I love my country. I just hate the people who run it.
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i love my country and outsiders should stay out of it.

I hate the vast majority for letting it be run this way from the beginning.

But as it turns out, if they weren't running it, the country would not be as it is at all.

You love your country only because tou don't know anything about it.

I will not argue with you.May be if you would live in one of the innocent country which America destroy only because of oil and money you would undertand more.

hate might be a strong word...I darn sure dislike them...

I think all countries feel the same way. Well, maybe not Boobyland.

Oh well, deal with it.

That's how I feel in the UK.

like me



I am impressed with the response to this string! Kudos to you all! What is surprising is the age range. I am an old fart, that was in the military...decades ago. I am proud of the new generation, and that you all have thought about what is happening politically in this country...Thank you all for restoring my faith!!!

First off, thank you for your service. More and more people are waking up, and it's a great thing. The fewer the "sheep" the better off our country will be. The American people need to stop believing everything they hear from the mainstream media. It's poisoning our country

You are quite welcome, it was my honor to serve!

It's not just about the lying politicians, it's the fact that it's corporations that run this country. Our Founding Fathers would've revolted 100 times over already. We disgrace them


Yep, I agree


I cant say i love it, i do hate the people in charge
But more than likely i will never leave

I think politicians should have to wear shock collars, and every time they lie...ZAP!

Problem is it isnt a lie
Its just over promising things they cant actually provide easily, can they do it, kind of, is it easy, hell no
The best they can actually do is sneak in some benefits to their people in a bill (in congress) and hope the bill gets far enough

but at least the actual lying would stop!

The little that actually exists

I think the best solution would be Term limits. End the career politicians! It is supposed to be a public service, and not a permanent job.

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