My parents, siblings, and I were not born in America but in Europe. When I was 13 my parents, siblings, and I moved from France to America. We all became citizens of the USA then.
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Where from in Europe ?

how are u today

I am very well thanks.




should we celebrate on this ??

My family celebrated this event 26 years ago. I do not know who we is you are talking about in your comment.

Would you go back and live in France again?

Yes, every few years I do go back to France for a visit.



Nice to know you did it the right way.

good morning femaleatthelake...let's chat

Good morning.

My grandmother came from Germany from in 1911 when she was 10. By the time I was born, she remembered very little German. Did you keep up French? Are you still fluent?

I do not keep with the French language because I am now an American and speak English only.

Good deal :)

Do you still have a slight accent?

Yes I do.

How sweet, have you been on dates now that you are single

welcome enjoy the freedom

Thanks and I love it here in America. Europe was free from Hitler 71 years ago yesterday June 6th at Normandy Beach.

Very true sad thing is that he still has followers

Thanks for writing.