley

I also enjoy Astrology
and I have not learned about the planets and their energies just yet.
There is so much to learn.
Actually I have been researching about the moon sign.
I have learned that the sun sign is an outer reflection and our tendencies in the public eye and the moon sign is a inner reflection and our tendencies in are private time or relationships.

I have also heard about the Ascending sign but have not gone far because it looks a little harder to get than the other signs but nonetheless I see the sun sign is only part of the Astrology of Human birth signs than we know.

I also know what you mean about certain signs that can be really hard to get along with. I have always found myself being challenged very strongly by the Aries sign.

Maybe its the moon sign of the Sagittarius women and the moon sign of the Sagittarius men that is making the difference for you.
I do not look to astrology for prediction but rather I research for human behavior and the tendencies of those born under that particular sign that I am so interested in learning about and how they interact with other signs, I am also aware there is many many factors in the world emotional and physical that make up the humans life and their individuality.


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unfortunately it doesn't have much of one. Unless you enjoy a total fascist police state.

America was built on disrespect for the Old Guard, you should remember that

yes, I am 40 and my daughter the 1st. born was raised to have respect, and negative influences she said from other's influenced her that be'ing a nice lady wouldn't get her nothing but ran over by other's! and she explained to them that her mom taught her to be nice like that! they said yea and get pushed around? and I couldn't say that isn't true, because people will take advantage! but I did sujuest for her to choose nicer friend's herself! but she decided to be a little blunt toward's people! and NOT alway's nice! and since then I her mom have to agree, the nicer I am, the meaner other's are! so I am working on not be'ing too nice now! I was raised by my grand ma, she alway's said the nicer you are, the more respect people will give you! well maybe in her day's that generation was that away? but in our generation now, people are not appreciative of a nice, friendly, helpful, person! the nicer we are, the more we are taken advantage of! the more we speak with a attitude, the more respect we recieve back! in my opinion that is messed up! but if we must speak with an attitude, to recieve respect, then an attitude we will use! rude people are changing our world 1 person at a time! brinkley

Today's society vilifies teens. Not all teens are brats or gangsters. Also, there are more pressing issues in this country; why are we spending so much time worrying about the youngest generation when the generations that are currently in charge cannot
seem to fix any problems?

That's a political issue. The problem is having to vote for a person who represents a party. They should be elected for their merits and what they say they can do for the country and the people, only. Make it easier to remove them from office if they don't fulfill those promises and they'll work a lot harder knowing what they face.

when people are just persistant to speak ugly, I just get sick of be'ing the only nice one! if people can't appreciate a wonderful personality, then fine, I won't speak nice! and I worry about it, because I have a compationate heart! mean thing's bother me! and I mostly do stay to myself, and find something to intertain myself with! but, I have people to deal with in life, like everyone else doe's! and I don't speak as nice to them anymore! and to be honest, there attitude did change! they are nicer now! before they were a bully!

Rupearlier, the problem is, the generations currently in charge are the ones influencing the younger generation's behavior and morals -- or not, as the case may be. If they don't receive proper guidesmanship from their elders, what hope is there for them? This is why I firmly believe customer service, and the entire service industry, is going to get much worse and more frustrating than it already is because a generation that knows nothing about being genteel and respectful will be inheriting it. A lot of these tech-savvy kids may be sharp, but with those skills and savvy will come brusque and rude behavior because they honestly won't know any better.

bring back corporal punishment

When I was a teen in school, you not only had to worry about being disciplined by your parents but the teacher could smack you with a ruler if you were disrespectful. You would learn to be respectful one way or another.

He hurt his child. It was beyond a spanking, I think and also had a report of abuse regarding his other child. He's a bully. There's a difference.

Maybe they've taken a look at the world they grew up in and found it to be not particularly worthy of respect.

I don't think there's much to be respectful of.
Most adults and adult institutions are full of lies and corruption.

If everyone takes on this attitude then were all doomed. I meet some very good people, who sincerely care for others and go out of their way to help in times of need.

I don't agree, just as a forest requires a fire to grow again. Society can also become clogged and stagnant.
It is the young and brave that sweep the nonsense away and build better institutions. Of course this is never popular with the old guard

I don't think your referencing to the same class of teens the rest of us are. Your speaking of caring respectful people. That want to make a difference and work hard to better things for everyone. It's not that good teens are nonexistent but there seems to be a greater percentage than I can remember that just don't care about anyone but themselves.

Now you're just trying to sideline my contribution with your "the rest of us".
As if your - and your pals that you agree with - "take" is the only one of any value.
The original post is that teens have no respect. My argument is that's because your institutions are full of lies and hypocrisy.
The way you talk to me, if I was a teen and you gave me that attitude I would be disrespectful too, and with good reason!

It's about teens, who are under the control and guidance of their parents not corrupted by institutions. That comes later in their lives.

The institutions corrupt them from the moment they are born in a hospital, they go to play groups at 2 or 3, and then school from 5 or so. The indoctrination begins in earnest there.
Meanwhile as they are growing up their parents are watching television presumably and being influenced by their work lives and they bring that home and its expressed through them onto the child's values or sense of self via what they say and how they behave with the child.
The suggestion that the problem somehow originates when they are teenagers is laughable. If you want to blame anyone - and you seem desperate to blame someone, - start with the parents, and try and find out why they are not bringing their children up in a way you like.
Of course what you like might not be relevant, but at least open your eyes to how society affects itself from cradle to grave.

You should be a public school teacher so you can experience first hand these types of teens. Had the pleasure of handing out balogna sandwiches and water during hurricane Katrina only to be cursed for not having McDonald's food by teens. Not by the adults who are well aware of some of the corruption within our society. They were more than happy to eat something and thanked me. To condone this type of behavior is ludicrous. .

Keep playing your sentimental "look at me aren't I wonderful" card

I think there was a 15 yr old who agreed with you. Make you happy?

But the truth even though.

Until you and your ilk and elk realise you are part of the problem there will continue to be a problem. There's an inter-connectedness in all things. All you want to do is pretend you're on the side of the good and wonderful and you are beset by problems that are outside of you.
You can do all the good deeds you want. As many of us do. (We don't all brag about it btw.)
If you want to use the fact that you do good deeds as a stick to beat me with, who has done nothing to you but disagreed with you, then you clearly have issues which I would argue, are similar to those throughout the systems that create the kind of bad behaviour you all endlessly whine about.
ps (from separate posts, I fired off too quickly)
sarcasm and cheap abuse is all you got left ...
You talk to me like I came down with the last shower - just because I don't agree with you. -

Of course we need fresh generations and they come up with fresh ideas. Cato and Cicero were horrified by Julius Caesar when he was young because he directly challenged and threatened their "old guard". So that's nothing new. We just have to hope the new generation knows what they're doing and that we've educated them well. But, with the state of education these days, with its sole emphasis on self-confidence, I don't think we are giving them the best we can.

And you're dead set on blaming everyone else for all the problems that teens have. You choose to ignore some of the obvious. Like parents neglecting their children. Go ahead teach them it's ok to act this way. Let's see how far they get in life with that attitude.

I was the one that said "start with the parents"

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Parents not paying enough attention. I can't believe the disrespect that some show. If parents allow them to talk to them with disregard, we have little chance of getting any respect. They are the future care takers of America. Trouble lies ahead for sure.

The funny things is, the teens don't really change that much, we just get more mature is all!

This was what our parents and elders felt when we were young and in our teens.Don't worry dear they will be ok,just give them their space to grow. Regards, Vinod

You and i both. And its not just teens. Plenty of adults that are just as bad. Ridiculous

The kids of these days do not know how to work hard...they mess around, play with their phone...and just plain sloppy work habits. It's like they were never taught to work hard and take pride in the job that they do.

Wow, have you got a job to be proud of? What's that like? Can I have it?

You see, that is my point...many want something...but do not have the tenacity to work for it. They expect it given to them on a golden platter.

What you've observed is the result of teaching kids that they can do no wrong and shouldn't be expected to take the blame for anything. This has been going on for as long as I've been alive (I'm 44). We have a very young generation now that expects everything to be handed to them, is selfish, knows nothing about basic politeness and has no sense of responsibility, either for themselves or their actions.

Couple this with the fact that they can't write or do even basic math and we've got a real problem on our hands. Generation Z will probably turn out even worse than the Ys. (No offense to you -- hell, even my X generation contributed to this problem, as did my parents' Baby Boom generation.)

It's not too late. This can be turned around. But it's got to start now. We have to stop telling kids they can do as they like and protecting them from responsibility and acceptance of mistakes.

Scary thought. One day some of these brats will be decision making politicians.

Oh my God, that's terrifying! Think what a mess they could make of the Middle E... OK, bad example. But I mean, the Western economy could be... no, let me try again. The clima- no. (Help me out. Point out something that's working well right now, and I'll happily chime in on how the upcoming generation will ruin it.)


I agree with you, not enough role models at home these days.