God Bless our beautiful country .
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Go back to /pol/ and get a new trolling shtick

1776 America was a nation... god's been around for millennia and then he chose a aside huh? right.

Why does America have so much beautiful people

hells YEAH!

*You* again?? Your last account had you as an atheist fundamentalist, and a Christian before that. Now you're a believer again?

This country is great, I hate how some hate it cause they don't know. That in order to be something in america you have to work for it lol

Got to love the usa

And the rest of the world too:)

American 😌😁

first time swinger

I pray it stays that way for your children.

And God Bless us all!

We are so very fortunate to live in such a great country! Am so proud to be a citizen of these United States. Even with all the divisiveness, it still is unlike most other places. The inherent love of freedom that comes with those who live here is in matched. Sadly it's being undermined, and spoken I'll of by followers and persons/groups with an agenda

God Bless you Ms Sarah and God Bless America!!!

Amen to that miss saraah


totally agree. message me would love to chat

That's what your dad said when i was in his *** last night.

Lol. Is that so?

Yes, he wanted to cuddle, I had a stone cold heart.

Are you his proctologist?

I may be a walking Web MD but even I have no idea what the **** that is. Lol

A butthurt doc

I'm just here for the drinks

Apparently her dad had more on his mind than a couple chardonnays

He thought I was George Clooney, I was flattered, it escalated quickly.

It's not gay if Clooney is penetrating you.

Clooneys the exception, nothing involving him is gay

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Were so lucky we need to appreciate our great country

You KNOW it!!!