Why do other countries hate us so much? Why do they feel the need to terrorize us? Attack us? Threaten us? Kill our people? Our friends? Our loved ones? Why are they keeping our soldiers captive and chopping their heads off? For what? To send us a message? What message? The only message they're sending us is giving us more of the reason to despise them.

What gave them the right to do this to our country? What rights do they have? None. What reason do they have? What reason, besides not liking how our country is run? There is no reason. No logical reason, besides hate, arrogance, ignorance, Ethnocentrism and evil. Anger. Perhaps even jealousy.

They can not, and will not force their beliefs onto this country. And since we do not think like them, live like them, and act like them, they hate us and think we're a terrible country.

Why do they care so much about the way we live? They don't live here. It isn't their problem. Why can't they just worry about their own country and leave ours, and whomever else they're harassing alone?

What confuses me the most is, why do they hate our country so much? Is it because we have more freedom? It it because we care more about our people and whats right them? Is it because we have rights for women? Where women can work, and do basically anything a man can do? Where women don't have to cover themselves head to toe, even on smoldering hot days because it is wrong to show skin? Because women don't have to obey to men, and get beaten and treated poorly by men and do everything the man wants? Is it because women can walk in front or besides a man instead of behind them? Because men are not allowed to be married to more than one women at a time, legally? Because we're allowed to have as many children as we want? Because women are allowed to speak their minds with freedom of speech? Because we don't treat prisoners and people who break the law so poorly that we execute them in front of the whole town by tying them onto a pole in a ditch, throwing rocks at them until they die a miserable, humiliating death? Because people don't get convicted of crime and killed here for silly things like having an affair behind a mans back or trying to get a divorce?

Do you see how so much of this concerns women s rights?

I am not saying this to insult other countries, I am saying this to defend and stand up for mine. I am not saying my country is the best country. I am saying that my country has done nothing wrong with these situations, and has done many more amazing things that I do not have the time to go on about. I am saying this because my country doesn't deserve to be terrorized. No country does. I am an American, I will always defend it.

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When you go and stay in those countries and then look at America, you would ask the same question. Why does America want to bully everyone.

I'm so tired of people saying America is the "bullie". if we bullied everyone we wouldn't have so many allies. Lol. And I would never enter he middle eastern area. I'm a woman. If I go there I'd be treated like **** and probably never would be able to leave.

America doesn't have any more or less allies as Turkey, France, Britain, Spain, Italy in fact every allie is in Nato. If anyone read this post I worry about you getting out you wouldn't be let in.

what do u mean you worry about me getting out and not being let in? no one is going to take a post made by one person and supported by a couple of other people and make it effect an entire nation. in reality, thousands of people share the same opinon as me, even people who do not live in the U.S. but, there are also thousands of people who don't agree. sooo many people in the world, its impossible for everyone to believe and agree with each other. escpecially about things like this. obviously i am not going to change your mind (wasnt trying to either) and you're not going to change mine.

That's why you will forever remain totally ignorant of anything that really happening to your country and the rest of the world.

If you would only consider, what if I were right, not that I am saying im correct, you are unable to consider proving me wrong, not by saying I am, I mean proving im wrong.

If you did you would have to understand both arguments and with accredited proof one way or another the truth will become clear.

Then perhaps you will be able with knowledge, apprehiation and hard facts prove your point, not spouting your mind control news media.

Failiar to address the propaganda of your media, proves only that you are a mind controlled drone, now prove me wrong.

Well! you control the global currency and hence global trade. People have no option but to toe the line. All your fiscal blunders have to be forgiven. In case other currencies start getting used for Oil trade, and within a year we will come to know how many 'allies; you have :)

I'm positive the allies we have aren't affords of us lol. I have heard many of our allies say amazing things about the US

Do you know for a fact that these countries hate us because they're scared of us? No you don't. If you did research you would actually know that these countries support us cause they actually like us. If you researched, you would know that 95% of the countries who actually don't like America are from the Middle East. Interesting.

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I think its because the us likes to intefere with other countries affairs

It's quite naive to imagine a world where one nation does not interfere. China, for instance, is causing an uproar in East Asia by challenging the naval stability of The Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia, who all enjoy the protection of the US Navy. My point here is not to single out China as an evildoer, but to underscore that this is how great powers behave.

All countries have their best interest at heart.

Lol I won't say whether China is good or bad. I am a Chinese and well I find it right to support China.

I think we understand each other completely.

I think its all about nationality and race

In the case of Germans I would say the people are too overwhelmed by national pride. They see Nazis conquering other countries as a sign of strength. That gave them a strong sense of superiority, makes them think that they are in a powerful race. I don't blame them really, if I were them, I would too.

As for the countries that is being conquered, they see Germans and the Nazis as evil. They hate them for the pain they inflicted on their country.

The country where you are from and your race can infleunce your opinion on this matter

Like the author OF THIS post which is American, she questioned why the people attack us, terrorize us. But what I see is the US intefere with other countries affair too much. While the arabians (Talibans, ISIS), well u know how they see America

It all comes down to nationality and race

That is happening everywhere around the world

Exactly my point

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Your approach is levelheaded and substantiated. It is also quite clear that you are well aware of the nature and driving forces of the terrorists in question.

What I would like to add, however, is the one thing that is lacking: power. Any great power will necessarily leave a large footprint in global affairs. And this will increase by the size of the footprint. As the greatest power in the history of mankind, America will time and again draw resentment and scorn from those who have been shortchanged by historical events. Occasionally, it will reach seismic proportions which send shock waves through the international system.

We call it "blowback"; they call it revenge.

I just don't understand how people who live in this country hate it so much. we're doing so well, and they act as if we're monsters and that they aren't even grateful for what we have hear.

People who carry this sense of entitlement are notorious ingrates, and their resentment is a thinly veiled attempt at justifying their blind hatred.

America is doing so well

GDP the lowest since the depression
Gun violence up 12%
Unemployment at an all time high
Education dropped out of the top 100 countries.
The National debt at 1.7 trillion, impossible to even repay the interest, forget repaying the actual debt.
Homelessness the greatest amount of people living on the streets since before records began
At the brink of the crashing of the US Dollar and of coarse the crash of Wall st.
US military budget is greater by far than the rest of Nato put together.

Is that your informed opinion of,
"America is doing so well", is it?

She's an idiot.

A conformist, fool.

People like me should be the ones leading this "country", not charismatic charming lying fools. They turned the forefathers dream into a corporate monster.

β€œIn politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill... we do not ask for the handsomest physician, or the most eloquent one.” ― Plato

Are you okay, mentally speaking? GDP has never been higher and unemployment -- at 5.9 percent -- is currently on par with pre-recession levels. You may have celebrated in 2009-2010, but America is back on track -- and in 2016 we will elect a president who won't be ashamed of his country.

Obama is the first president to hold annual apology tours. With the ISIS strikes he has actually returned to his role as statesman, implementing a redefined version of the Carter Doctrine, which you should be old enough to remember.

Ignorance is no excuse for poor manners, and I won't enter a bout of name-calling. What I will do, however, is introduce the Carter Doctrine to you:

"An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force."

To follow Obama's course, simply replace "outside force" with "terrorist network" and you'll see the continuation of 40 years of US foreign policy. Live and learn.


How are we doing well being trillions in debt and having a economy that is about to crash? How are we doing good when we have citizens on the streets and houses open with no one in them, how are we doing good when everything is about business and corporation? You're such an misinformed fool, just saying. How are we doing good when we have ill people that cannot even get help because the medical here is so ******? How are we doing good when we have garbage processed foods being sold instead of health being treated as important? How are we doing good having our government lie to our faces just to get into office? How are we doing good? You tell me. How are we doing good having NSA spy on us? How are we doing good that citizens sacrifice their liberties and "freedom" for false security and comfortableness? How are we doing good that we go and attack other countries to steal their resources and use sleazy shady business tactics?

Wow I am amazed by ur ignorance
No offense

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I assume you're referring to some of the Islamic nations that have assaulted the United States civilians in the past. To answer your question, I think these people hate the citizens and their religions; not the country itself. Our government says we can have whatever religion we want, meaning that the government is passive towards Islam itself.

The problem here is illiteracy. The losers who strike out against us don't even know the Quran as well as most muslims who were born in first-world countries. It's sad, really. They think that's their place in the world, that they're sacrificing themselves in a struggle against Lucifer. And could you even imagine that yourself? It would be amazing to think you were helping so much... but in the midst of such a deceptive delusion.

Just to be clear, I'm not against Islam at all.

Because that's what some1 wants you to think and be terrorised , so that they can do what they want right infront of our eyes.

its because we are the largest (and easiest) target to shoot at. God help anyone if we get as pissed as we did back in 1941 (pearl harbor). Then they are toast.

Never mind the anti- American Hype.

Let take USA out of the equation and we would have a North Korea attacking South Korea, maybe even Japan.
We would have India and Pakistan in a shooting war, maybe with nukes.
We would have the old USSR back faster than you can count to tree.
We would have a middle East that glove in the dark, because when Israel finally is overrun they would use nukes.

That calls for interesting times.

Many ears ago, I spent a summer in Europe with 22 young Americans. It was sure an eye opening.
They all came from different states, yet it was as if, they all thought the same.
Your education system falls very short of being well rounded. It is as if the SUN only rises and falls on the USA.
The USA is not in charge of us all!
We have the united nations that are their to have the rest of us come together, to bring resolve to world crises.
So before you point finger, look at your own back yard first.
Why if the black population is so small 5-10% yet they make up most of the population in the prison system.
I could write a book as to why we hate you so much....but to grow you need to wake up and figure this out for yourself.
Quote for you:
Tao Te Ching

Knowing others is intelligence;
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
Mastering yourself is true power.

The international system is and will be in a state of anarchy. Beyond the ghosts amassed in your fantasies, no one is in charge.

we're all taught the same when it comes to education and morals because we all live in the same country. The U.S. Isn't separated by states when it comes to education. Just cause we don't live in the same area doesn't mean we're different the one another

Other nations go through worse, don't think that is an American problem. Also our media in the West wants us to be in fear, because fearsome nations are easy to control and suppress. There is always an enemy at the gates. They'll tell us.

nah we just poke fun at your reality shows and sarcasm.

I hate our reality shows as well lol, I find them to be so stupid. As for sarcasm, I love sarcasm.

I'm from Dalaran

WoW lol.

o.o and where is that?

i'm not american, but i'm not from the middle east either. but from an outsider perspective, you're the ones who are bombing everyone for petrol...
but besides that, i don't have a problem with american citizens, what makes me a little bit angry it's that they think that they're the only ones in the world. i get it, you're probably the most important economy in the world. you have a lot of power. but it's unbelieveble the kind of ignorance that most of americans have about everything that it's outside their borders.
there are some americans who are not like that, of course. but i'm talking about the majority. i've encountered americans who did not know very basic knowledge that most people know, like that spain is in europe NOT in south america. it's basic geography, guys. it doesn't hurt knowing stuff like that, and more now that ever when the world is so connected by globalization.

i forgot: i don't know if you know this, but in 1970, america helped installing many dictatorships all over south america, so they could have control over us. not exactly innocent butterflies...

Opposite of innocent.

Americans tell you what they do (democracy) others just don't and they still participate.

Desensitization through media and etc.

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its because the US is bombing the Sh*t out of everybody. The US politicians feel its right to remove the rights for anybody (except themselves) to create bombs.

Don't call them politicians, they're not. This is not true politics, it is the corrupted version. This was never what politics was meant to be or the correct usage of it.

we only do that when we feel threatened. Like any other country has done when they have felt threatened

What the hell has America been threatened by/with.

No one has illegally invaded America, or commited atrocious murder of half a million kids and nearly 2 million of their parents.

Where is the threat, where is the terror of which you speak.

US makes trillions out of selling weapons to the whole world. this is just a fact that started world war 2 or earlier. Watch the daily show with john stewart and your MISINFORMATION levels will go down.
You MISINFORMATION level is product of the US wanting you to know its protecting itself when it feels threatened, when its really just making mone out of poor people's misery.

Very good
Then I guess is legitimate for the arabic countries to bomb and terrorize America cuz they too felt threatened.

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I have to ask: Is this satire?

If not it comes from a biased perspective. We bomb and terrorize much more than any country or terrorist group. I couldn't help but imagine all the "freedom memes" and how perfectly they fit in with this.

Yes, the majority of the world hates us, and for good reason. Besides the obvious acts of terrorism, espionage, and general dickary we often act like pompous a*holes. I think the majority of the hate is aimed at our government and not as us, the people. Sure, you have some people that hate us directly but they are in the minority. Most of the world can see the actions of our government do not directly reflect the will of the people(which is a sad statement).

Why are there no knock knock jokes about America? Because Freedom rings.

"You think you're free? Go somewhere without money." - Bill Hicks

Sorry to burst your bubble... this is not America anymore. We provoked the hostility from greedy and shady business/corporate tactics.

Simply put, we are not a country anymore... we are a corporate business.

Hear, hear.

Simply because it's war, people want to have power... It can't exactly all be one sided, i bet that the cause of war is from both sides... So maybe the usa provoked them..

we provoked them cause they don't like the way we live. They provoked us by causing 9/11.

Arabs have no interest in your country, why would they as there are millions of brain washed drones like you there.

Will you stop already wiv the WTC.

It was an inside job, black flag, treason, covert mission, own bloody goal.

Your Bush Government deliberately with malice commited unconstitutional genocide on 3000 Americans to commit more war crimes in Iraq, introduce the Patriot act, create Homeland security and attempt to dissarm the American people.
Do you think that all happened by chance.

You and people just like you allowed all this to happen.

You have allowed Obama to tear up the constitution and importantly your Bill of Rights.

Your blind faith will see your FEMA camps full of your fellow Americans.
The rest can just die of Ebola.

I would say ur countries love the oils

Who wouldn't love oil?

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america is the only country who attacks other countries & nobody hate the US the media keep us live in fear & freedom lol with bills we are living as slaves .. have you ever been out of America ?

America is not the only country to attack other countries... You learn that in global history lol. Countries have attacked other countries even when the US wasn't involved lol. Everyone has their enemies. And no, I haven't. And there are only select places I would go if I did leave.

Arabs koreans Iranians and so on when an american visit them they give them the big respect & you should defend the human rights not the country i won't support my country they kill and cause problems

Please don't leave the your US, id hate you to miss your FEMAcamp booking.

We have a lot of Yanks here already. Odd as they are smart and cringe when your President appears on the news and spews BS to an adoring crowd. You see the Yanks slide down the couch knowing someone will turn around to them and say to them, " do Americans really believe the fukkin crap coming out of this wankers mouth".

So if you do leave the "Land of the free and home of the brave", be prepared to be ripped apart with your drone core beliefs.

As we have a freer press than the US, why is that, coz the people outside of the US won't suffer the BS Americans will.

First of all, I will leave if I want too.
Second of all, the places I would be going would be the places where people like the US and don't have issues with us, Ireland for example. They love americans.
Third of all, don't make it seem like all your people would "rip me apart" if they saw me, cause not everyone shares the same beliefs as you, just like no everyone in America shares the same beliefs as each other.

I know many people who have gone to other countries and were welcomed in open arms. So many people leave the U.S. For vacations and for school, and they return with no negativity about being american.

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Americans are the world's bullies......

No we're not. If we're the "words bullies" why are so many illegal immigrant running away from their countries to come here? :) people think we're bullies just cause we have achieved so much. We help out other countries. we help out or allies. obviously we're not gonna help people who don't like us. I mean, China is considered to be a better country then the US, but you don't see is hating them about it.

We do hate on China. We owe them billions of dollars.

Correction, The Fed has borrowed 1.7trillion from the Chinese central bank.

The Fed and TCCB are part owned and controlled by the Bank of England,( the daddy of them all)

At this point Obama has no say in this. The interest on the fed/chinese loan is set in private and could well be 0% interest, this info will never be revealed.

Then the Fed sets the interest rate that the US will have to re-pay. The source of money to repay the Fed is raised by taxes of the people.

The people pay their taxes with the Federal Reserve Dollars. The government re-pays the loan from the Fed in government bonds.

Government bonds are actually certificates of "Stock", I.e. people.

The bond market trades effectively in populations, of people used to be bought and sold daily.

Who said the Slave trade had been abolished. lol.

Only a part of Islam is Arab. Muslims come from all over the world to live in the US, I lived there myself for 18 years. The people of the Middle East generally don't move to America.

They live in first world countries and most seem happy to leave their country forAmerica as it was America that bombed the bollocks out of their country in the first place.

Help when there is common interest and common benefits

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I'm your friend and all but this is looking for trouble..

I was simply posting my feelings about what's happening to the place I live in. I poured my heart into this post because I support my country and for all of our innocent people who were murdered by terrorism. this was meant for people who felt the same as I do about our country. Wasn't meant for bashing and hurtful debating. Most people failed to see the actual point of my post. Most negative comments came from people who don't even live in the US or from the Middle East. So why are they even commenting. I don't understand how it was looking for trouble, everything I said in the post was true. Lots of (not all) but lots ofMiddle eastern people hate Americans simply because we don't share the same beliefs as them and don't live the same as they do. What right do they have to tell us how we should or should not live?

You can support your country without starting drama.
You added stuff you weren't 100% informed about. We've bombed innocent people as well. Afghan and Iraq haven't been our only problems.

Yeah, but the only people who have performed terrorism on the US since 9/11-now , were from the Middle East. that's why I was talking about them and not other countries. Everything I stated about them hating us for the way we live and think since it differs from theirs is true. And I didn't understand why considering how our country is compared to theirs. America is filled with illegal immigrants cause they're running away from those places, and other places. They're running away for a reason, and they're coming here. Idk how anything in my post was drama related. Dint think so many people who lived in the US hated it so much here. Let them all go to the Middle East, and any other place that's run like that and then they can tell me what they think

Because instead of saying that you're a diehard American, you started talking about terrorism and such.
You asked questions but didn't like the answers.

You flatly refuse to understand that critiscism of your or anyone roses country is healthy.

To make elected servants of the nation accountable is positive, its correct, its Democracy.

You think for some reason its treasonous to speak out against your country, that's undemocratic.

Are you a Fascist sugar, seems you are.

Do you even know what a Fascist is sugar.

Were you taught fascism when you should be learning democracy.

You say fellow Americans should go and live in the Middle East if the hate the US, the don't hate their country, what they hate is the warmongering government that has raped your fantastic country.

The founding fathers never meant America to be filled with people who never question and never object to the leaderships direction, people who are prepared to stand up and say what you are doing is wrong stop it now, lest we will vote you out.

America was never meant for people like you.

Apparently America's politicians have many back handed dealings with other countries that the average citizens know nothing about. They often pit one country or leader against another so that they will not have to directly conflict with countries as a "means to justify their end desires." Unfortunately, it is the American citizens who suffer they travel abroad and are taken as targets for frustrated angry groups and people to take their hate out on. Still, your statements are mostly true. It is just the dealings our politicians make in the "back room" to "throw the rock and hide their hands" and all at the same time remain a "super power" is what keeps the US citizens the objects of extreme hate.

Where o where did you get this idea that Middle Eastern people hate America because they have the same beliefs as them and don't live the same as they do.

Just examine what you have said.

Are you saying its a religous, lifestyle fight?
Obviously that is just juvenile.

The reason America is hated is simply because, America is bombing the **** out of innocent civillians, illegally invading, commiting untold war crimes, all for a vile group of Banksters that you don't even know exists.

An Iraqi does give a **** what you believe in or how you run your highly confused life, no he's too busy dodging US bombs, keeping his family safe, fed with a roof over his familys head.

He has no interest in you or your anal country.

He just wants the murder to stop and peace to rule.

Your dillusion has no part in this debate.

I asked those specific questions cause they related to more of the reason on why they hate us. They don't like our way of living and because we won't change they don't like us. How is that fair? Killing Americans because they're mad that we don't believe like they do isn't a good reason for murder.

You don't know the full story, Lisa.
The government hides **** from us all the time. We're TOLD THEY started it yet everyone in Afghanistan is probably being told WE started it.

So basically everyone in every country is being lied to cause the world sucks?


I'm not gonna sit here and act like I know what's going on but you know not only Americans are on this site..

I know not only Americans are on this site, but they shouldn't be in the "I am an American" group if they're not american. I don't really care who they are where they are from, I was writing for my country, not theirs. It's funny tho, half he people who commented on this with negativity were not from the US or the Middle East, therefor it didn't even concern them in the slightest, yet still said ****. The other half were people who actually live in this country. If they hate it so much they should leave. I'm sure they'll be back depending on where they go. I was not insulting any country that wasn't in this post. I have great fascinations and support towards most countries. Just not the ones who are the only ones sitting here killing my people.

Why do you think they care about how you live your life and what you believe in? What makes america so special that they have to care soooo much about how you live and believe in?

What makes America so special compared to the Middle East? either you don't live here, or you were never informed of what we have.

3 words - rights. Freedom. Equalization.

we have so many rights in our country that they don't have.

One of the big ones, that you would've gotten if you read my post, was women.

they hate how women here have so many rights and how they're equal to men, and how we have laws protecting them against abuse and being controlled. women here aren't looked down upon and disrespected like they are in certain areas of the Middle East.

Why do you think the U.S. Has so many illegal immigrants and run aways? They're coming here to live with rights.

That is their culture really, u can disagree with it.
And why should they hate the women at America having rights? U Americans are not arabians

I believe they are happy living in their own arab world. Why would they feel the need to convert ur country?

Ur country is intefering with them, that's why

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It's not about rights, or freedom or anything your country has fed you. It's about long ingrained conflicts of visions of the world as it is and should be. Islam is not a wrong religion any more than Christianity, and not every Muslim has radical views. The USA is a target because it represents an ideal that encompasses everything Islam rejects in it's purest form.

YOU don't need to be scared, you DO need to get off your high horses and follow something other than Fox News for a change. Don't believe the hype. You're fine. The country is doing fine. If you want to help and really understand other culture's resentment towards America, take a history lesson in any other country (lol).

But seriously, don't worry, if you go down, we all go down with you, and although I'm sure there are people that doesn't bother, it's not a sustainable way of doing anything.

Yes, we don't like you because you're fat and lazy and obnoxious, but you'll be fine America, as long as we all are too.

Research the CIA's declassified files. There was a court hearing versus the government, state, federal, and local. They were found guilty of assassinating Martin Luther King Jr. They threw crack cocaine into the streets. Chances are high that they assassinated JFK, as well. Probably to make money. Not entirely sure on the truth in that, but I researched it before and determined that. We often start wars. We have military bases in like 300 countries and force our perspective into other countries noses.

For instance, the Iraq war. In addition to all of this, American's are wealthy. Extremely wealthy. And, we get designer jeans from 3rd world countries where child labor is used, sweat shops. We're a large buyer of blood diamonds, which are mined by civilians in Africa. You can guess why they're called blood diamonds. So, when your future husband proposes to you with a giant diamond, you'll know why the world hates us. There are 1 billion people starving on this planet right now. American's have it very good. Not wholly good in a general perspective, but a relative one.

America is about money. The general outlook on America is that it's full of fatass stupid lazy rich people who start wars in other countries and steal their ****. (natural resources and oil and the like in Iraq, for one.) This outlook really isn't too far off.

Believe what you want. This is what I believe. Be sure to check out those declassified CIA files.

we don't really need anyone's "respect".

Who needs respect when you have the strongest, most expensive military in the world? But, we *do* need some degree of respect, as exports (not that we have that many) and general trading with other nations wouldn't work out very well if we didn't have any. Not to mention avoiding war with Russia and China, because that would be bad, no matter our military's strength. Besides, no respect, then you can't mingle with other culture's as well, then, the entirety of the world's culture becomes split off and isolated from each other. Not a good thing in my opinion, because I like learning about different cultures, but some may think it is.

There is also a split, I find, in which the U.S. citizens are hated, where the U.S. government should be hated more so--when it comes to the rest of the world. Ultimately, the U.S. citizens *are* at fault for being generally ignorant or apathetic about the politics and about the things that the U.S. does, imo. For instance, the Guantanamo bay detention camp, where the prisoners were being treated much unfairly and essentially like animals. The American soldiers were ******* on them, standing on them, messing with them, water boarding them, etc. Probably still are. So, generally, we're responsible for our government, but individually, there's not really much we can do. We're guilty, but less so than the U.S. government.

Just imagine living in a 3rd world country, you've lived in poverty your whole life and hardly survive--think about taking away all of the appliances and varieties of food that you now enjoy; and then, this super rich nation invades your country and starts ******* up **** in order to find 'terrorists', of which, many, many, many less people die from than, say, cigarettes or alcohol or domestic terrorism or as a result of the drug war. Let's say Russia comes into the U.S. and emulates our response in Iraq and Afghanistan (and yemen, ishly, almost). The American people would throw a shitfest; they would be tremendously pissed off, and there would be many, many guns out and firing on our behalf.

Of course, the U.S. could also be attempting to control the drug trade by entering Afghanistan. Or eliminate it, but I doubt it. Annnyways.

That's funny

I admire US a lot. i would went and live there if I can.
But I really don agree with the way u think

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But first, america should mind their own business and get out from other countries..

America only goes into other countries to either help them, or help their allies (the people who we actually get along with). It's the Middle East who should mind their own business and stop telling us how we should or shouldn't live and what we should and shouldn't believe in

Idiot girl, no foreign power has ever told the US how to live and what to believe, seriously do you have a mental condition, your making all this crap up.

Like seriously what the fck. Why do the arab wanna tell US ppl how to live? What is the point actually, utter crap

Helps is not the ticket to killing people and What the middle east want you to believe in? Please enlighten me


And Arabia doesn't like the amount of rights we have here, and how we treat our women. If you read my post, you would notice how many things I stated about them not liking how many rights out women have hear. Why do you America gets so many illegal immigrants and run aways? Most of them are women. They come here because women are treated as equal towards men and aren't beaten, controlled and looked down upon like they are there. The U.S. has been getting more and more immigrants as time goes on. Obviously they're running away and coming here for a reason.

Don't believe whatever u are taught, question them

LOL help them , what the fcuk
All country has their best interest at heart
The middle east is not telling you all how to live, u all are just intefering too much

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their bible tell them to kill the unbelivers, thats us!!


Sorry sir, but your post is incorrect. It was a series of events that caused years of tensions that has lead to today. If you even understood the religion it states in their "bible" (it's called the Quran by the way) that they should respect all religions and beliefs. So enlighten yourself first before you blabber away, because that statement can be said about the crusades way back when it can be said about governments(governments have bibles too, they're called articles, constitutions, etc). So watch what you say and say it carefully....

countries don't hate ,,people do

Yeah, but those people hate our people for not believing in what they believe in, or living how they live. They don't like that our country isn't like the one they live in

Lolllll Good one :)

Are you barking mad, what right do these people have, America illegally invaded there fukkin country.

if someone stuck their nose I your country you would have a right to protest

Are you a deranged troll or something?

we illegally invaded their country? THEY MADE THE FIRST ATTACK ON US WITH 9/11. And no it wasn't an inside job. And they're still trying to bomb us any chance they get. They did that so we retaliated.
And there's a difference between protesting and war, and terrorism and murder.

You're not from here, are you? And I don't think you're from their either. Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?

Are you crazy? They attacked us RANDOMLY on 9/11. We had troops in their country to save their innocent people. These terrorists are animals. They even kill their own people. We are always barking into business because we try to help everyone. They are torturing everyone. not just Americans. Americans are the only ones who aren't *******. We don't let them get away with chopping innocent peoples heads off unlike other countries.

The Americans are the only idiots there. They sever head, because that's what they do, one clean swipe,Taxas fails by fukkin up the lethal dosage in their prisons.

Now who are barbarians.

The men who fight for my country are far from barbarians!!


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To all those that are bashing America why don't you say thank you to our Military? Your on the Internet which you have the freedom to do because brave men and women have died to secure your freedom .... Your welcome!! I proudly served and will do all I can to defend my country can you say that?

Be proud of American values, though not perfect, would you prefer to live in Afghan, Syria, Iran .... if so move there. Just don't come back as a home grown terrorist.

I couldn't agree more :) also, thank you for serving our country! <3

It's not like the Internet is solely for America. I could easily leave here and go to the UK, or Germany, or Sweden, and enjoy the internet there.
Also, no, I would not prefer to live in the middle east over the US, but that's like asking if I'd rather eat a lump of feces or a lump of feces with corn in it.

I think its important to note that USA is far from perfect. Even the best people have haters with legitimate complaints. With that being said terrorism is not the answer.

we're not perfect, but we have come a very long way. Longer than the people who hate us have come. And you're right, no matter the circumstances terrorism isn't the answer. There are many other ways to sort out issues. Thank you for being one of the very few to understand my point here. :)

Our country is relatively young, but I think terrorism nor economic warfare are fair. Both are acts of terrorism in themselves.

Ya, terror sucks!! :) ... Wait... haven't we evolved from the medieval state of constant evil forces threatening to overcome our local way of live... oh.. no wait.. it's still here. Bouuuuu humanity for being such a retard. Me'z so sad...

All you need to do is look up a history of US attacks and bombings on other countries to see we are not as "squeaky clean" as you may think. Not to mention all that we did to the only true "Americans" the Native Americans that were here long before we came to this land, and how we have mistreated, killed and destroyed their way of life and culture for 100's of years. But yeah, why would anyone hate us?

anything we did before was done obviously because we were threatened. we didn't start with Iraq, etc until they made the first move. 9/11 was traumatizing. They did that to us because they don't like us for how we live and think. I'm not saying they're all bad, im saying the select people from those counties who are performing these attacks are bad. They're not even from their government, they form little groups and go out and kills us, also while killing themselves at the same time.

My point of this post was,

Why can't ALL countries leave each other alone?? Despite differences.

Are you really the last American to realise those tiny planes didn't take down not 2 but3 skyscrapers.

800*C aviation fuel burns at
1400*C high quality steel melts

Explain away 600*C missing for this total meltdown. When WTC7 wasn't even touched by so much as a fire cracker, yet it fell on its own footprint just like 1 and 2

Young children can understand that and add up their sums.

An own goal, an inside job, the needless murder of 3000 of its own people, then pretend it was a bunch of Saudi's, please get in touch wiv yourself.

Most of what you said confused me. What I am getting though, is that you're saying that our own people murdered 3,000 of our own people and blamed it on another country? How ******* sick is that. It's not true at all. If it was we wouldn't have done all that we've done since it happened. It wasn't us, it was them.

You see this is what happens when you watch moronic US News Networks.
The bit that confused you a very simple set of FACTS decribing that the story is impossible as it defy's science.

Saying its not TRUE, doesn't make it un TRUE .

TheUS military works solely for faceless global corporate bankers who protect their assets solely for their gain.

They make up this patriotic pap to convince gullable mopheads like you to support the military.

Lybia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia are not threats to the US, it control freak Globalists who make the US for to war.

I bet you have never even heard of Somalia, let alone where it is.

Madam cure your lack of knowledge of anything that your military is doing and who the hell their doing it for.

Then perhaps your next rant might sound as you knew exactly what your ranting for and about.

You make the US sound like such a terrible country, and make the Middle East sound so amazing. Tell me something, if the Middle East was so amazing, and the US was so bad, why are we getting so many illegal immigrants who come here to get away from the Middle East? (Other places as well). Say all the nasty things you want about the US, cause our people here are more happy then the people there. My posts wasn't even supposed to be directed towards this crap. It was supposed to me something like, why resort to terrorism when there are so many other things that could be done to solve problems? This goes for any country, not just this one

What is this terrorism, listen to yiurself.

You are a product of mind control. You become confused when someone tells you anything your not programmed for.

What if all of these normal people telling you that the US military is engaging hostillities for a bankers gain were right. Wouldn't that make a whole lot more sense.

What do I mean by terrorism? All the attacks on my country that has happened since 9/11-now. 6 attempts to bomb our citities, only 2 actually succeeding (thank god), several hijacking of our planes with our citizens on them. And yes, all of those that I just mentioned were proven to be the actions of the Arabians who don't like us, so don't say it was my people doing it to themselves again. Cause we caught these people in the act.

Is that not terrorism?

Iraq did not have any thing to do with 9/11, they were all from Saudia Ariba

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Please don't take this the wrong way, but you definitely need to read some more, and also expose yourself to some alternative media other than the mainstream, which is only and always just a tool of whatever government/business interests are currently owning it.

I understand what you are saying, but, because you are passionate enough, both you and the larger world will benefit greatly if you educate yourself more completely in the history of the US, and the larger world as well, outside of what was served you by the government owned schools in which you were obviously educated.

I haven't even read it, yet, but I'm positive I can recommend at the very least Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States," for example. Other writers might include Chomsky, Gore Vidal, to name some of the more mainstream alternative writers.

The rest? Yes, I agree, religion, like nationalism, is quite the stupid and destructive thing.

I know what you're saying. Every country, including my own has done some bad stuff. But why kill our people just because others don't like our beliefs and our way of living? I just don't understand why all countries can't just mind their own business when it comes to that.

Because you have no comprehension of factual truth and history.

What if we are right sugar?

"What if."

You don't even know if you're right. So what if you're wrong?

its not about way of living and beliefs
If that is the case, everyone wanna bomb Americans

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You're really awesome of a person and a good friend. Now I'll tell you though that I find myself wishing I never read this...

Awe thank you! You are as well!! And why? :o

Not worth mentioning it really. It's a free country after all and everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how wrong and/or uninformed it is.

Are you saying my post was wrong? :o you can tell me, you're my friend, I won't get mad at you or anything ^_^

Yes in just about every way.

I think you made your point sir. No need to comment on every comment on the post. Especially not the one of my friend. But out.

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ur safe here were irish....if all else fails we got ur back....bet ya feel safer now : )

what did the sheep do to u?????????????

I'll bring some spare potatoes just in case you guys run out again ;)

in this day and age you have truly out done yourself with that 1 act of kindness....who needs the U.N nuke is bringing the good old fashion spud...god bless those little cotton socks of urs and ur hands for bringing the POTATOES cause they've not grown right sense the famine....bhuileabus everyone give it up for nuke......

I smell sarcasm....

ya could have held it till ya got to the bathroom.....what are ya making a show of yourself for....have ya no manners there's ladies present...

*Ba Dum Tss*

we've got a weener..........save the sheep....yep yep yep

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I am saying USA is the best! American proud 100%! May we all prosper, grow and continue to support each other as fellow Americans! Love your post ;)

...."American proud...." okay....just...lemme stop you there. I'm sure you know what you did wrong by now so I won't bother correcting it. But, if you've read my previous post to the OP of this topic then you will understand why this country I so unhappily reside in is caustic on the world stage.

If you're so unhappy here, why stay? Lots of people leave countries wheb unhappy. Also, our country has done so much that other countries have not done. we've come a long way and have rights and freedom here that other countries don't have.

I'm leaving as soon as I have the money to do so and the will to leave my loved ones behind. Also, DO NOT say that we have more rights than other countries. many Eastern European countries have free healthcare, and Uruguay has legalized gay marriage and cannabis already. Our rights are being more and more violated every day here, and our "freedoms" are deteriorating at a rapid pace.

I bet it would irritate the **** out of you if I said I support the military 100% or "God bless America".

I'd feel a bit sorry for you, but that's as far as my emotions will take me. I simply wish to provide my opinions and facts and see how people take it.

You don't support our military either? Those men are dying for us and fighting for us. Innocent soldiers are being held captive getting their heads chopped off. By the people who started killing our people first

We provoked countries into doing this, Sugar. I suppose the PEOPLE of the military, but not the military in itself. I have friends of mine who I hold dear who join the military. They do it out of their own will; it's not like they don't know that such atrocities lie ahead at the end of a muzzle or knife. You have to understand that we categorized and blamed an entire country on the actions of radicals that did not represent the governments of those countries.

I just wish people, and our countries didn't have to do all these terrible things to each other. Why can't we all just agree to disagree and believe in what we want? Wouldn't everything be so much simpler that way?

Yeah, but the leaders of many countries are bigoted religious nuts who push their beliefs into politics and act against their religions by provoking violence and death while reaping the rewards and showering themselves in the spoils.

Nothing we did was that bad to cause billions of people to lose their lives. Innocent people. Children. Loved ones, friends. They had no part in this. All they cared about was their own lives, getting back to their families. They never got that cause they were all murdered. Just cause we don't live as they do isn't a good reason to justify for all these deaths. They started the killings and the hatred, not us.

FAH, BILLIONS!!! If we killed billions or people or vice versa the U.N. would have our ***** on a silver platter. Also, whenever two opposing countries take part in the horrific event of war, both sides usually end up killing innocents, one way or another. Don't act like our soldiers don't kill innocents or rape the innocent, including each other.

Was talking about the countries who hate us. Iraq, Afghanistan...the people who are terrorizing us. They don't have what we have.

Well maybe we shouldn't have blamed them for an attack we pretty much did to ourselves, or led entire military forces through the area and pretty much decimated the culture. If anything our interference has made religious vices on the people there, especially women, more tight.

I'll reply more in a bit, Sugar. I'm going to relax with some League and I'll be back ASAP :)

You play league? What? o.o wait, did I meet you already? xD I love league!

At least we can find common ground, but if you play Riven so whatever god you believe in help you...

I hate Riven! Lol. I am a support main. I also play mid and ADC ^_^ but I love supporting the most

Eh, I prefer mid, but supporting is just as fun so long as you're in a duo and not a random group.

I'm mostly in a random group :D I do better without my friends as the Adc... Most of the time. XD

So, what rank are ya?

So why live here? And NO I don't see where YOU thought I went wrong. NO I didn't read your post and NO I have no plans to either. THIS IS MY OPINION. Thank you.

I don't play ranked as much as I used too. B2 I think.

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need more people like you