Well, I am an American, I suppose. I was born here and, unfortunately, have not had the chance to venture out of here.

Personally, I feel nationalism is problem. I mean, it's a hunk of land and people get so heated over it. It's ridiculous. I believe that if we can whipe away nationalism, we can more easily achieve world peace.

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As a former military officer, I truly wish that peaceful idealism was something more than fantasy. However, you do not have to look far in either time or location to find examples of why, as an American, nationalism is not only appropriate, but essential to our survival.<br />
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With the exception of the Spanish American war, the US has not been a colonial power bent on taking from others or ruling over others. However, again and again, we have been called upon to rush to the aid and rescue of other nations under attack by despots and tyrants. Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, Mao, all sought conquest over their neighbors and the world. All were willing to wage war against other nations and to impose their will through force. All would have hesitated not at all to impose by force, their rules, their philosophies, their cultures and government.<br />
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If we forget nations for a moment and simply look at what men have done to other men within their own nations in places like Somalia, Cambodia, Russia, China, and Germany within the last 100 years you can see that those who have had the guns have always beaten down and enslaved those who did not. Nationalism is not the problem, human nature is the problem. ANd human nature is not likely to change any time soon.

Germany felt the same way before WWII and you see what that produced in their country. We have to be careful of Nationalism because it is as dangerous and it is good.
In your second paragraph you really need to read about the US and south america. We are and have always been a imperial power that does not have many colonies but we control a lot of countries with our money and power. We normally will take over countries with our money and set up some of the worst dictators to ever exist. Examples are Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other 3rd world countries. We never have been without blood or savagery in our control of other countries we have always done it on the silent side. How many places have you been to do mission that no one know about today?

World peace is pretty much impossible(Though, nothing truly IS impossible that's why I said'pretty much') considering is we have world peace, we'd never even dream about it, infact....right now... we have nothing for the world's ways. So, therefore...if we actually had 'world peace' it wouldn't be called it. Oh, I'm sorry for the rant. :) But It was important to me to state it.

Culturally it is not necessarily a bad thing, and it is not necessarily a good thing. It is just where I am from and I have not had the chance to live elsewhere yet, but I plan on it at some point just to experience it.<br />
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What I do not understand is why people are so fervent about being an American. Why people could condemn someone else to death through unnecessary wars because of where those people are from. Why some people are so blindly patriotic over some chunk of land with invisible boundaries. No one has answered this yet.

Now, considering something is terribly wrong with our species, what now? What do we do now to fix it? Not everyone is willing to see that we live in a shithole, one big, smelly, shithole while a few are prancing around outside telling us what to believe.<br />
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Ha, yeah people like that just dishearten me. But you have to remember that we are told throughout our lives not to think for ourselves. Everyone has the capability, but few are willing to stray from the comfort of comformity to do so. As you said, people who do think are considered nutcases.

You do not agree that fighting over a chunk of land is a bit absurd? Why is that? <br />
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I highly doubt we can all come together in some peaceful manner within my lifetime. And I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am merely voicing my opinion. In the words of John Lennon:<br />
<br />
You may say that I'm a dreamer <br />
But I'm not the only one <br />
I hope someday you'll join us <br />
And the world will be as one

Well, I'm not one of the sheep who agree with you. There are no global citizens as there is no global unity and doubtful there will ever be in your lifetime. Perhaps your rhetoric would sell in say...Iran or Russia. Maybe you can convice them to give up their nationalism. That is, if they don't cut off your head off.

I'm glad to know there are people out there who agree.

I agree that we could do without nationalism. I don't want to think of myself as an American citizen, but as a global citizen. Borders are man-made, after all.

Oh, yes. I understand that world peace is quite far-fetched and I have read Giver and 1984. I just do not see why nationalism is considered to be so great. I feel it is something we as a whole could do without.

Nationalism is a great thing. Even if you had a global enviorment people would identify themselfs with a region. Just look at NYC with queens, bronx, etc. That is just one city within a state within a country.<br />
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World peace is also a lofty goal. Humans are animals. They are aroused by violence. If we had a global enviorment I guarentee wars might be gone but things like gangs, armed robberies and other horrible crimes would be on the rise. I am not saying world peace wouldn't be nice, (not really for me) its just the complications a utopian society brings about limits free choice free will and the love of life. For examples read the Giver, Feirenheit 451, or 1984