Do you feel that illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain a drivers licence in the US?

Do you feel that illegal immigrants children should be allowed to receive an education in the US?

I asked my mother the first question, and she said no, they shouldn't be allowed to have a drivers licence here.

I asked my boyfriend both questions - and he said that he doesn't think that they should be allowed to drive here, nor be allowed to give their children education here, UNTIL they become legal.

Personally, I agree with him. Why should we give them these things when they're not even legalized to live here? It's bad enough we're spending our tax dollars on them, having the government pay for all of their **** so they can live here, since they can't get a good job cause they're illegal, therefor they go on welfare. now we have to pay for their kids to go to school to? This may make me sound like an ignorant b*tch (thats okay, wouldn't be the first time someone called me that with a topic like this!) but, i'm sorry, if you're so concerned about your child's education, then you should have A- stayed where you were. or B) BECOME LEGAL!

I hate how we have to pay for people who dont do **** to live here, who aren't even legalized, and does nothing to work or give anything to the community.

oh, my opinion makes me sound like a bad person? Sorry!

I don't have anything against immigrants, other then them coming here illegally. You want to come here? fine! go ahead, be my guest! But work and live like the rest of us have to! you're not special. My family works their ***** off, yet we still don't have much money. You come here illegally and the government hands you everything you need like a ******* christmas present. its completely unfair to everyone who actually lives here and works for a living.
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Most illegals are not able to get welfafe, drivers license ect.If they are in the process of becoming legal,they are not considered illegal.Yes they should be able to get a drivers license,to drive they have to have insurance and liability. as it stands now get hit by an illegal there is no action you can take agaisnt them .They now detention centers where they are taken until deported.


technically we are all immigrants. Unfortunate most people are ingrates. Its not immigrants that are the problem. Its the greedy system in which only 400 people hold over half of all the wealth in this country and the system that allows them to get all the tax breaks and write offs the rest of us have to pay for.

in communism everyone is allowed to do and be taken care of. it's for the people

The education one is a tough one.

no way

No on drivers license.. If you can't speak english you shouldnt be driving.

Yes on education.. Isn't the poor kids fault the parents did that.

I'm sick and tired of people who have no right to be here demand rights they are not entitled to. Even American citizens can't demand whatever they want. The arrogance of illegals is astounding. Can you imagine what would happen if we went to their country and started demanding benifits, we'd be thrown in jail.

You nailed that one!

well that's when we the people let the government spin out of control.

If your family was starving to death because of meager wages and poor living conditions what would you risk to save them. The system is slow and death and deprivation need immediate action to be worth anything.

IMO,Everything's backwards. If we take care of eachother and the land it shouldn't matter what part of the earth we end up on.

No! No! Hell No!

I think everyone forgets that unless you are 100% American Indian you are an immigrant. All walks of life have been coming to this country since it was discovered. We **** all over the natives of this land, if anyone has the right to ***** its them.
I don't like my tax dollars going to support criminals but it does. In fact they live better than I do. They murder, steal, rape etc. and they are citizens what makes them any better?
I understand why they come, do I like it, no but I understand the American Dream of freedom, the right to free speech and the safety this country offer unlike other countries.

I think if the illegals enlisted in our military that should earn them the right to citizenship

I live in the south and we have a lot of them here and I can honestly say they are nicer then most so called American citizens

Immigrant my ***! My mother's family been here since the 1770s even if they were slaves! My father immigrated here LEGALLY from Slovakia AFTER marrying my mother! What makes those who hop the fence so special?!

Ok first off my intent wasn't to fuel the fire. This has been an on going debate for along time and it won't be solved here.
Second I didn't state it was right. I said I understood why.

If everyone would voice there opinion in a respectful way to their elected officials then and only then will this country change its way. The people have to convey and the only people I see on tv are the illegal asking for rights
Unfortunately voicing your opinion here won't do ****. Except **** people off like I guess I did to you. Which was not my intention. The current president thinks he's above the law and will do what he wants. And if you look at history several presidents do this on their way out of office.

If you really cared you would start a petition. Did you know that in order to get an official response from the government you need to acquire 100,000 signatures within 30 days and it must be on the administrations website "We the people".
If you are so concerned about immigration I challenge you to start an official petition and get those signatures

Oh and by the way half of my family is from the Ukraine and the other have is from Austria and they came thru Ellis island legally.

I agree 100% that The native Americans were done wrong and I think its a blight in our history.I like the Idea of immigrants serving.However,I want to know who is coming into my Country.We have enough of Our own criminal element to deal with.

Like You being from Texas I know many too and I will say I have only met a few that I just dont like.Still neither of Us can pick and choose who stays or gos.

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You should be more outraged that "your money" goes 100 times more to military and US imperialism. Not to mention that that is why people in poorer countries are in such degradation because of US policy.

hmm. I don't think I would mind much about some of our money going to the military... Only because it will continue to make them stronger and safer - therefore, it will keep the U.S. and it's citizens safe as well. :)

Yeah you just have to realize what kinds of horrible things are going with our military. If I were you I'd check out: Dirty Wars, it's on netflix.

I'll check it out :)

Definitely worth it. Extremely well made and it has phenomenal footage and cinematography.

Awesome :)

nope lol.

Yea were so evil...

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My Sister who died -weeks ago -would agree. We had this discussion. She would want to help anyone in need but not those who are illegal immigrants. She and I both have Native American blood in us. And we share an unique opinion on this matter. 1st there was Red Man, Red Man let White Man in. Pretty soon there were no Red Man. White Man let Black Man in, pretty soon there will be no White Man. Black Man let Hispanic Man in, then pretty soon no Black Man...... The Red Men were the Original People. Crimes against the Red Men, the Black Man were intolerable, and against the good nature of Man. Crimes against the White Man have just recently begun and will be against the Hispanic Man. There should be no crime against anyone. We should live together- free. but legal. This story was originally told to us by one our aged Chiefs.

I agree with you. nice post :) sorry for your loss :(

One: NO! NO! Two: Maybe…

They should be allowed to live here. The United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that everyone can seek asylum in other countries to avoid persecution. Not allowing these Latinos who have to deal with corrupt government officials and threat from violent cartels in to our country would violate that document. Our country is great because we gave immigrants a chance to settle in these lands. That is true whether or not you are a liberal or a conservative.

I don't agree but that's because we are all technically illegal immigrants. This land was already native the the native Americans and we just show up and take it. Way to be a historical hypocrite. So yes I think they should have all right s to our systems since after all they are all made up anyway.

Definitely not. I honestly don't think they should be allowed in the country. Find them and send them home.

I want to just say that if you educated your self on the origins of this country you would know that every person here is an immigrant. I think it's a shame that your family can be so closed minded and judgmental. Only God know what people have had to go through in order to improve their lives and the future of their children. Honestly you are not more special than anyone else either in America or anywhere else on earth. Although I usually would just ignore such ignorance I thought you should know that there are people out here rooting for world unity and peace.

Immigration as a word has such racist overtones these days.
Every politician wanting a vote is saying they're against it blah blah blah.
But it depends on the reason they became immigrants.
If they just decided to jump on a rickety boat hoping to get to the U.S/ Italy/France/England etc. Then of course. They deserve to be shot.
.....what?......shocked by that?
Well. Maybe if we took the view that they'd be no looking after. No waiting around in detention centres etc. just shooting people. People would think very carefully before risking it. Wouldn't they?
That said. Nations need to stop being so bloody paranoid that these people are the criminal classes!
We've got this rubbish in the UK at the moment.
But then. Every politicians after a vote! No better way than to pander to people's irrational fears!

What a perfectly non sensical rant.!
What did ANY of it mean?
I'm saying. Rather than endlessly whinge about it. DO something!
If people knew they ran the risk of losing their lives, they might reconsider their actions!
There are considerations for those in fear of their lives. And the idea that you have to restart you're entire life in a strange place must be worrying enough, without all the home grown hatred that comes at you from idiots who don't contribute to their countries economy AS MUCH AS THEY'D LIKE TO THINK THEY DO!
Europe is a mess!
Germany wants to control the entire economy. Italy has NEVER been able to control it's economy!
Britain is stuffed. Having SOLD EVERYTHING it owned!
France is sick of having to comply with daft E.U. Edicts!
This stupid experiment will end sooner rather than later because they DON'T ALL SHARE THE "IDEALS" that they drew up!
The idea of free movement between nations. Was conceived because they thought people could move to different countries to work in industries where they couldn't fill the gaps in the labour market THEMSELVES!
It's just a question of who decides to quit first!
Then. Watch the rush!
A single economy across 26 states?
How in the hell was THAT supposed to work?
If you have no other country to compete with economically or industrially. How in the hell do you develop a nation?
That's why the States is in such a mess! Foreign company's come in and see what it would cost to build and run a plant in Pittsburgh. Then decide they'll take it to Georgia and do it for 2/3 the cost!
Oh. And by the way 'bozo'
Since Thatchers era in the '80's. workers 'rights' have been shaved to nothing !
We have a situation here where companies can employ folk on 0-hours contracts!
Meaning that you can get hired for a job with a guaranteed MINIMAL number of hours(usually something stupid like 8!!) And you then get to do overtime In order to get ANYWHERE NEAR the necessary 38 hour working week!

U have no idea how extreme poverty feels like !!But I do...

Follow the laws and come in legally. Work for what you have. I think the government should get out of everyone's lives.

Why shouldn't they have an education? SPECIALLY the children of illegals. Do you honestly believe it's their fault and they chose to be illegal? Saying illegals shouldn't have an education is just like saying people who are legal shouldn't have an education. It doesn't make sense. This country formed for people to be welcomed here and to be free. I hate it when white people say this is their country and all that stupid stuff because first of all, this country belonged to the Native Americans, not white people. And you don't see them trying to kick out anybody. Plus DO YOU KNOW HOW ******* HARD IT IS TO BECOME AN AMERICAN CITIZEN? no. You don't have any idea. Sometimes it could even take years. I am a legal citizen here, however my parents weren't and it took them YEARS to finally become citizens. They are good people who were living illegally in America and there is nothing wrong with that. And you are soooo wrong if you think the government gives out money for everything because let me tell you something, it isn't pretty living off of welfare food stamps and all that crap. If you don't know what you are talking about, please have the curtesy to SHUT THE **** UP.

I know exactly what I'm ranting about, "parasite". It's people like you who make this country look bad. They do not have the right to "steal what belongs to Americans" because them living here, they have already literally have 0 rights. Do you know the risk and fear they experience? NO. You don't. You obviously don't know what you're talking about when you say they're stealing jobs from Americans because honey, try getting a job when you're illegal. It's almost mission impossible. Unless someone helps you with a job you know what they have to do? Work in the fields. You know why we pay taxes to support them? Because more than half of the time once they become citizens they become successful people just like any other citizen living here. Welfare and all those programs are a little help for them and I tell you because a lot of my family members went through this **** hole and now that they're citizens, have successful jobs. People deserve chances and they shouldn't be rejected from them just for not having a document that states they're citizens.

You're seriously so FUCKEN stupid because I made it clear I am a natural citizen and you calling me an alien you look Fucken retarted. Good luck reporting me you racist *****, I was born here. Me and a lot of illegals belong in this country as much as your dumbass does so shut the **** and stop being a racist ignorant ****.

"They're given more rights than Americans" hahaha ******* dumbass. No rights to vote. No rights to work. No rights to study at a college. Can you please tell me how they're given more rights? Because you obviously don't have a ******* clue what you're talking about so just stfu you already look like a jackass

Go to school educate yourself. Learn that being illegal in the US means you don't exist basically. You can't get a job. You need to take some government classes or something bc ***** you are so fkn lost in all this.

Have a good day, parasite.

It is NOT our problem! Those privileges are reserved born United States Citizens of LEGAL United States Citizens! We were born here of parents also born here whose parents were likely born here also. We deserve those things!

And you have those rights idiot. Be thankful you don't have to struggle like them. You have a social security number, they don't so they practically don't exist in this country.

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The real problem is governments putting rules on humans just my opinion.

Well, my parents came into this country illegally. Worked hard and became legal. My two sisters work for the government and I retired from the Army. I think you should not get a license. ( when you do you also fill out a voters reg card) and yes, there kids should go to school. If busted deport and put the kids in cps. Remember why there is a allowance for " illegals to come in. They will soon have to get a job. So, you have " more credit" to get " more stuff" if not "them" there kids who are born in the USA will be.... Future tax payers. They look at it as the" big picture. If you really want worried about you tax dollar. Look at welfare. You never hear of it going down. But you to hear about SS doing down daily!

Not no, but HELL NO!!!!!!!! Obama is a *****!

I had no idea that someone with intelligence would actually read my statement.

Well it's just this simple, you come to my country to live, then you should learn my language. I should t have to learn yours. Our nation is the reason you came, then our language should be the language you learn. I don't think we should have to learn any other language other then our own. Let's keep it simple. If I go to your country to live, then I will learn your language.

Oh, you speak Native American?

English was what I was in school :)

Did your ancestors have to learn Native American?

I don't know, I wasn't born then.

Common language in America, English. So they should learn it. 2 years to learn it, be tested to see if they pass. If they don't, then ship them back. With out a return address, lol just kidding you all. :)

North Americans can't even learn it in 12 years.

To each is own. :)

So, I'm guessing your ancestors took the time to learn the universal language of the Native's.

I don't believe liberals are a waste of skin, nor conservatives. A particular ideology can not be left unchecked. They must have checks and balances.

While he has his clusterfuck of a mood swing....

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Be a Large Hearted Like Us.

It's called Karma. Luckily; however, we're getting off a lot easier.

People illegally immigrate here because it is their only option. They do not get "your" money that you work for and they still live in poverty here. If they could get a good education for their children they would not come here and living conditions other places in the world are so crazy compared to anything I, and probably you, have ever experienced in your life. If their lives weren't so hard in their homes they wouldn't pick up their entire lives and travel thousands of miles to a foreign land with a language they may not know. Immigrants who cannot get legalized do not get handed things, by the very nature of the meaning of "illegal immigrant" they are undocumented. They are essentially invisible to the government, which by the way, does not just hand out welfare money to anyone who asks, and anyway current welfare checks for a month couldn't feed a family of four for the weekend. There is a reason you often see workers outside of home improvement stores or at day worker centres, it is because they cannot do anything else and more often than not it is not because they are incapable of working in long term professions, but simply because they have not acquired their citizenship. If the process for proper immigration wasn't so arbitrarily racist and difficult to complete we would not have a problem with illegal immigration. And just for the record, you have to pay education taxes regardless of these supposed illegal children taking up your classroom space or not. By your logic we are paying for your education and your future kids education too, which in a sense we are I guess but there's not much you can do about that because that is how our country works. And honestly, these people do do things in the community and they work just like you. Although they aren't as privileged and their jobs might not be as high class as yours, or up to your standards, they work and get paid minimally for their honest work.

I'm honestly concern that you're saying these things. Do you really think that if someone immigrated here that they are getting free handouts? Just think about that. Everything they need like Christmas presents is getting handed to them and they're living the good life?

Our process of legal immigration is create by the same people who shoot down families trying to escape poverty, the same people who separate fathers from their children because he has not yet acquired his green card. Now do you think that those people, those people making their money off of sending people back to where they came from are going to make it fair and reasonable to live here? I don't think so

Okay if I can barely afford to feed one child and its soooo hard in Mexico. Why do they keep having babies ? Just curious?

Because, under-education, nobody has taught them to understand much. It's almost like a 3rd world country in some ways. The people there aren't all ignorant to whats happening, but so many are. The Government there is horrible, most of them don't care about the people. A mayor their was just found to be involved in 41 killings I believe it was of adolescents, something like that not sure the exact specifics. A lot of horrible **** happens in Mexico, but a lot of horrible **** happens in L.A. too.

Why do Americans in the same situations have babies? Why did you have a child of your own if you can barely afford to feed one?

If you go to a public school that is free education. A majority of US citizens from go to public schools and are they scamming off your rights? Your hard earned money and freedoms that you have earned?

Oh My God. I Love You. (: lol

Wise words.

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No to all of the above.

This country is ****** up , if things weren't built the way they are they wouldn't even be known as illegal immigrants and there would be a system there to help them deal without effecting everyone else. I dream everyday of getting the **** out of this country

My mother was an illegal immigrant,my father was not.

Youd expect me to cobtradict you but I wont,if I were Obama id say something like,"You dont wanna get deported? Dont cross illegally."

Yes its sad that families et separated,but they KNEW THE RISKS.They Knew,and tey agreed when they crossed the border.

I disagree with the refusing children esucation,its not really the kid's fault now is it? Its unfair to make someone pay for somebody elses actions...They should get an esucation as well,if they didnt youd just have more low class,non working minimum wage job taking little immigrants working part-time jobs everywhere just overpopulating.Every hUman should get the chance at an education,who knows,maybe an immigrant will one day get you white folk out of this great debt your lazyness,cockyness and self centerdness has gotten you into.

By the way do not even pull the "We were ere first" **** because you werent...go learn something in school.You people hae education and yet you do not take advantage of it.

I have one thing to say about that. I feel that since your father was legal, your mother should have been as well. Its not the children's fault, they didn't ask to be born.

My father was a residet when they married,he became a citizen later.My mother became a resident as well(currently is).

And did anyone ask to be born?

No. But what is key here is your father is a citizen. I'm talking about being here for years and not becoming a citizen, that's what we are complaining about. The ones who are here for years and years and never become one. That's like borrowing money from the bank and you never pay them back.

They do not become citizens because they cannot.I know a few immigrants who have been living here over 15 years paying taxes and such but have not been granted the chance to be a citizen.

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You speak as if ALL illegal immigrants don't work, spend "YOUR" tax dollars, and just living off the government.

What most people, who begin to spew hate and ignorance on the internet while not researching or really looking into the TRUE problem, do not understand is that most immigrants CANNOT, as in ARE NOT ABLE TO, reap government benefits because of their legal status. So that issue is already out of the window along with your bs comments.

Secondly, Hispanic/Latinos probably ARE taking jobs because they don't resort to filing unemployment or panhandling. Most, if not ALL, latino men put into that situation will take up 2-3 jobs, work tirelessly and sacrifice themselves through back-breaking work in order to feebly provide for their families.

Why even come to the U.S. if you were just gonna work and complain, you say? Because the United States paints such a beautiful picture for foreigners! The American Dream. The Land of Freedom and Opportunity. Immigrants are forced to immigrate for various reasons. If we didn't HAVE to immigrate, rest assured my beautiful *** would have stayed in my beautiful country and not have to hear the stupid BS privileged Americans spew my way on a weekly basis. There is a deep-rooted legacy, history of racism, ignorance, classism, and various other -isms that we cannot avoid.

*and are just

YOU aren't paying for anything. From your age range I can tell you probably don't even have a job. I'd go into detail with this but maybe your brain won't be able to comprehend what I am saying. So in simple words, you are a complete and utter poltroon. While you sit comfortably behind this computer, there is illegal people working in fields picking up fruits and veggies, so that your pungent being can go to a grocery store and easily retrieve them. it's quit obvious that you live in a fragmented bubble of idiotic, toxic waste.. So I understand why your small and fragile existence can't perceive anything other than what you see.

At 5 am while your still snoring in your comfy princess bed, or trash of home, these people are waking up to go and sell flowers or cut grass.

I live in a city in the U.S where half of the population in the streets are either white or African american. Most of the people living off welfare are legal Americans.

Your lazy being, has absolutely no right to sit here and speak about illegal people. Because your A.S.S doesn't contribute to anything in this existence. Your being is so incredibly insignificant next to these peoples, and I'd love for one day to throw you out to the countries and little towns these people come from and see how your survive. Do you know how hard it is to get a visa to come to the U.S.? Do you know how much money it takes to be able to get your residence? No of course you don't. We are privileged that we were born in a country where we can go out fight and get a job.

You wouldn't last a damn day in their lives. There is kids as young as 10 or 9 years of age crossing the border, they work shifts from 3 or 4 am to 10 or 11 pm. They have to fill immense buckets with fruits in a raging sun for 3 or 4 dollars! Most of these people die from dehydration or from the toxics that they spray on the fields. Does your brain process that????

Without illegal people we wouldn't have the diversity we have. You would have to be working twice as ******' hard, but no princess you were born in the U.S.A where you can easily earn 6 dollars working at a shoe store doing NOTHING.

Immigrants have honor, something YOU won't ever be able to understand.

So please do everyone a favor and culture yourself. You are an ignorant snob. And it's is so damn embarrassing to call myself North American, when there is despicable people with your ideology of life. This is why we don't progress.

I have picked strawberries in the fields and I have done manual labor as well. I'm white.

Well congratulation, you are one in maybe 2% that would actually go out an work manual labor. Go ask your lovely governments if they ever would do that one day of their lives.

She's just stating FACTS! Shedding light on reality and what most immigrants go through.
Go away with your ignorant, stupid comment.

Ill make a deal with you. Ill have sympathy for them as soon as they treat the American Indian with respect.

The U.S. has no respect for anyone. And you bunch of ignorant people feed the ignorance.

You are so clueless, you are drunk on the cool aid.

"You are so ******* clueless, you are drunk on cool aid"

:) I didn't even have to proceed with any other answer.

Feminist is secret code for *****, buff said.


So apart from being an ignorant bigot, you are a misogynistic a.s.s! Ain't you the whole package. Hahaha

yes "AIN'T" I ?

Yes, AINT you! Just speaking to you in ways your brain can process things easily. I didn't think you'd understand "aren't"

If you like all these Mexicans I want you to google MS13 then you may get a clue.

Well, enough with your moronic responses. Lmao

"Ain't" is actually proper English.

Long live the hippies

You may speak to me when you can actually articulate a rational sentence.

White people actually get payed more for the work they do...immigrants get payed for less than minimum wage

Couldn't agree more with you!! @ofthisgirl90

You and otg90 need to go twatbumping or whatever you dikes do.

sigh, why do people always resort to name calling and insults whenever they're angry?

Anyway - don't you dare call me lazy, cause you have no idea who I am or what I do and do not do with my life.

Also, I do have a job, I make 19 dollars an hour doing what I do - full time job, thank you very much.

Also - I do have every right to say whatever I damn well please.

I think you need to relax and stop getting so damn defensive about **** people say over the Internet. Sorry I pissed you off so much with my worthless insignificant post. Have a good night :)

Name calling?
You get 19 dollars an hour, well you should consider yourself blessed.

I am very relaxed, but it is extremely sad and horrible to see people speak out of things they hear around them. I have read throughout this post and you have given absolutely zero responses where you back up what you stated above.

What a joke.

I have responded to some of the comments on this post. I chose not to respond to some simply because I didn't feel the need to - and I'm not really in the mood to either. Not like it's a big deal. Everyone seems to be debating with each other on this post at this point - my comments don't seem needed.

You know it actually is important that you reply, because when you have the audacity to make a post on something, you at least should have the sense of backing your statements up, but you can't. Because guess what? You don't know absolutely anything on what you are speaking about. It matters because there is people suffering for your type of mentality. You haven't seen what suffering truly looks like and I hope one day you do. You have a lot to learn from life.

I can absolutely back up my statements. But I have commented back on several of these and I don't feel like constantly repeating myself on everyone else's comments.

Also- it's 4am - I'm tired and I just don't care about it right now. I'll read and reply tomorrow when I'm not half asleep.

You can't repeat yourself. I've read through out and you haven't given a clear answer. Not like I'm interested in hearing one either. Nothing you could say could truly have any meaning. Have a good one.

The system IS ****** up, but not by immigrants. But that's a whole other topic, that I won't delve into.

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They should legal before should anything

Do anything*

Most of the people that you claim that you are paying for are Americans! And actually the immigrants are working harder then most Americans in the fields Ect.. Because the Americans won't do it for the slave wage they receive.
I think you need to do some research . I am a american that has seen much of this . there are more teenage american mothers that your paying for. Have a great day.

Oh, I personally hate teenage parents lol. well, not hate them - but I strongly look down upon it. I do know we pay for a lot of lazy non working Americans as well.

No no, not as well. About 90% of what you pay is for lazy AMERICANS. You really need to culture yourself.

What do you mean by "culture yourself"?

I think that even the children of illegal immigrants should be able to have an education. I mean, what have they done that we must deprive them of priveliges. They r just kids after all…

I understand they're kids. but we're paying for their children to go to school, yet they aren't paying **** to help our kids with school, or anything else. Maybe they should get home schooled if they're illegal. I don't want to deny them education - but maybe if we did, their parents would think about actually becoming a legal citizen in the first place.

But children don't mean any harm...

I know they don't. I am saying if the U.S did place a law saying "illegal immigrants cant send their kids to public school" then maybe they will become legal.

Then we must think about why they joined gangs in the first place they may feel lonely or abandoned by others have sympathy will you?

being lonely and feeling abandoned is not a good reason to join a gang and hurt, steal from and kill other people. sorry, that's a criminal. Also, most gang members probably didn't join because of that. Also - many people who join gangs don't do it because they feel "lonely" or "abandoned". They do it cause they want too. and if everyone used those excuses in order to justify why they were in a gang - this world would be even worse then it already is. Also - I was quite lonely back in middle school till I found people to become close with. Did I turn into a killer? No. and my brother and his friend got attacked and shot back when I was a kid by gang members. sorry, no sympathy there!!! there ***** were lucky they both lived.

I am not talking about less privileged Americans. The people I am talking about are not even Americans. They're illegal. Don't you know most kids in school who are in or have formed gangs came from illegal families? That can negatively affect students going to those school and living in those neighborhoods. (not saying legal citizens are not in gangs as well - but a lot more of them came from illegal families.) I used to live in a very very bad neighborhood when I was younger. we had to move because of stuff like this.

You have a very valid point.

I'm really just curious where you're getting all these facts from. Because you lived in a ma neighborhood doesn't mean they were illegal immigrants, because someone is an illegal immigrant doesn't mean they are a criminal or a bad human being. You're spewing a lot of "facts" around and expecting everyone to go with them but turning a blind eye to anyone else's points. Where is the humility in that, how can you expect others to listen to you and respect your opinions of you cannot do the same back?

1- I never expect everyone to "go with my opinions" and never once asked people to

2- and I'm turning a blind eye towards everyone else's points, because if I just sat here and agreed with everything the opposing person said, there would be no debate at all.

3- I don't care or expect people to respect my opinions - but I do expect them to accept my opinions and get over it like I accept and get over other people's opinions. I don't really care about what anyone believes in the end. It's their right to think what they want - and this is my right to think what I want.

I simply posted my thoughts - now we're talking about it. In the end - it doesn't matter who's side we are all on. It was just a discussion on a social network.

Anyway - the 2 gang members who shot my brother and his friend back in when I was a kid and he was in high school were both from illegal families. There happened to be a lot of them where I used to live.

My cousin was shot in the face and killed. She was 19 years old with a bright future and it was not some "illegal gangbanger" that did it. It was a perfect legal U.S. citizen, and everywhere you turn there are people who commit horrendous crimes from all walks of life. It is unfortunate that things like this happen but we cannot blame, or at least I refuse to blame this on a racist, inhumane belief that because of where you are born you're predetermined in how you act, live, or whatever else you want to say that illegals do wrong here.

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Now imagine how the Native Americans felt when the Pilgrims overtook them

No there wouldn't have been. Because the white men came in, took everything, land processions and lives and have nothing in return. They weren't compassionate to the native people, they swooped in and seized something that in no way belonged to them and forced the Native Americans out. If they had said "hey guys, pass this written exam full of irrelevant historical facts about our land that 3/4 of us don't even know and a language test that probably none of us can do correctly ourselves, then you can totally be one of us!" Imagine if that were you, what would you say?

Funny how that's not how it happened though. They were uninvited, told to leave, and refused to do so. You have to realize that their weren't "laws" in America like we have now back then, every single country in the world was different from what it is now. How could the Native Americans ask the Pilgrims to abide by laws that hadn't been set in place?
And just imagine why you were immigrating in the first place. People these days crossing the borders aren't leaving their homes because of religious preferences, they're leaving because their living conditions are inhumane. I understand that you say that you would respect their rules but what if that were you? How long would it take you to study for that test? How would you study while working two jobs to support your family? How would you study when your material is in a language you cannot read, let alone understand the material of.

You're an idiot

I completely agree. Obama wants to give away ALL our tax money to the illegals and the low income people who are too lazy to work. All the hard working Americans don't ask for any handouts from the government; but yet this president still thinks the lazy and uneducated deserve, low income people should live on the governments money.

I m a American work 3 jobs have a house that I worked my *** off and not lazy I'm still considered low income.

Lol you all argue about being monkeys for the government they play both sides even have you class yourself in categories.

I was wondering when President Obama was going to be blamed.

Driver's license no. Education definitely yes.

Wtf u guys talking u know how much $$ thr govt would make by the current propisal...which u dont even have an idea of. Why make an argument about somethjbg u dont know **** about, seems like ur just a bigot. Illegal ppl over 18 cant get anykind of welfare...they r workibg for cash not paying taxes...legalizing them would make the us so much money but bcuz of ppl like u its going to be hard. Plz research more on the subject if ur going to spew bs like this...btw im a citizen, oh let me guess ur a republican?

Just to clarify something, illegal people also get pay checks, and they IRS takes their cut, and every year most illegal people do takes with a ITIN number, plus all the medical that they get taken away for when they retire guess what, no one claims that money, what happens to all that money that gets taken away?? The gov keeps it.

I'm not a republican. I am also not a democrat. I consider myself "independent". I agree with whoever I want to agree with at the time. Sometimes I agree with republicans on certain topics, and sometimes I agree with democrats on certain topics. Overall I go by my own personal opinion and what I see with my own eyes. I happen to live I a state where I see this happen so much on a daily basis.

Independent stands for idk wtf is going on

No, independent stands for : I know whats going on and I have my own opinions about them. I know facts, and I know personal experiences. You do know neither republicans or democrats are wrong, right? It all goes by personal opinions.

Example: democrats think that abortions should be legal. republicans think that they should be illegal. All opinions. There are pros and cons to every situation.

So far there are a few ppl here that understand the **** we are in like SweedDiz, i wish there was an admin here to delete posts like this so when a 13 year old reads bs like this the prejudice wont get ingrained in their mind. You are really making our generation look bad. Im out in hopes of this post dying....too many idiots talking...guess ep should form a big circle testing their ability to post a constructive argument unlike bs like this

You would have to agree with the president if your a democrat. Most all illegals, low income, and African Americans are democrat because they want the hand-outs.
I do agree that if they became legal they would be tax payers, but its about ethics, NOT just the money. They need to enter this country legally and do it the right way

Also they work pay taxes and can't collect unemployment.

Fml and the idiocy....illegals will replace middle class jobs? Who is doing most of the construction work in ficked up neighborhoods, whos working most of the fast food restaurant jobs that no1 wants....wont even touch the agriculture sure a lot of middle class are ******* farmers.... Gdi why did i post anything in this topic ..,.its like **** attracting flies

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I have family and friends who are illegal. There for I do think that certain immigrants should have the right to obtain a drivers license and have an education too.
And I personally think that our creator created land for everyone to share, it was humanity its self that created borders and such.
It's the government thats making people pay taxes , shouldn't you be mad at them?
Other countries have open doors, why can't the U.S. too?

The U.S. Created boarders to keep us safe. A lot of the people sneaking in are brining drugs, weapons, cartel, disease, etc. It's not just because we don't want to spend the extra money on the illegal immigrants who actually don't do anything. But it's to make sure we're protected. I also feel like the US is one of the more expensive counties to live in. Why do people come here illegally just to suffer in poverty? Yeah, we have more freedom and rights, but that won't give you a home and putt food on your table. Legal citizens care barely make a living for themselves, we can't afford to pay for people who aren't even legalized to live here...this is including legal citizens who refuse to work or make up some excuse as to why they can't work - but most are just lazy.

oh well. Things aren't gonna change anytime soon. Although I myself would like a little bit more order around, there won't be any. this country already has a lot of **** load of other stuff to deal with. plus, how does this even affect you? just worry about you and not what the illegal immigrants are doing.

It affects all citizens. we pay extra money to the government so those people could go on welfare. we pay for the people who are "plugged into the system." whether they're citizens or non citizens.

Just as many illegal immigrants who are "sneaking" in to the U.S. with drugs, weapons and whatever else you fear are legal US citizens. We don't have drugs here? We don't have black market weapons railroads and sickness too? As Americans we sneak into places all over the world like Canada and the whole of central and southern America to get their substances. Guess who is bringing them in? Legal citizens who can get through border checks, boat captains and truck owners driving from North Dakota to Canada. It is not the illegal people, what makes us better than them? We are all human beings, we chose what we think and say, it's a shame some are so ignorant and somehow better than others.

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Without a drivers license they cannot get auto insurance. Guess who pays when one gets in an accident with you. Yep..YOU/ME/WE DO. Enjoy paying that deductible that is required with your uninsured motorist coverage. Mine was 1250.00 for a fender bender. The illegal had no incentive to settle up with the insurance company or pay the deductible because they have no license or insurance to protect.......

Same thing happened to me but the american teenager didn't have insurance ..

Immigrants who are out of status contribute far more to the economy in spending, taxes, and filling menial positions than the relative few who use public services will ever cost us.

Are you BLIND? Seriously, people are so ******' ignorant it hurts. Ugh.

Damn straight

We all come from immigrants,and of course we all were NOT the first here.Think about that.Yes because by identifying the problem we can first help various services some of these people need.Question if a person in born in The US an American .Then why are we denying them that right.

I'm not sure where you're from or whatnot but where I am illegal immigrants cannot receive government aid like welfare and health insurance. They go to hospitals and doctors and are treated like other people without insurance, they are billed or pay up front costs. The only people I've actually seen abuse the system are American citizens! I believe there's lots of citizens scamming the irs, working off the books making THOUSANDS of dollars every month and still lining up at food pantrys and collecting their food stamps and unemployment checks...
Honestly guys, the problems are everywhere and it's just simpler to blame something like "illegal immigration" for such a giant problem in the nation. Nobody likes to shoulder blame right?

Thank you.

NO...what part of illegal doesn't POTUS get. So let me put it this way...if you go out an commit a can the govt enforce it when they don't enforce this law. Wake up....who do you think is milking the tax payers for billions for free services. Sent them all back over the boarder...starting today!!!!!

I agree with a few points of view. I don't think it's ok they come here illegally. They need to be law abiding citizens, pay taxes, learn & speak English. I hate having to press 1 for English!!!

lol I agree!

It is not your God given right that every human you encounter speaks English. It is not a law in this country or a requirement that you speak any English at all. Your racism breaks my heart because think of it were the other way around and you were not offered an English option in a country you knew not the language of. How would you live? How would you ask a simple question or call the police quickly in an emergency? Have compassion for fellow human beings, your existence is not above theirs simply because you happened to be born in the US

If I moved to France, or Mexico I'd do my best to learn their language before moving there, and after I arrived, find a tutor to help me.

If I moved to their countries I'd learn and speak their language.

I'm not racist, I never said I'm superior bc I'm white. I wasn't making fun of anyone's race, ethnicity. I was stating my opinion.

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No! Illegal immigrants should be used for chain gang labor for 5 years and then sent home.

lol ohmy

you obviously have the wrong perception of them. .. when In fact most of them do not get any aid from the government. People work hard to get through life and letting them drive is not going to make you poorer. It is obvious that you need to get a little more educated before you make opinion about a subject and people who you are unresonable criticizing.

Show me the facts that support your view of "most do not get aid" It is not true in my community. I know because I work in an area that deals with this.

what area. ... check online.

They don't get any aid???? Tell that to the grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals. I bet they would be very surprised that all the free care they are passing out isn't aid. Take it from someone who sees it every day. They are getting mega aid.

Here are the statistics on welfare recipients:
Traits of families on AFDC (1)

White 38.8%
Black 37.2
Hispanic 17.8
Asian 2.8
Other 3.4

Okay. Maybe the driving thing is a little silly. But there are people who come here illegally who do get aid for doing absolutely nothing. I just feel like overall, people shouldn't be here unless they're legal. Why come here if you're just going to live poorly anyway? You're right, I don't know all the facts about this, but I have talked to many people about it and i'm just going on what i've learned from them.

Show me the statistics where it says all the rapes, robberies, drugs, murders and organized crime in big cities are done specifically by illegal immigrants. Every one has some good and some bad apples U can't generalize ALL illegal immigrants.

Yah, don't forget living " poor" makes some one else" rich" they are doing it to us everyday. Why do you think they want everyone on government assistants? When you depend on government. The government will control you. What ever they want because they own you. Take your guns, your kids, what drugs to take. What to say... We are all sheep

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Nothing for the illegal immigrants because it is a slap in the face to those who came here legally and waiting their turn. Nothing mean no food, no work, no housing, no Government aid. They can't just come into my house and demand I give them all I have worked for or any part of my family. A Dr Lic will help them become more mobile and more into crime because they don't get what they think they should have.

I agree 100% with you.

That's a little harsh, don't you think? Screw the golden rule, huh?

Legal residents of the U.S receive more financial and housing aid than those who come to the U.S illegally