I hate it when people from other countries criticize or make fun of the traditions that go on in America. Same thing when it comes to laws and the overall ways of living.

Every country is different when it comes to all of these things. I don't go around making fun of or hating what other countries do or make fun of their culture.

It's okay if you don't understand something or if you don't agree with something... but theirs a difference between simply not understanding and completely bashing.

If you don't live in America - or haven't lived here since the day you were born, you're probably not going to understand us here... But instead of bashing and criticizing, why not just find someone from the U.S and talk to them about it?

I have friends on here from other countries and they all have different traditions and life styles - and I always ask them about what goes on their country and I enjoy hearing about all the differences between countries.

They're not bad, they're not wrong. They're different.
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You don't have to be "born" in America to respect and value its tradition and history. I'm not a Caucasian, but i was raised in the states since age twelve. I am a simulated American. I love our country and support the cause that protect American interests domestically and internationally. Yes, I'm a republican.

Great post!

Thank you :)

touchy issue for me I live in texas and run into Mexicans all the time who bash all kind of things about America and I am talking about the Mexicans who came here to work

not I say this because I have a Mexican backgroung but I was born here thus I am an American I don't speak Spanish because I am in America and I am thankful for all of the freedoms that we have

so I am with you on this one I don't get it if you don't like it or it offends you go home

just my 2 cents :)

As an American, I'll say that many things other countries say about us....they say because they're true.

Eh.. I feel like people who irrationally don't like us secretly wanna be one of us lol.

I think there are more rational reasons to hate the U.S. than irrational. The U.S. isn't particularly good, anymore. It was. ****** public education, bad infrastructure, horrible economics, increasing classism and inequality, highest homicide rate in all modern countries, abject poverty, medium-high amount of crime in general, corrupt politicians, two-party politics, ect. ect. I could go on.

Those are not the reasons to hate the U.S. as a country. They are the reasons for hating the policies that produced those results. Blame the irresponsible spending by the gov't, selfish unions that don't increase quality of service, welfare dependent generations that are not accountable for their actions, soft on crime politician who think selling heroin is a nonviolent crime, and corrupt politicians who only want to pass the buck and kick the can down the road. I could go on.

I think we differ on those points, Mr. Madison. I agree with the irresponsible spending, and I'm learning more about corrupted unions--but, I'm part of a union, and without that union, I would be making significantly less money for significantly more work. If the unions didn't protect workers, then the workers wouldn't have an incentive to work harder. It might be also true that if the union protects workers *too much*, then productivity would also decline. However, I work my *** off, exposed to the elements--I don't have to. I could do very little, but I work hard, because I'm glad that I have benefits like healthcare and dental and a 401k.

I will go on.

My point here is that if unions didn't exist, then that power would be shifted to the companies. And a companies only goal is profit--they don't give a **** about their workers in the end. Most of them, anyway. In other words, if unions didn't exist, then the workers would be taken advantage of; and so, the workers wouldn't have an incentive to really bust their ***, because "who gives a **** about this bullshit job, when they pay me scraps and try to work me like a dog." Even if they really need the money, they'll only do as little as possible. While, when protected by a union, there might not be as much force pushing workers to work harder, but workers will feel more secure by being paid more and getting benefits and might feel an obligation to work harder. In other words, I'm saying that unions do increase quality of service.

As for welfare dependent generations, imo, this is a result of classism. The poverty class only has access to the shittiest of jobs. It's easy if you're middle or high class to say, "Oh, well, they should just go get a job, the lazy slobs," but it's more complicated than that. It's not just that they're lazy slobs, it's that they have many, many, many more disadvantages than upper class people. I would rather spend money trying to feed people who simply can't find a job, can only get a ****** job, than leaving them on their own. What do you think would happen if we just started cutting food stamps and welfare? Those people would no longer be able to eat. What would they resort to, in that case? Actually getting a job? Or gang banging and trappin and stealing? Cutting welfare would substantially increase crime.

Maybe there are quite a few people who manipulate the welfare system; however, I think that's just a symptom of feelings of inequality, poor education, and lack of good opportunities. In other words, I think blaming people who don't work is ineffective if the end goal is reducing welfare expenditures.

As for 'soft on crime', drug offenses often get more time than murderers. That includes nonviolent drug offenders who make up 35% of the prison population in the U.S. (the prison population which is much higher than any country on Earth). Prison is ineffective. The recidivism rate is around 65% after 3 years. After 5 years? 10? It's probably around 85% of people who go to prison go back. It doesn't solve anything. It's just a way for companies and the government to get cheap labor and make some cash. Basically slavery. Which I think is ridiculous when all someone did was have an issue with drug addiction. Incidentally.

Honestly, I think your view is that of someone who is very lucky in life, and so doesn't understand the struggles of the lower class.

Definitely agree with corrupt politicians who just kick the can down the road. They spent all of the baby boomers' social security like ********. Not to mention accepting bribes from lobbyists to pass bills which help companies make more money and give workers less. In a 7, 10 hour day, I'm allotted one ten minute break. A few years ago, it was a federal mandate that employers had to provide a 30 minute lunch break to anyone who worked 4 hours, every 4 hours.

I guess you're right about those not being reasons to hate the U.S. as a country. But, I think our role as the world's police officer fulfills that requirement quite well. We butt our heads into everything in the world. Obviously other countries aren't going to like that. Especially when we go into countries and **** them up and take their ****. It's arguable whether or not that's what we do, but that's what I believe. I think another reason the U.S. is hated is because of how stupid the general population is. This decline of intelligence in the U.S. was attributed to television by Neil Postman in his essay, "Future Schlock."

Thank you! I'd give you 10 hearts if I could.

No, thank you. ^-^ I'm glad someone actually agrees with me, for once.

I agree with you on lots of points. And it's reassuring to me to find another like-minded soul too. :)

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You are wise beyond your years. Well said. I believe with the advancement of technology in the past 50 years we may be at the threshold of celebrating global diversity. At least that is my hope and it sounds as though it may be yours as well.

Omg exactly my thoughts. I came across so many people like that. If something goes wrong its like we're responsible for the governmental issues. Lol damn o_O

Which part of America and which tradition?

America as a whole. and any tradition at all.

I am afraid that there is no tradition In the US TO talk Of ...

I see now

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Oh great America how you have fallen. Once the greatest country In the world now barely in the top ten.

I know right? America is so horrible, that's why we have so many illegal immigrants running away from their homelands to come here to start lives. :D

Well I wish I could claim this as my own quote, but I can't . I heard it in a Johnnie D

As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself. Glad your happy about this great land of ours. Enjoy.