Misconceptions...Ability to Laugh Through Them

7.5.09 Question Asked: What is the biggest MISCONCEPTION people have about your nationality?


I AM THE ALL AMERICAN GIRL..... My Heritage is Italian, Irish, Hungarian and German.

Apparently, I am a very STRICT DISCIPLINARIAN (German) in that I COMMAND (German) myself to LOVE WARM BEER (Hungarian)
AND LOTS OF IT, AS OFTEN AS I CAN! (Irish & German). This DRINKING HOBBY (Irish & German) often proves difficult in that I am also a GYPSY, Therefore I am ALWAYS MOVING (Hungarian) but since I am American, I am  also known to EAT & DRINK ON THE RUN (American) which has proved to be an asset for such a dilemma.

Moving has enabled me to meet many FRIENDS & LIFE AFTER ALL IS A BIG PARTY,(Irish & Italian)  the more friends, The BIGGER THE CELEBRATION (Italian),  after all, I LIVE TO EAT & DRINK! (Italian, Irish/German/Hungarian).

I must confess, I am VERY CLEAN (German/italian) about being a BIT DIRTY...(Hungarian).

However, I WOULD ADVISE YOU NEVER TO REPEAT MY CONFESSION OR SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT ME... my cousin Vinny & Uncle Vito are VERY PROTECTIVE about their "Italian Princess".(Italian).......

but what do I know, people see me as just another DUMB BLONDE! (American).

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But...but, y're dutch?

Thanks for your words kjding. The "dumb blonde" is not a "heritage" misconception but just another societal "misconception" that I intentionally decided to add at the end of my essay to make a point.

I DON'T think I won this one! <br />
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Sometimes, I enter my answer close to deadline and most people already have voted. At least, that's the excuse I use when I lose. Lol.

I hope you won best answer for this! :)

Thank you badmf, for someone with a name like, to take a bow to me feels pretty awesome.

We are a country founded by our ancestors guts, blood, sweat and tears. I often think that too many Americans have forgotten about their ancestors and their bravery, strife and endurance. Glad to read that many Americans can appreciate, acknowledge and have gratitude for their Ancestors who had set the foundation for the better life we have today.

I'm just a gringo from Dixie. <br />
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I don't know what it is about Americans but if you ask them about their nationality, they want to tell you about their ancestors, some of whom have been dead for centuries.

Wow...this is wonderful...:D i had to read it a couple of times, it was soooo clever, i found myself to dumb in comparison to the story.<br />
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Thank you for sharing!